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Bus Services

Posted: Thu 27 Sep, 2018 4:46 am
by Holger Laux
Please see the link below regarding the new 672 bus service which also provides an “about us” page for Bristol Community Transport.

They are part of HCT Group a large social enterprise which essentially states they “reinvest the profits from commercial work into further transport services or projects in the communities that they would serve”. A further link is provided for them.

Passengers from Dundry are eligible to use the Bristol Rider option for £4.50 which is cost effective and enables multiple uses during that day on First bus services too. There is an updated time-table there too. ... /route_672

Re: Bus Services

Posted: Thu 27 Sep, 2018 12:43 pm
by Holger Laux
There are some new bus services from
the corner of Dundry Lane / Bridgwater Road and the trasnport position is
improving here. I realise it may not help those at the top of Dundry but
certainly helps those to the lower part of Dundry Lane / Barrow Common

Yesterday a new service began called the U2 (Uni Link Bus) which goes from
the corner of Dundry Lane / Bridgwater Road to Clifton. It is hourly. For
the return journey, it leaves outside Sainsburys next to Wilco on Queens
Road. The bus uses the new link road and the new side road (bus only lane)
from the Park and Ride in Long Ashton which makes it fast. Also, it stops
in that new bus lane road next to the Long Ashton Park and Ride so it could
probably be used to connect to the Metrobus. Not sure if the tickets link

Separately, there is also Falcon Coaches that runs from Plymouth to Cabot
Circus which stops there too and the A4 to Bath.

Unfortunately the Bristol Airport Flyer still does not stop in Dundry even
though Dundry residents get a discount. They claim that the stop is not
safe but all the other buses mange it.

A resident from the bottom of Dundry Lane