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Bristol Airport expansion to be decided on Monday, see live stream

Posted: Fri 07 Feb, 2020 12:27 pm
by Holger Laux
After several years of consultations, planning applications, objections and deliberations, North Somerset Council is finally going to decide on the Bristol Airport expansion on Monday 10th February.

Dundry Parish Council is still opposed to the expansion because

- The airport has an inadequate traffic infrastructure to cope with any significant rise in passenger numbers.

- The increased air traffic will have an immediate negative impact on our quality of life.

- In time of a national climate emergency, it seems questionable to encourage people to fly more or more often. Contrary to the idea of this being part of business coming to the South West of England, the majority of flights from Bristol Airport go out to holiday destinations overseas.

You can watch the debate and decision live by going to this link:


Re: Bristol Airport expansion to be decided on Monday, see live stream

Posted: Tue 11 Feb, 2020 1:24 am
by Holger Laux
Dear Readers,

Although I had to miss tonight's Parish Council Meeting, going to Weston-super-Mare to support our objection to the Bristol Aisport expansion was well worth it.

It was a high profile occasion by all accounts, with noisy protesters outside the Town Hall, police presence, tight security to get inside and a meeting that took 4.5 hours.

It started off with both sides laying out their well-rehearsed arguments. It was quite evident that the "against" group was much more passionate about their case and had by far the better arguments than the supporters of the airport.

The evening was not without comedy and drama such as when a business woman running 4 restaurants in North Somerset and 4 in Jersey praised the airport for "making moving resources so easy" or when someone
calculated that the whole of North Somerset needed to be planted with 6 million trees to make up for the airport's increased carbon footprint or when someone else suggested the planning application should be waved through simply because North Somerset could not financially afford to have a negative outcome challenged in the courts.

What I found most striking was the contrast between North Somerset planning officers who were clearly in favour of the application and who - in an almost intimidating way - reminded councillors that their
decision must be based on pure facts and not be guided by sentiments or by the number of objections that had been communicated to them and councillors on the other hand, who did their best to argue why this
application must be rejected because it went against past decisions of NSC and was in contradiction with government guidelines.

In the end, the application was rejected with an overwhelming majority of 18:7, the main reasons being that there was no clear economic benefit to outweigh the impact on the local community, because of serious local transport concerns and parking problems and because an ever increasing amount of air travel was incompatible with the climate emergency declared by central and local government

This is not the end of the process though: Councillors have to re-affirm their decision in a second meeting and it is most likely challenged by the airport.

But for now, this was a great victory which was aided by the fact that Dr Liam Fox listened to our concerns and voiced his own doubts about the airport expansion. His letter appeared to have quite some weight in the meeting.

A full AV recording of the proceedings will be available later on.

For now, you can find BBC coverage here: ... s-10022020 (this link will expire within 24 hours)

So much for now,