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Consultation on Joint Transport Plan for the Region

Posted: Fri 08 Mar, 2019 2:49 pm
by Holger Laux
In conjunction with the Joint Spatial Plan, which sets out housing plans for the region until 2036, the local authorities are also working on a Joint Transport Plan which may have considerable implications for Dundry.

Currently, there is a consultation on a draft document, which can be found here: ... sport-plan

Dundry Parish Council will discuss this in its meeting this coming Monday, but we would like to encourage everyone to read at least the summary and submit comments by 20 March.

Our main concern is of course the airport. In the full draft, we would like to draw your attention to pages 30-31, 116, 159 and 165. There seem to be various options under discussion, including a separate road along the A38 or even an underground railway!

Another issue that comes to mind when they are talking about local journeys and sustainable traffic is that we do not have a safe walking/cycling route from Dundry into Bristol. Both Highridge and Broadoak are dangerous in this respect. It would be nice if we had a safe route away from motor traffic, either as a footpath along a road
or in a completely different location (Strawberry Lane?). If such a thought finds support in the community, perhaps we should make our voice heard and call for investment?

Re: Consultation on Joint Transport Plan for the Region

Posted: Mon 25 Mar, 2019 6:24 am
by Holger Laux
Please find below the official response from Dundry Parish Council to this consultation.