Dundry Lane Broadband

Bringing faster broadband to Dundry.
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Dundry Lane Broadband

Post by A.Wellen »

Hi All,

Unfortunately I missed out on the CDS voucher scheme, but am willing to pay out of my own pocket to improve my broadband. I currently achieve less than 1mbps from TalkTalk, living near the bottom of Dundry lane.
I've heard of the Wight Wireless project, and wondering what my options are for getting into the 21st century; please help?!

Many thanks in advance,

Holger Laux
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Re: Dundry Lane Broadband

Post by Holger Laux »

Hi Adam,

Wight Wireless have connected about one third of all households in Dundry and despite some initial technical challenges, it works quite well for most users. Trevor Cook and his team are really helpful.

Please go to this page


to sign up or give them a call first to discuss your options (under "Get In Touch", top right corner of the page).

I should also mention that BT have finally upgraded their cabinat 48 on Broadoak Hill, but this will not be of much use to you at the bottom of Dundry Lane.

Truespeed Communications have also started to recruit for their "fibre to the premises" installations. In the past, we had pinned our hopes on them, but since they lacked communication and would not commit to anything at the time, we eventually opted for Wight Wireless. It is unfortunate that they now suddenly show an interest. It does not look like they will get enough customers in Dundry to make a possible investment worthwhile.

Please read the past messages in this group to get an overview of the history.

Good luck with your installation and keep in touch here on the Forum.


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Re: Dundry Lane Broadband

Post by Lizzy »

Hi Adam, we live further up the hill from you facing out to the Bristol side. We’ve just had Wight Wireless do our installation and we are getting speeds in the 40’s and I’m very pleased. There is a relay point in a field to the left as you go down to Highridge, we can see it from our house. If you contact them they will be able to check your line of sight.

Good luck.


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