Corona Virus - What can Dundry do?

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Holger Laux
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Corona Virus - What can Dundry do?

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What are the symptoms?
About 5 days after infection, patients experience a short period of high temperature, muscle aches and a dry cough, later possibly followed by breathing difficulties. Some people may carry the virus and show no symptoms at all while the majority (about 80%) only experience mild symptoms that will pass like an ordinary flu. However, if you have underlying health problems such as asthma, you are at a higher risk of severe illness.

How can you protect yourself?
Avoid physical contact and, where possible, large gatherings of people. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly (rub all fingers, palm and wrist for as long as it takes you to sing Happy Birthday twice, use elbows or tissue to touch taps and door handles afterwards). According to the latest government advice, self-isolate even with mild respiratory symptoms, in order to delay the spread of the disease as there is no vaccine or treatment available yet.

What is the situation nationally?

Search the Web site for “Covid-19” for the latest messages regarding the government’s 4-phase action plan of Contain – Delay – Research – Mitigate. Also follow the news on radio and tv as the situation can change very rapidly.

Will it get worse?

It seems almost inevitable that we will see a major outbreak in the UK with more than half the population affected. Possible consequences are that:

- the NHS may only be able to treat the most severe cases
- there may be shortages and/or rationing in vital supplies
- normal life may be severely disrupted with travel bans, service breakdowns etc.

What can Dundry do to be prepared?
At the moment, we have no specific advice on how to prepare at local level, but there are things we can already do:
Should we ever have to rely on local resilience, it would be good to have a network of volunteers ready, led by the Parish Council. We have 359 properties in Dundry. If we were able to recruit maybe 30-35 volunteers from all areas of the parish, each looking after about 10 properties, this would give us the means to get vital information out to everyone and to keep an eye on particularly vulnerable residents. Later, we may also have to organise doorstep deliveries of medication and food or give assistance to emergency services.
For the purposes of infection control, we suggest avoiding physical meetings of this group for now and keep communication in electronic form. The latest information to take note of will be published at site and can be discussed in the public forum there,.
If you are interested in supporting us as a volunteer, please send an e-mail to or call me on 07740191772.

Let’s hope we can avoid the worst but it is always good to be prepared.

Stay safe!

Holger Laux
Dundry Parish Council published on 12/03/2020
Covid-19 leaflet.pdf
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Holger Laux
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Re: Corona Virus - What can Dundry do?

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