Strategic Decision: Push for Fibre

Bringing faster broadband to Dundry.
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Holger Laux
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Strategic Decision: Push for Fibre

Post by Holger Laux »

After our big recruitment drive at the end of November last year, followed by regular news updates throughout December, you may be wondering what is now happening with the Broadband Project and, most importantly, with your installation vouchers?

Over the past few weeks, the Dundry Broadband Group has been talking to various providers and comparing technical solutions (please also see our detailed post about "Technical Stuff" in the Dundry Forum). This week, we felt it was time to come to a decision what our recommendation to the parish should be.

Our choices essentially boil down to three main options, all with advantages and disadvantages:

1. Fibre To The Home

Pro: Fast, reliable, cost efficient, unlimited data usage

Con: We are dependent on an investment decision by one of the big providers and no firm commitment has been made yet. It may appen within the next 3 months or it may still be years away.

2. Fixed Wireless Community Installation

Pro: Can be done within a reasonable period of time (ca. 3 months), speeds are suitable for current Internet needs and high data caps mean that there is little to worry about at the moment.

Con: Such a setup relies on the whole of the community pulling together and then sticking with it. Monthly running costs for the system are in excess of £1000. We would need a permanent group of volunteers to run it on behalf of all signed-up members. Future use of the Internet may render the system obsolete in years to come.

At best, this could be a stop gap until fibre comes along.

3. Satellite / 4G mobile data

Pro: Individual installation per household can be done within 2 weeks of application

Con: High Latency (see Dundry Forum for explanation), tight data caps that may not be suitable for heavy users. - As an example: 50 GB will cost about £50 per month. However, a family of 4 will easily use 200 GB per month or more. Currently, this can be very expensive for your household, but it may get better in the future due to rapid technical development.

Such an option should only be considered if you want an improvement right now and/or no other solution is likely to work.

But by all means, please get in touch and we can provide contact details for you to arrange your own installation.


With this information in mind, the Dundry Broadband Group has decided to focus all our efforts on a fibre installation. There have been several new developments recently, giving us more choice and options for negotiation.

Today, we had a very encouraging meeting with the representative of one of the fibre companies. Unfortunately, the information discussed is confidential at this point in time. But watch this space, there may be a big annoucement in the near future.

In the meantime, please do not worry too much about the expiry date of your vouchers. We had word from CDS that it will be extended if necessary and the voucher scheme possibly re-opened. As somebody in the Forum put it: We want to choose the best option for Dundry. Being put under pressure by such an expiry date would be unhelpful.

If you want to help us, please remind everyone you know to read the Dundry News ( subscribe to our e-mail newsletter ( and to follow discussions in this Forum. This is the best and easiest way to keep informed.

Your Dundry Broadband Group

Holger Laux
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Re: Strategic Decision: Push for Fibre

Post by Holger Laux »

... [boosting entry to topp of the list]

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Re: Strategic Decision: Push for Fibre

Post by Lizzy »

Hi, as someone who is moving to Dundry, and works from home a lot, can someone tell me how good or bad the broadband services already are into Dundry?



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Re: Strategic Decision: Push for Fibre

Post by ddhockney »

I work from home sometimes, the speed is acceptable but occasionally the connection can be very unstable. I am with plusnet after having the worst experience with talktalk you can imagine.

Just did a quick speedtest
12ms Ping
3.7Mbps down
0.85Mbps Up

In my experience that is the result on a very good day.

Hope that helps



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Re: Strategic Decision: Push for Fibre

Post by TimWaite »

Hi Liz
I think Mr Hockney is one of the luckier ones in the village. Many of us survive 1.5 Mbps download speed and unstable connection.Hence the ongoing struggle by the Dundry broadband group. We will be distributing flyers in the coming week hoping to get everyone signed up to a better service with Wightwireless. The information was also posted on the forum yesterday.
With hope

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