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St Michael's Church Dundry CD


For those interested in local history and ancestry a CD has been compiled. It includes transcribed registers of Births, Baptisms and Deaths dating from 1560 - 1837 the earliest books have been photographed (because of their delicate condition) - you will find interesting extracts taken from old minute and accounts books, taking us back to our Great-grandparents day and beyond. You will also find a 'potted' history of Dundry and St. Michael's Church.

By purchasing this CD you are helping us to keep St. Michael's Church alive for future generations.


Cost £7.50 plus postage. - a nice Christmas Stocking extra!! Available from




How the churchyard was before planting


2012 Planting

During the summer a group of volunteers transformed St. Michael’s Churchyard in Dundry to a haven for bees and other pollinators. The idea was to encourage them to the area with a mixture of wild flowers and annuals.


Plans are in place to plant a variety of bulbs including native bluebells, snowdrops and fritillaries as well as perennial plants as a more permanent attraction.


We would like to thank those people who have generously donated money to buy the bulbs and also to those you have given low growing perennial plants.


Jane Swyer and Ann Bell


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2013 Planting

Since our experiment in 2012 when we sowed wildflower seeds and planted bulbs in the churchyard; we have this year been planting perennial evergreen rockery plants and some herbaceous plants in the hope that they will be there each year. Where we didn’t have enough plants earlier in the year, we sowed some wildflower seed. Below are photos that were taken during the year.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the churchyard.


Jane Swyer. Ann & Alan Bell


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April 2014




Churchyard Layout

Outline plan of the churchyard

Dundry Churchyard A-Z

Dundry Churchyard A-Z Areas 1 - 4


Gravestone Inscriptions

Some of the graves especially in Area 2 and 3 have been very difficult to read and maybe inaccurate. Should you discover any errors, please let us know and they will be corrected:

Area 1- Opposite Dundry Inn

Area 2 - not in order

Area 3 - not in order

Cremations & Plaques Area 2 - Back Row Left Hand Side

Cremations & Plaques Area 2 - Left hand side Front Row

Cremations & Plaques Area 3 - Front Row Right hand Side

Cremations & Plaques Area 3 - Right Hand Side Back Row

Row 1 (one grave) & Row 4 (one grave) - Area 4

Row 5 - Area 4

Row 6 - Area 4

Row 7 - Area 4

Row 8 - Area 4

Row 9 - Area 4

Row 10 - Area 4

Row 11 - Area 4

Row 12 - Area 4

Row 13 - Area 4

Row 14 - Area 4

Row 15 - Area 4

Row 16 - Area 4

Row 17 - Area 4

Row 18 - Area 4

Row 19 - Area 4

Row 20 - with Sycamore Tree - Area 4

Row 21 (continuing along from Row 20) Area 4