Bringing faster broadband to Dundry.
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Hi All
I received a letter in the post from Truespeed about a meeting tomorrow night being held at the Dundry Village Hall at 19:00. I am concerned that we have all signed up to Wight Wireless and now Truespeed indicates they received funding from Aviva which means that if they get 30% sign up rate from Dundry, they will bring their 100mb fiber service without the need to dig up roads.

I was connected to Wight Wireless last week and so far the connection has been a disaster with the signal dropping so frequently that I've had to revert to my 3mb Sky service. This is with a direct line of sight connection.

I fully appreciate that Wight Wireless were the only ones willing to provide a solution to us when no one else would but is their offering sustainable if the Truespeed 100mb fiber connection does in fact roll out? Will Wight Wireless continue with their offering?

Is the broadband group leadership taking a position on this development?

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Truespeed

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Hi Dave
Sorry to hear you have not had a good connection with Wight Wireless. I had difficulties initially but my connection now stable. I do hope WW can rectify this for you.
We did initially contact several ISP’s last year and had several meetings with TrueSpeed ending with very positive promises (pending a board meeting) last January but after a few cancelled meetings they eventually declined to give any timescale for coming to Dundry.
It was then 9 February 2017 and we hoped to use our vouchers before the deadline (31 March). Wight Wireless offered a firm proposal to install wireless broad and to talk to CD&S to extend the voucher date. We gratefully accepted. They are undoubtedly struggling with our topography and various technical problems with the backhaul but are well on the way to connecting the village.
It will be interesting to see what TrueSpeed have to offer, after letting us down in February.

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Re: Truespeed

Post by wightwireless »

Hi David,

We are really sorry that you have had a poor experience with us so far, but i can assure that this kind of performance is not the norm within our business. We have worked really hard to deliver a service to Dundry in a very short period of time, and i recognise that we have gotten of to a rocky start.

We are working harder than ever to put all of the practices in place that will result in a stable network. Our short time line has been dictated to us by CDS as Tim has pointed out. Whilst the CDS scheme has put us under some pressure to deliver in a short space of time, I am quite certain that had the CDS scheme not been available, that the numbers of interested subscribers would have been significantly lower and it is quite likely that we without it the project wouldn't have been viable at all.

Despite the difficulties and despite the fact that Truespeed are 'establishing interest' in Dundry we have not shied away from the project. We continue to invest our time and money into the Dundry network to get it where it needs to be... and i am very confident that once we are there, you will be delighted with the service.

Whilst i appreciate this is not ideal, i can assure you that we are doing everything possible to get this right.

Best Regards,
Managing Director.

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Re: Truespeed

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I was at the meeting too and it is obvious that Truespeed have a far superior solution in that the speeds are guaranteed. It also means that the service will not suffer as more people join. This service is the future and many villages are already going through this very positively. This is a chance to grab the future if people in Dundry want to take it now. They need 50 sign ups and the list is already building, they understand some have signed up to Wight Wireless already and look to be doing a lot to sign people up on back to back contracts for the future when contracts finish.

I understand that Truespeed were not ready when the village made a decision to go with Wight Wireless but from what I understand they weren't far off and now have a very viable offering.

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