Information from health authorities

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Information from health authorities

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Please find below a message from Chew Medical Practice:

We thought it would be helpful to write to advise how our two General Practices' are operating in the Chew Valley during the current Coronavirus outbreak.
We remain open. 
However, we have had to make significant changes to the way we work in order to try and reduce the spread of the virus.
To get advice or request an appointment please call the surgery first.  For ALL routine and urgent care appointments we will call you back on the telephone.  Many problems can be safely and effectively managed over the telephone.  If we feel you need to be seen then this will still happen.  We will advise the most appropriate and safe way to facilitate this whilst on the telephone to you.
Appointments such as urgent blood tests, immunisations, urgent dressings, smears and suture removal will still go ahead and you will be advised on booking when to attend.
If you develop symptoms of a new and persistent cough or a high fever then please DO NOT come to the surgery and follow the NHS advice.

This includes:
1. You and all household members self-isolating for 14 days
2. If a second member of the household develops symptoms within this 14 day period, then the clock resets and you must all self-isolate for 14 days from the point the last person became unwell.
3. You are allowed into the garden or for a short walk to exercise yourself or a dog but please avoid contact with others.
4. You are advised to ask a friend to food shop/buy essentials and leave them on your doorstop.
5. Manage the fever with paracetamol and not ibuprofen.
6. Drink plenty of fluids to remain well hydrated
7. If your symptoms get worse, you feel short of breath or more unwell then contact 111 who will advise on the next step.

For further information please refer to the website

For those aged over 70, pregnant ladies or those with chronic health problems (this is people who are offered the annual flu jab) it is likely that you are shortly going to be asked to self-isolate as a precaution. We know the Chew Valley is full of wonderful people who want to help and we would ask that if you are young and fit that you look out for your elderly neighbours at this difficult time.

We have been advised by NHS England not to change the volume of medications we issue in repeat prescribing as this ‘may put strain on the supply chain’ of medications, therefore, at this stage we will continue with our normal prescribing.

How can you help us:

Please make it clear to the reception team when you phone them if your problem is routine or an emergency. This will ensure we call you back in the appropriate timeframe

Please don’t request your medications earlier than normal. We will get you your medications but if everyone asks for them early this blocks up the system.

If you are not already signed up to home delivery for medications and are self-isolating then please consider asking a friendly neighbour or relative to collect your medication from the surgery.

The way we are operating may change as the Government advice changes or as we manage our own staff having to self-isolate. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any changes but please be reassured that we will continue to care for you all throughout these difficult times.

Please share this throughout the Chew Valley on social media but also to the elderly and infirm within your communities who may not have access to social media.

Many thanks
Dr Fenn, Dr Sephton and Dr Alexander – Chew Medical Practice
Dr Coppock, Dr Parr and Dr Robinson – Harptree Surgery

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