Wight Wireless - Accepting Orders

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Wight Wireless - Accepting Orders

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We are now accepting orders on our website. It is important to note, that any details you might have previously submitted were only taken as an expression of interest. It is imperative that you now place an order on our website if you would like to sign up to the service. You can do so by visiting our websites : -


If you so have any queries, you can call is on 01983770000 or email us on sales@wightwireless.net

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Re: Wight Wireless - Accepting Orders

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RE: CDS Vouchers

I understand you are now wanting orders for your proposed service, which is evident from the emails being received, however for some reason my questions relating to this service are yet to be answered, perhaps someone could come back to me with answers to the following queries, please.

(a) We are currently in a contract with our current supplier (Talk Talk) until MAY 2018, and probably like most other residents will be charged if their contract is broken, and would hazard a guess that most people are already in contracts. I have been informed that if we are to come away from Talk Talk now it will cost me £180.00, which is not ideal. My question to Wight Wireless is....will you keep my CDS voucher valid until next May 2018, if we are willing to change? or will we end up paying an installation fee next year? what is the answer to this, you install now and then activate the service next May 2018? some clarification would be appreciated.

(b) The service you are proposing to offer sounds great, now that this evening you have confirmed the 10mbs service is now again on offer even to those with a CDS voucher, however my question is...no-one has actually stated the speed you will be guaranteeing, you have stated the speeds on offer but not guaranteeing. At present we are lucky to get 4mbs, however on a good day this has been achievable, so as you will understand, we really don't want to go through terminating our current contracts with suppliers / pay a fee for breaking the contract, then only receiving a similar speed from Wight Wireless. Like most suppliers they have a guaranteed minimum speed, so what is yours? Its OK saying the speed will be better but what will it actually be, and are you guaranteeing it?

I appreciate there is a lot of work to get this service up & running and I have asked various questions previously that really hasn't been answered, so more the reason we clear all of these queries up before a commitment.

I look forward to your response. We are really keen to get an improved internet speed but we have to be sure that it is actually going to work!

Many thanks
Mr T

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