The Future of Dundry Recreation Ground

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Negotiate new contracts with Chew Valley Youth Football Club
Develop a different concept (please reply to this thread with your suggestions)
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The Future of Dundry Recreation Ground

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At our Annual Parish Meeting on 16/04/18, one of main discussion points was the future of Dundry Recreation Ground.

Dundry Parish Council (DPC), as the owner of the Playing Field and Club House, has legal agreements with an organisation called Dundry Sports & Social Club (DS&SC) which used to manage the facilities on behalf of various football clubs that played here in the past. In 2016, all clubs left Dundry and communications between DPC and DS&SC broke down. The legal agreements were no longer being adhered to. After prolonged efforts to resolve this situation, DPC finally decided to give notice and terminate the contracts with effect from 31st January 2019.

In theory, this will give us the opportunity to develop an entirely new concept, so long as the Recreation Ground remains available for the whole community.

However, one of the measures DS&SC had taken in 2017 without consulting their landlord was to invite a new club to use the facilities. Chew Valley Football Club (CVFC) is a youth sports organisation run by volunteers. The club seems to have much local support. Those parishioners present at the APM were unanimously in favour of negotiating new direct legal agreements with CVFC, whithout the involvement of DS&SC.

Before such negotiations can begin, we wanted to give the whole community an opportunity to have their say. Please feel free to use all available channels (vote in the poll above, comment on Facebook, contact the Clerk or Chairman directly) to express your opinion, support, concerns or alternative suggestions.

At our next parish council meeting on 11th June 2018, we will use your contributions to decide whether and how to conduct these negotiations so that new arrangements can be put in place by the end of the year and give both the parish and CVFC clarity for the future.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Dundry Parish Council

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