18th November: Rock'n'Roll Party!

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Holger Laux
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18th November: Rock'n'Roll Party!

Post by Holger Laux » Tue 22 Aug, 2017 9:56 am

I am sure you saw this under "Announcements" already: Yes, preparations for our Rock'n'Roll Party are well under way and everyone is getting very excited!

It will be a night not to be missed, so make sure you book your tickets early: holger@99computing.co.uk, 07740191772

More info about the music, the fashion, the dancing etc. to follow soon.

And, of course, you are welcome to join the forum discussion and comment. This is what the Dundry Forum is all about.

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Holger Laux
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Re: 18th November: Rock'n'Roll Party!

Post by Holger Laux » Fri 08 Sep, 2017 4:17 am

The Music

"So you are going to play a lot of Elvis, then?"

Well, yes, we will hear some Elvis, but Rock'n'Roll is much more than that.

Here is a little quiz for you: Can you put names to these faces?

legends_quiz.png (109.21 KiB) Viewed 2320 times

It is literally the music that will never die. Just consider the following stars and styles:
  • 1940s Big Joe Turner (Jump Jive)
  • 1950s Johnny Burnette (Rockabilly)
  • 1960s Dion and the Belmonts (Doo Wop)
  • 1970s Matchbox (British Revival)
  • 1980s Stray Cats (Neorockabilly)
  • 1990s Sonny Burgess (new recordings of an old Sun artist)
  • 2000s Si Cranstoun (the accidental Rock'n'Roller)
  • 2010s Imelda May (the Irish rockin' gal)
And there are many more, much less known bands and artists making great music.

If you want to know more, why not listen to Geoff Barker's Saturday Night Rock'n'Roll Party? You can get it live on Radio Bristol every Saturday 6-8pm or on Listen again here:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7z ... des/player

We will of course put our Dundry event on his Gig Guide closer to the time.

And finally, if you want to have a sneak preview of the band playing for us on 18th November, you can listen to some samples on their Web site:

https://www.lastminutemusicians.com/mem ... ttrio.html

Keep on Rockin'


Holger Laux
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Re: 18th November: Rock'n'Roll Party!

Post by Holger Laux » Fri 20 Oct, 2017 12:19 pm

The Fashion

Rock'n'Roll is not just about the music. Dressing up and getting prepared is part of going to a party. Indeed, for some people it is a whole lifestyle and you can't deny it: A bit of nostalgia just makes you feel good.

Of course, you can come to our fundraiser in any outfit you like, but here are a few suggestions for you how to make a special appearance.

Let's start with


The famous Elvis quiff has in fact a long history:
Elvis_small.png (127.11 KiB) Viewed 2177 times
http://visforvintage.net/2013/07/18/his ... hairstyle/

You can be even braver and can take this picture

Signature_Cuts.png (497.27 KiB) Viewed 2177 times

to your local barber shop. But beware, those cuts will take a few weeks to grow out. ;-)

Of course, boys, we've got to have enough hair for it. Otherwise, there's nothing we can do about nature, apart from wearing our balding heads with pride.

Girls, we were in two minds whether to have a mobile hair salon at the event. We won't, but we are sure you know how to look glamourous anyway.

Girls_hair.png (387.51 KiB) Viewed 2177 times
Here are a few suggestions how to achieve these looks:

http://visforvintage.net/2013/02/08/get ... time-hair/

http://hair-and-makeup-artist.com/women ... airstyles/


There are many styles you can wear to a rock'n'roll do.

If you're old enough to remember the 1950s, now is the time to dust off your petticoats and Teddy Boy drapes.

If you are not, then don't despair. Lots of these clothes are available in vintage stores and charity shops or are made again today. Here is your fashion guide.

The 1940s were not a very flamboyant decade. After all, these were the war years. But still, you could look very elegant, with casual suits for men and light, flowery dresses for women:

40s_style.png (217.74 KiB) Viewed 2177 times


By the 1950s, fashion got wild. Here are some styles that are regularly seen at the rock'n'roll events Zora and I go to.

“Evil Denims”: Your humble jeans were originally invented as practical workwear. Today, they are stone-washed, part-worn or ripped to achieve a certain look. But going back to the 1950s, they were still made of rough, dark-blue fabric with buttons onstead of zips. Turn up the bottoms of your legs, keep your wallet on a chain and a comb in your back pocket and just complement with a t-shirt – perfect. Perhaps you can even wear some dungarees!

Evil_Denims.png (241.15 KiB) Viewed 2177 times
http://www.freddiesofpinewood.co.uk/pro ... pre-shrunk

In another development, the girls' 1940s fashon went on to become bolder and wider, underpinned with a petticoat that keeps flying up when dancing. But wearing trousers and even jumpsuits had become fashionable as well.

50s_girls.png (344.33 KiB) Viewed 2177 times

The boys' fashion diversivied in various different ways, such as wearing white shirts, braces and a hat or a Hawaii shirt on top of flanel trousers:

50s_boys.png (285.22 KiB) Viewed 2177 times
A typical British outfit that started in the 1950s and was revived in the 1970s was the Teddy Boy look with waistcoats and long jackets called “drapes” (in case you are wondering: the name Teddy is short for “Mock Edwardian”)

Teddy_Boys.png (106.89 KiB) Viewed 2177 times


Make sure you wear comfortable shoes for dancing. Light, flat ones with leather soles are best. Girls might also like to complement their outfit with matching handbags, hairpieces etc.

Shoes.png (285.41 KiB) Viewed 2177 times

If you still can't make up your mind, for any last minute decisions we'll have a fashion stall.

Oh, and finally: Get that classic car out of your garage and park it in front of the village hall!

Cars.png (352.52 KiB) Viewed 2177 times

Any questions? Please get in touch. Zora and I are happy to help.


Holger Laux
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Re: 18th November: Rock'n'Roll Party!

Post by Holger Laux » Tue 07 Nov, 2017 10:24 am


dance image.jpeg
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Hey, only 10 days to go until our big do. Are we all getting excited?

Now is the time to get your dancing shoes on and try some moves.

What about these?


Or these?


What? You can't do THAT ?!? - Well, don't worry, I can't do it either (although I might have come close in my younger years).
Holger in 1987.png
Holger in 1987.png (456.43 KiB) Viewed 2051 times

What you saw in these videos are show dance routines that take months, if not years, to learn to perfection.

But we are not in Strictly Come Dancing. All we want on 18 November is a little bit of fun. I do appreciate that some of you may find it daunting to get on the dance floor at all. But don't worry, Zora and I will teach you some easy steps and moves that look great and literally just take minutes to learn. Come and join us for our beginner's dance class at 7.30

To give you a taste of what to expect, here are some more videos.

There are basically 3 different styles in rock'n'roll dancing. The first one is

Freestyle Jive

It comes in different flavours such as Le Roc, Le Jive, Ceroc and also as Lindy Hop (although this dance is older than rock'n'roll). It is the dance style where couples do lots of spinning and turning and looks like this:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTcStwz ... ETkDgkAz9w

This coming weekend (9-13 November), Zora and I will be again at the Rhythm Riot Weekeneder in Camber Sands, enjoying the great atmosphere there:


So what are these people doing? Here you can see a single couple introducing some moves:


If you break it down into single turns, it is quite easy. You do not need to count your steps or memorise any long sequences - which makes it much easier than a barn dance. All you need is a repertoire of a few individual moves (perhaps 3-6) and you can use them whenever you feel like. There is just one rule to remember: It is the boy who takes the lead, i.e. decides what to do next. Otherwise you might end up in a tangle. ;)

As I said, there are two more dance styles, and these can be done individually. However, the fun really starts when the whole dance floor decides to do them together. The first one is

The Stroll

This is a bit like line dancing, often done only by the girls and looks like this:


We will perhaps use much slower music to practice. The steps are not very difficult, as this instructor can show you:


If there is a girls only dance, there must be one for the boys as well, right? Well, there is no strict rule of course, but


is often done only by the boys. It works very well when dancing to fast songs and looks rather wild:


What are they doing there? Watch this instructor to see some steps:


But you can do whatever you like with your feet, as long as they keep moving.

And this is it, these are all the styles we are going to learn. Do they look difficult? The music is meant to be enjoyed and to get you going. With a little bit of help from us, you will soon all be jiving, strolling and bopping around Dundry Village Hall.

Hope to see you there.


Holger Laux
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Re: 18th November: Rock'n'Roll Party!

Post by Holger Laux » Sat 25 Nov, 2017 7:36 pm

And what a night it was!

A big thank you to everyone who supported us, joined the fun and raised close to £600 for the village hall.
Well done!
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