Regarding Your Voucher Reminders

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Regarding Your Voucher Reminders

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All Dundry voucher holders received an e-mail from CDS this week reminding them to use their vouchers by 31 March and many have contacted us asking what to do.

As explained in last week‘s forum post, we have been in negotiations with various providers and believe we now have the best possible offer from a company called Wight Wireless.

Of course, you are under no obligation to follow our recommendation, but Wight Wireless needs as many signed-up housholds as possible - with vouchers or without - to make their system sustainable.

We will let you know within the next 7 days about the next steps and once your voucher is assigned, it will be honoured beyond the 31st March deadline.

Installation of the system could start in April and will be completed for all participating households by the summer.

Please come back regularly to this forum and the Dundry News Blog to read the latest. We will also write to all those of you who contacted directly once we have the definite information in place.

Dundry Broadband Group

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