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Dundry Facebook page

Post by TimWaite »

To complete the inter-site links, would it be possible to have a Facebook symbol on the forum header linking directly to the website?

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Re: Dundry Facebook page

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Hi Tim,

Good suggestion. I am still exploring all the options:

This does not seem possible through the standard installation but with the help of two extensions:

1. I added an extra navigation bar with the Facebook link. This is not ideal as it takes some screen space away, but I could not find any better way.

2. I added a feature that lets you share posts on Facebook. Please try it and let me know.

3. You can of course click on the Home symbol and get to the Dundry home page, then from there to Facebook.

BTW, I am currently working on ways to make the Dundry Web page mobile friendly, but this is a bit of a learning curve as well. Bear with me...


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