ALERT: Cold caller scam, sounds very convincing

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Holger Laux
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ALERT: Cold caller scam, sounds very convincing

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This morning I had a cold marketing phone call. The gentleman claimed
to be from a company called Brit Fire and Security Ltd. and said they
were running their annual home security campaign with the support of
the police. They were currently "operating in the Crabtree Lane area"
and would knock on doors to offer a free home survey and a wireless
device that was directly linked to the emergency services.

While sounding rather convincing at first, he was banging on for about
10 minutes with mentioning the police in almost every sentence.

When I asked for any credentials and told him that I do not take up any
offers from cold marketing callers, he finally finished the (up to this
point rather one-sided) conversation.

Personally, I do not need such services. I have my own security
measures. But I am concerned that the company calls private homes on a
Monday morning. It tells me that they are clearly aiming for elderly
and possibly vulnerable residents.

Being offered a "free" wireless device in your home sounds more like
they are going to monitor you rather than being concerned with your
home security.

I dug a little deeper and found this interesting link for you to
read: ... ponse.html

Admittedly, it is a few years old, but it sounds exactly like
what happened to me today.

Can you please pass the word round to tell the neighbourhood to be
extremely weary?

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