North Somerset Remembers "Legacy of Light"

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North Somerset Remembers "Legacy of Light"

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Good Afternoon

My apologies if you have already received this message

I am writing to you to invite you to participate in a unique, simple and
poignant event to take place as part of the forthcoming World War One,
Remembrance Commemorations

On Saturday 10th November at 18:00, as a lead in to the next day's
commemorations; at locations, across North Somerset we are hoping you may
join together in a tribute called "Legacy of Light"

The concept is very simple and easy to organise

We would like to encourage Town and Parish Councils, Churches and other
Faith Groups, Veterans and Service Organisations, Youth Groups and Community
Groups across the whole of North Somerset, to join together at the same time
and light a Tea Light Candle in memory of the fallen of WW1, in our own

You may wish to make your tribute more elaborate and add a few words,
readings or poems, maybe you might consider something more involved, such as
drama and music or indeed just keep the tribute a simple gesture of lighting
a flame in a united remembrance of their sacrifice. (For safety reasons we
suggest using tea lights and recommend they be placed in a shallow sand box)

Although we would like everyone to participate at 18:00 on November 10th,
the timing doesn't really matter that much.

The important thing is, that as long as we join in, we will spiritually

If you have an event already organised, perhaps "Legacy of Light" could form
part of your existing event and North Somerset as a whole, can come together
in a spirit of commemoration and reflection.

May I also prey upon your kindness and ask you to share this message with as
many contacts and organisations within your Community as possible (Churches,
Veteran Groups and any others you can think of)

Many thanks for taking the time to read this message and we look forward to
your participation



Garry Hawkes MCGI
Armed Forces Co-ordinator
Corporate Services Unit
North Somerset Council

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