Update on council services during severe weather

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Update on council services during severe weather

Post by Holger Laux » Thu 01 Mar, 2018 5:12 pm

Dear all

This is an update to let you know the current situation regarding council services during the snowy weather.

Concerns about vulnerable residents
We are advising people that if they are a vulnerable person in need of extra support because of the weather, or if they know of someone who needs extra support to contact Care Connect on 01934 888 801.

We are also asking people who receive home care services and don't require them or could manage with less visits during this period of extreme weather to please call their service provider and let them know. The extreme weather is expected to affect resources from care providers who support vulnerable adults in our community and we need to divert our services to where they are most needed.

Recycling and waste collections
I have just spoken to John Carson who is out with the Biffa crews in Hayward Village at the moment. Currently, all collections are proceeding as normal today, but we expect that to change before the end of the day and into tomorrow. We will be publishing advice online and on social media about what people should do if their collections aren't picked up. The current advice is to leave the containers out so the crews can catch-up when the weather allows.

All main routes have been treated with high levels of salt to prevent ice and snow build-up. We have been applying salt to the network for the last 48 hours in preparation for the weather and completed our first run by 6am this morning. We have had teams out on the network since 5am monitoring conditions, the snow is forecast to intensify this afternoon and our gritters are loaded ready to respond as needed.
(We have 1,500t of salt at the salt barn - ample for current episode.)

Icy patches are likely on the untreated road and footway network so people are advised to take extra care away from the main routes. Because of the need to preserve driver hours and salt stocks the gritters cannot be diverted off the main routes to treat other areas.

We have closed some minor roads due to ice these are:
* Monks Hill, Kewstoke
* Caswell Lane, Portbury
* Caswell Hill, Portbury
* Davies Lane, Kenn
* Manmoor Lane, Clevedon
* Court Lane, Clevedon.

We do have crews available to attend to emergencies and they have the capacity to carry out some hand salting/gritting. Glendale are currently out doing this work as they can't carry out their normal duties today. We need to prioritise these requests based on risk to the road users but will attend as many as possible. Please report any problem areas online at http://apps.n-somerset.gov.uk/webselfse ... eForm.aspx

School closures, children's centres and nurseries
Settings are keeping us up to date regarding their open / closed status for today and tomorrow. The majority of schools have decided either to fully close, or close at lunchtime today. It is anticipated most will remain closed tomorrow. On our disruption<http://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/disruption> web page we have links to all the school websites so that parents can check the status of each school, and we have also published the status of our children's centres and three nurseries. We don't publish ourselves the individual status of each school setting anymore - partly because so many are now academies and partly because schools now have good systems in place of their own to notify parents directly.

The Snow Warden programme has been activated and where possible, volunteer snow wardens will clear or grit their identified priority routes.
Community Resilience programme volunteers asked to monitor local conditions and provide feedback.

Public Transport
The public transport team are providing regular updates on how public transport services are being affected and will continue to do so into the weekend. The main tool for this is their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/nspublictransport/

Crosville Motor Services Ltd WSM have let us know that service 100 and 106 have been cancelled due to the weather and will not now operate for the rest of today.

Citistar will operate the 1.30pm service 4 journey from Weston-super-Mare, but all other journeys this afternoon are cancelled. It looks unlikely that this service will be able to operate tomorrow (2 March).

The Winford and Felton Community Bus (97) will not operate this afternoon or tomorrow due to the predicted weather conditions.

Keeping up to date as situation develops
There are a number of ways you can stay up to date with news of how the severe weather is affecting North Somerset:

Our website
* www.n-somerset.gov.uk/disruption - for links to school websites, and information about our children's centres, nurseries, libraries and other buildings. There is also information about care connect services, and travel and roads.
* www.n-somerset.gov.uk/roadworks<http:// ... /roadworks> - for information about road closures. Our street works team are updating the map as information comes in to us.

On social media
* @NorthSomersetC<https://twitter.com/NorthSomersetC> on Twitter and 'North Somerset Council<https://www.facebook.com/northsomersetcouncil/>' on Facebook - our main account, we'll be sharing information from partners and other organisations to keep residents up to date with the latest information as it becomes available.
* @NStravel_roads<https://twitter.com/NStravel_roads> on Twitter and 'North Somerset Travel and Roads<https://www.facebook.com/NStravelandroads/>' on Facebook - for information from our highways and transport team.
* @NSomLibraries<https://twitter.com/NSomLibraries> on Twitter and 'North Somerset Libraries'<https://www.facebook.com/nslibraries/> on Facebook - for information about libraries including closures.
* 'North Somerset Public Transport'<https://www.facebook.com/nspublictransport/> on Facebook - for information from our public transport team

Kind regards

Vikkie Page
Marketing and Communications Officer
Corporate Services
North Somerset Council

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