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485 last modified on 2018-01-03 18:00:04

The End

When I launched this News Blog back in 2014, I was actually rather proud as I had programmed it all on my own right from scratch.

Unfortunately, it never reached full maturity, requiring lots of workarounds to make it presentable, which meant I could never introduce anyone else to the process of publishing things here.

The decline started in late 2016, when our PHP server software was updated. First, the automatic newsletters that used to be sent every week no longer worked and later I almost lost the whole Blog due to a further update.


It had become clear that I would not be able to spend much time repairing all the problems. For some time, I had been running the PHPBB-based "Dundry Forum" in parallel with this Blog, but now the time has come to put it to rest. In case you want to browse old postings, the complete contents of this Blog will remain online for as long as the server software allows.

Considering all those problems, it is amazing that I managed to get 485 news messages out to the Dundry community and more than 20,000 page clicks have proven that the service was appreciated.

So it is now time to say "Goodbye News Blog" and "Welcome Dundry Forum as our new news hub".

Please take some time to familiarise yourselves with the Forum features and make sure you take an active part by posting your own comments, discussion entries etc. there.

See you soon,

Dundry Webmaster


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484 last modified on 2017-12-21 20:36:51

Sunday 24th December: Ham Egg and Chips at the Dundry Inn


It is a long-standing tradition: After the Sunday service and before getting back to your Christmas preparations, the Dundry Inn invites you to a quick meal of Ham Egg and Chips. Start 6.30pm.





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483 last modified on 2017-12-21 20:35:36

Carol Singers raised £131.25 for the RNIB

Dear Sian

I just wanted to drop you a quick email and say thank you so much for your support in choosing to raise funds for the RNIB with your annual carol singing around Dundury village. I’ve already sent you a thank you letter but also attaching a copy as well in case of delays with the Christmas post! I’m delighted to tell you that you raised £131.25 in total from the collection so again, a big thank you to you and your fellow singers for your very kind support.


Right now, there are currently 2,595 registered blind and partially sighted adults and children living in Bristol but figures suggest there are an estimated 11,270 people living with sight loss. However many people do not receive the support they need and deserve. Sight loss shouldn’t mean that you are more likely to feel lonely and excluded, or be unemployed but it does. With your support, we can reach more blind and partially sighted people and face the future with confidence together.

Once again, a huge thank you for your very kind support and may I take this opportunity of wishing you and everyone in Dundury village a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

With warmest regards

Jo Killick
Area Fundraising Manager
RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People)




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482 last modified on 2017-12-14 19:59:47

Mon 04/12/17: Parish Council Meeting


At the Parish Council meeting on 4th December 2017 we discussed: Please find the full minutes below and more info in the public file system.

The next meeting of Dundry Parish Council will be held on Monday 8th January 2018

If parishioners would like something to be included on the agenda please notify a councillor or the Clerk by Friday 29th December. You can also raise matters in the Public Forum but, depending on what they are, full discussion may have to be left to the following meeting.




482-DPC minutes 4th December 2017.pdf



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481 last modified on 2017-11-23 21:55:13

Consultation on the Bristol Airport Master Plan

Have your say This consultation provides an early opportunity to help shape the future of your airport. This is your chance to tell us what you think the priorities for your airport should be. This consultation will run until midnight on 26 January 2018.


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480 last modified on 2017-11-23 21:33:50

Sat 25/11/17, 7.30pm, St. Andrews Church, Chew Magna: Concert of the Chew Valley Choral Society

Please see poster below.







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479 last modified on 2017-11-15 22:55:21

BT Cabinet 48 upgraded

Although we have not received any official communication from BT yet, there are reports that Cabinet 48 - halfway up Broadoak Hill - has now been fibre-enabled. If you are still with one of the traditional Internet Service Providers such as BT, Sky, Talk Talk etc. and have not changed to alternatives such as Wight Wireless or Truespeed yet, it may be worth enquiring with your provider how you can benefit from this upgrade.





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478 last modified on 2017-11-22 10:17:45

Mon 13/11/17: Parish Council Meeting


At the Parish Council meeting on 13th November we discussed:

Please find a link to the full minutes below.

The next meeting will be on Monday 4th December 2017 at 7.30 p.m. in the village hall.

If you would like something to be included on the agenda please contact a councillor or the Clerk by Monday 27th November. You can also raise matters in the Public Forum but full discussion may have to be left to the following meeting.




478-DPC minutes 13th November 2017.pdf


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477 last modified on 2017-11-04 19:35:18

Thu 09/11/17: Dundry Primary School Open Day

Are you a member of the Dundry community? A prospective parent? Or just inquisitive?

Come to our open day on 9th November.

We have open tours at 9:00, 11:00 anmd 2:00.

Call Mrs. Harrison in the school ofice on 0117-9647181

We look forward to hearing from you.





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476 last modified on 2017-10-11 20:33:31

Dundry Parish Council: Statement on the use of Dundry Playing Fields


Parishioners are probably aware that Chew Valley Football Club has begun running youth football activities on Dundry Playing Fields which are owned by Dundry Parish Council and are there for the benefit of the whole community. The Parish Council does not consider this organisation to be a legitimate user of the Playing Fields or their presence to be in the best interests of the parish. We would like to give you a brief summary of the history and why we have come to the above conclusion.

The field on Crabtree Lane was bought by the Parish Council in 1977 and was initially managed and converted into a playing field by a Playing Field Management Committee consisting of representatives of various village organisations (Dundry AFC, Dundry Cricket Club and others) and two parish councillors.

By 2008, this management structure had changed and the facilities were run by an umbrella organisation called Dundry Sports & Social Club, consisting of various member football clubs (including Dundry AFC) without direct involvement of the Parish Council. This is why two legal agreements - a lease for the clubhouse and a licence for the use of the pitches - were drawn up and signed between the Parish Council and two named trustees of Dundry Sports & Social Club, outlining rights and responsibilities for both parties.

In summer 2016, Dundry AFC folded and left the playing field in an unplayable condition because of dangerous metal posts surrounding the pitches, which eventually had to be removed at the expense of the Parish Council. Because of this situation, all other football teams also left Dundry. The utility bills for the clubhouse were handed over to the Parish Council by the Secretary/Treasurer of Dundry Sports and Social Club (who was also one of the named trustees) but the key was given to one of the remaining representatives of Dundry AFC. Both named trustees and signatories stated that they no longer wished to be involved. No indication of any further handovers or future plans with regards to the contracts was given.

Efforts to sort this out with Dundry AFC were unsuccessful and no progress was made until, in May of this year, the Parish Council discovered by accident that a new club, Chew Valley Football Club, had started mowing the pitches and was making plans to use them for youth football activities. They claim to have been invited by the remaining few members of Dundry AFC to join the Sports and Social Club. Apart from this verbal assertion, the Parish Council has not been informed of this development by any named trustee and signatory or by any other existing member of Dundry Sports and Social Club.

The representative of Chew Valley Football Club appeared to be willing to communicate and it was hoped that a positive relationship could be established, provided they supplied proof that they were the new trustees of Dundry Sports and Social Club and that the lease and licence had been passed on to them in the correct manner.

Unfortunately, despite the Parish Council explaining in detail what is required, Chew Valley Football Club has so far failed to provide this proof. This means that there is at present no legal agreement between them and Dundry Parish Council regulating their use of this parish asset.

If this information is not received soon, the Council will have to assume that Chew Valley Football Club are not occupying the facilities under the terms of the lease and licence and will have to take action to regularise the situation.

If you have any comments, or would like more information please contact the Clerk, Judith Hoskin on 0117 9642804 (email: or the Chairman, Holger Laux on 07740 191772 (email:




476-17-10-11 Statement on Dundry Playing Fields.pdf



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475 last modified on 2017-11-04 19:16:30

Mon 09/10/17: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




475-DPC minutes 9th October 2017.pdf



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474 last modified on 2017-10-05 20:26:16

Mon 11/09/17: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutesa below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




474-DPC minutes 11th September 2017.pdf



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473 last modified on 2017-11-08 20:39:40

ONLY FEW DAYS TO GO - Sat 18/11/17, 6pm, Village Hall: Rock‘n‘Roll Party!

This year‘s Village Hall fundraising event will be a good old-fashioned Rock‘n‘Roll Party! Our aim is to raise a substantial amount of money towards an urgently needed refurbishment of the hall‘s wooden dance floor.

We have a great night lined up for you, with a fashion stall, a burger van, a dance class and, of course, a brilliant live band. Please come and support us, tickets are on sale now for £10 from Holger and Zora (, 07740191772).

More info to follow soon in the Dundry Forum.






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472 last modified on 2017-08-11 17:00:41

Tues 15/08/17, 6pm-9pm: Village Hall Exterior Painting

Hi all,

We have made an excellent start at painting the front wall of the Hall on Maintenance Day.
We now need to finish the job, on the rear and end gable walls. We won‘t have the distraction of other tasks so it will be just PAINT, PAINT, PAINT on the night.
We will be dependent upon a good turnout to finish the job, so please come along and TRY TO GET A COUPLE OF FRIENDS TO COME ALONG TOO !!!
If you have rollers, long poles or steps please bring along, bt we already have some if you can‘t bring any.
It will be FUN, FUN, FUN and a great Community effort so please make the effort to come.
I have set aside the Weds night as a fall back if it rains but hopefully that won‘t be necessary. 
See you all there !!






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471 last modified on 2017-08-09 17:46:57

Dundry Coffee Mornings

Dundry Coffee Mornings

to be held the first Wednesday of the month

Wednesday 6th September 10.30am-12noon
Wednesday 4th October 10.30am-12noon
Wednesday 1st November 10.30am-12noon

at the Royal British Legion.

Come along to meet others in the village for a chat over tea, coffee and cake.
We look forward to seeing you and may be able to help with transport, if you are unable to get there.
Contact your village agent Lyndsay Newman on 07967 345559.




471-Flyer Dundry Coffee am.pdf



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470 last modified on 2017-07-21 09:47:34

Sat 22/07/17, 2-4pm, St. Michael‘s Church: Open Day




2 – 4 PM

Come along and see the plans for refurbishing your Church.
Due to re-open May 2018






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469 last modified on 2017-07-12 20:50:10

Sat 15/07/17, 12-4, Village Hall: FODS Summer Fair and BBQ

Bouncy Castle - Tombola Craft Stalls - Super Trucks
Raffle - Face Painting
Bar - BBQ - Games

And lots more!!!





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468 last modified on 2017-07-21 09:42:40

Mon 10/07/17: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




468-DPC minutes 10th July 2017.pdf



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467 last modified on 2017-06-28 12:56:08

BROABAND News: It is happening right now!

After so many months of campaigning, negotiating and working out technical details, it is finally happening: Dundry is being connected.

The other good news is that our CDS vouchers will be valid until 30 September to give Wight Wireless enough time for their installations.

If you have not placed an order with them yet, make sure you get in touch asap.


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466 last modified on 2017-06-28 12:49:40

Sat 15/07/17, 12-4, Village Hall: School Summer Fair and BBQ

The school summer fair and bbq is to be held at the village hall and playing field on Sat 15th July 12-4pm. We have lots of stalls, games, crafts, inflatables, bbq, bar and loads more. This is promising to be a great family event and everyone is welcome to come along. All money raised will go towards much needed playground equipment for our school.





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465 last modified on 2017-06-18 00:45:21

Broadband Update

We are ready to install your equipment

You may have noticed over the last week or so that we have been installing our transmission gear around the village, and we are now ready to begin fitting our equipment onto the homes and businesses that have ordered the service.

For some of you there is likely to be a short notice time for your installation. We are sorry for this, but we have been working tirelessly to pull this project off with the time constraints imposed by CDS.


Openreach installing our physical fibre connection.

First transmission site in Dundry

Openreach have installed our connection and we expect it to be live within the next few days. We have decided to start installing our customers so that they are ready to enjoy the service once our connection goes live.

If you are yet to place an order on our website you can do so by visiting the ‘superfast Dundry‘ pages on the menu at the top of the site. If you do wish to sign up we would advise that you do so as soon as possible so that we can validate your CDS voucher and allocate the resources required to get you connected.

If you do have any queries, please get in touch with our team by calling 01983 770000 or you can email us on




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464 last modified on 2017-06-18 00:45:48

Temporary Overnight Closure of A&E at Weston General Hospital


Please find attached a letter from Weston Area Health NHS Trust regarding their temporary overnight closure of A&E at Weston General Hospital from Tuesday 4 July 2017.




464-Stakeholder Letter 140617.pdf


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463 last modified on 2017-06-14 06:49:42

Sun 18/06/17, 4-6pm, Dundry Village Hall: Big Dundry Get Together

You‘re invited to a Get Together! An all-age, all-village afternoon tea party with tea, cakes and family games.

The ‘Great Get Together‘ is a national event inspired by Jo Cox MP, where we want to celebrate our community and get to know our neighbours.

Coffee, tea and squash will be available. Bring cakes and/or biscuits to share, and bring your neighbours to share them with.


It would be great if we had some idea of how many people are likely to attend, so please let us know via:

- Facebook
- emailing, or
- call 0117 935 8067 (please leave a message)




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462 last modified on 2017-06-09 20:52:57

Broadband: Good News from Wight Wireless

I thought I would drop you a quick update to let you know where we are with the project. There has been a good amount of progress in the last week, which I hope you will be pleased to hear.

I have ordered our connection from The Airport Tavern into our rack in London - I have ordered ~320Mb/s of capacity to get us started which will be plenty. I have ordered a fully licensed radio link to run from the Airport Tavern to the hill at the top of Dundry. It has been designed to provide a connection with 99.999% availability annually which is on par with a fibre optic cable.


I have ordered the transmission gear for the masts, and 50 lots of equipment to get us started on the installations which will commence on Monday next week ready for the ‘go live‘ date on our fibre connection. I am expecting the majority of this equipment to arrive tomorrow.

Trevor Cook
Wight Wireless




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461 last modified on 2017-06-09 20:46:26

Police Alert: Burglary in Oxleaze Lane


R198 09062017 AN005

Report on 8 June, outbuildings at farm property in Oxleaze Lane, Dundry being broken into. Tools that had been stolen from a container on site were used to force entry into the outbuilding.Report matters on 101 or text 07492888109 (information line only)





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460 last modified on 2017-06-18 00:26:16

Mon 12/06/17: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




460-DPC minutes 12th June 2017.pdf



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459 last modified on 2017-06-02 21:47:14

Road Maintenance in North Somerset


Please find below the June issue of Your Patch - our monthly round-up of scheduled council works taking place across North Somerset.




459-Issue 18 - June 2017.pdf



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458 last modified on 2017-06-02 21:24:36

Dundry Parish Council External Audit (legal notice)


Notice of date of commencement of period for the exercise of public rights (Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2017) can be found in the public file system under: Root > 2016 - 2017 > Annual Finance





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457 last modified on 2017-05-20 22:39:43

Dundry Broadband - Update 16th May 2017

10Mb Service - CDS Vouchers

It was our interpretation of the CDS terms and conditions that in order for the voucher claim to be valid, the service delivered had to be a true NGA service. NGA (next generation access) has been defined by the government as a speed of 24Mb/s or above and for that reason we were not accepting orders for the 10Mb service from customers using a CDS voucher.

We have had a number of enquiries from voucher holders that have been disappointed by this fact. So we have been in contact with CDS to seek clarification on we can or cannot provide to customers with valid CDS vouchers. Today it has been confirmed to us that we can deliver a 10Mb service to customers with a CDS voucher.


For those customers who have already placed an order with us, who would rather take the 10Mb/s service there is no need to cancel your order – please send us an email and we will modify the existing order. For those customers who have raised this query with us, please go ahead and place your order by clicking the button below.

Don‘t forget to place your order

During the initial phase of this project where we looked at feasibility and viability, we had well over 100 expressions of interest. The orders are slowly trickling in, but if you have previously registered your interest with us, we now need you to place a committed order on our website. This is especially important if you have a CDS voucher that you would like to redeem.

The June deadline

We are aiming to begin connecting customers at the start of June, and as we have stated it is our intention to prioritise those customers with valid CDS Vouchers. We are aware that the vouchers expire at the end of June, so we are currently negotiating with CDS to ensure that everyone who holds a valid voucher gets connected for free. We are not asking them to extend the vouchers, but we are asking them to honour the vouchers on orders place via our website before the expiration date. We can‘t promise that this will be the case, but as soon as we have feedback on this, we will let you know. As stated above please don‘t forget to place your order – the more CDS vouchers we can get into our order queue will allow us to better case to CDS in terms of honouring the vouchers.

On a personal note

My team and I are working exceptionally hard to deliver our solution to Dundry, and things are moving along nicely. If you have placed an order or emailed me, I will come back to you in due course - that‘s a promise. We recognise that our predecessors have failed in delivering a service to Dundry, and that it why we are focusing our energy into getting our infrastructure live so that we can connect as many customers in June as possible.

Trevor Cook
Managing Director

We are always happy to help

If you have any queries you can contact us on 01983 770000
Our office hours are between 0900 and 1700 Monday to Friday
Alternatively, you can send us an email on

Copyright 017 Wight Wireless, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Wight Wireless
Unit 21 Daish Way
Dodnor Industrial Estate
Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5XJ
United Kingdom




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456 last modified on 2017-05-14 21:51:15

NEWSFLASH: Fatal Accident on Highridge Road, Appeal for Witnesses


This morning, on 14 May between 3am and 7.15am, there has been an accident on Highridge Road near the junction with Oxleaze Lane, in which sadly a motorcyclist died. Please find the full police statement below and get in touch if you have any information.

Many thanks!


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455 last modified on 2017-05-13 13:55:57

The Dundry Historians‘ last ever meeting

After 20 years of meeting every month in the RBL and inviting guest speakers to give interesting talks on local history, the Dundry Historians have now decided to call it a day. Many of their originaal members are no longer there to attend and funds have become insufficient to arrange further talks.

In their last meeting on Tuesday, 9 May, they heard about the history of airplane production at Filton and afterwards celebrated the Dundry Historians becoming history themselves with a good drink at the bar.


But that doesn‘t mean that our interest in history has gone away. Here are some suggestions to get engaged:




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454 last modified on 2017-05-10 18:14:59

Congratulations Dundry - You did it!

Hold tight, sit back and relax. Super-fast broadband is coming to Dundry.

Your broadband champions

The broadband champions in Dundry have been out in full force, drumming up support so that super-fast broadband can become a reality in Dundry. Wight Wireless are pleased to announce that interest has reached a level where we can now begin our deployment.

We are busy working away behind the scenes getting things ready so that we can begin to connect everyone up. There is a lot to do, but we promise that we will keep you updated throughout the process.


CDS Voucher Holders

For those of you that hold a valid CDS voucher, we are aware that these vouchers needs to be redeemed by the end of June. With this in mind CDS voucher holders will receive a prioritised installation date to ensure that your new connection is up and running before the end of June.

10Mb/s Broadband

We have received a number of enquiries about our 10Mb/s service. Initially, it was our intention to discontinue the 10Mb/s product - however due to a healthy demand we have decided to leave it alone for the time being.

However, there is one gotcha! 10Mb/s does not meet the criteria for the CDS Scheme - so essentially, we are unable to provide this product to CDS voucher holders.

Happy to help

At Wight Wireless we are here to help, so if you do have any queries please get in touch with the team on 01983770000.

Copyright 2017 Wight Wireless, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Wight Wireless
Unit 21 Daish Way
Dodnor Industrial Estate
Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5XJ
United Kingdom


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452 last modified on 2017-05-10 17:55:18

Tue 16/05/17, 11:00-15:30, Colliters Brook Farm: Spring Fete and TV filming

The Hotel Inspector has challenged a B&B in Bristol to host a festive ‘Spring Garden Fete‘ this Tuesday 16th May and the invitation is open to all.

Channel 5‘s longest running series ‘The Hotel Inspector‘ sees hotelier Alex Polizzi on a mission to turn around the fortunes of Colliters Brook Farm B&B.

Having spent time at the beautifully landscaped grounds of Colliters Brook farm Alex Pollizi has been impressed by owner Richard Tuckers drive, hard graft and hospitality skills, what‘s missing is a way to unify both the outside space and B&B rooms. But Alex has a plan.

Alex has challenged Richard to host a ‘Spring Garden Fete‘ with Miss Ivy Events. There will be an array of vintage, gift and artisan stalls, live music, traditional games, workshops, photo-booth, cream teas, BBQ and lots more!

Please come along and help Richard make the day a massive success this TUESDSAY 16TH MAY - Entry £2.00 (under 12‘s free)

Filming will be taking place throughout the day.




452-Colliters Brook Farm flyer 2017s.pdf



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451 last modified on 2017-05-06 12:37:48

Thu 08/06/17: Parliamentary Election

Please find the official notice for the parliamentary election below. If you have not done so, please do not forget to register to vote.







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450 last modified on 2017-05-13 12:38:51

Mon 08/05/17, 7.30pm, Village Hall: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




450-DPC minutes 8th May 2017.pdf



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449 last modified on 2017-05-01 00:07:47

Road Closures in Highridge Road and Upton Lane


We have received notifications from North Somerset Council that Highridge Road will be closed on 19 May and Upton Lane on 22 May for pre surface dressing.

Further closures of 1 day each will follow at the and of June/early July for surfacing. Actual dates to be confirmed.




449-Notices of Intent.pdf



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448 last modified on 2017-04-30 23:59:06

Police Info: Local Crime Incidents


N129 20042017 AN005

Reported on 19 April attempt burglary occurred at Tower House Lane, Wraxall. Key safe at the property removed and damage caused to bathroom window. Nothing stolen.

Afternoon of 19 April vehicle broken into at Pill - nothing stolen.

Report on 19 April relating to bales of hay/straw being set alight on land at Bridgwater Road, Dundry

Evening of 19 April vehicle broken into at Ashton Court Estate - bags of shopping stolen.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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447 last modified on 2017-04-27 20:51:33

Sat 03/06/17, 7.30pm, Village Hall: Barn Dance


In aid of the toilet extension at
St Michael’s Church, Dundry


Saturday 3 June @ 7.30pm for 8pm start


Dundry Village Hall, Crabtree Lane, BS41 8LN

Tickets £8 each incl. refreshments
Available from Ann 07471 940021

Bar and Raffle

Caller - Neville Higgins





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446 last modified on 2017-04-27 20:43:13

Sun 09/07/17, 10am-6pm: Dundry Village Hall Maintenance Day

Volunteers are required to help the Committee paint, clean and do the various jobs needed to keep and maintain the Hall in tip top condition.

For more details as to what is required and how you can help, please contact Dave Nevitt on





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445 last modified on 2017-04-27 20:40:31

Thu 11/05/17, 7.30pm: Dundry Village Hall AGM

This year’s AGM will be held on Thursday 11 May 2017 at 7.30 pm.





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444 last modified on 2017-04-27 20:39:12

Dundry Village Hall: New Boiler

The Village Hall Committee are very pleased to announce that we have recently had a new boiler installed at your Village Hall, replacing the original one that had been there since at least 1995, if not 1988! It was considered a priority to replace it before it gave up!

Your Hall Committee would like to thank everyone who organised and attended our various fund raising events in order that we could afford to make this purchase. And we are particularly grateful to Dundry WI who made a significant contribution towards the boiler.

Many thanks to everyone who continues to support the Hall as a fantastic venue for your events.

Dave Nevitt
Chairman, Dundry Village Hall Committee. 





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443 last modified on 2017-04-14 17:40:31

Happy Easter!

Wishing all our readers a wonderful Easter break with your famlilies and friends.
Enjoy this spring time and forget about work for a few days!

Your Dundry Webmaster





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442 last modified on 2017-04-14 17:28:29

Sun 07/05/17, 2-4pm: Church Tower open

Adults £2 and children (8 – 16) £1

Please respect our Health and Safety Regulations as they are there to protect you:

  • No children under the age of 8, this also includes babies/children in slings due to insurance restrictions
  • Only children aged between 8 and 16 are allowed up the Tower, and they must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • Suitable footwear
  • No large shoulder or hand bags, this includes backpacks
  • It can be windy and cold at the top so you are advised to wear a jumper/coat




442-Tower 2017.pdf



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441 last modified on 2017-04-14 17:22:33

Attention all Dog Walkers!

Dear Dog Walkers,

It’s a little known fact that there is an enzyme in dog poo that can cause the death of unborn calves and lambs.

So when you walk your dog(s) PLEASE follow the guidelines below:

  • Keep to the footpaths
  • Keep your dog(s) on a lead
  • Pick up your dog(s) poo
Thank you!





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440 last modified on 2017-04-14 17:07:29

Mon 24/04/17, 7.30pm, Village Hall: Annual Parish Meeting

The main focus of this year‘s Annual Parish meeting will be Dundry‘s broadband project which is finally taking off the ground. Trevor Cook from Wight Wireless will be present to answer your questions and explain the next steps.

Apart from the usual reports, there will also be updates on the latest developments with regards to the Dundry Recreation Ground and on the Parish Recycling Scheme.

You can of course raise any other questions or concerns you might have and we are looking forward to seeing you there.

Your Parish Council




440-APM agenda 2017.pdf



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439 last modified on 2017-04-08 00:23:20

Broadband: Latest News

Although the official voucher deadline of 31 March has now passed, the good news is that CDS has responded to our request for an extension as follows:

"Over the last few weeks both voucher holders and suppliers have requested that CDS extend the voucher scheme deadline beyond the end of March 31st. Given the continued level of demand we feel that it is only right that the deadline be extended for all voucher holders and suppliers. We are therefore moving the final deadline for this stage of the CDS voucher scheme to 30th June 2017.

By this date we would expect all installations to be completed. We hope that this extension will provide adequate time to complete all outstanding installations. This will be the final deadline of the scheme, we will not be issuing any further extensions so we would suggest voucher holders consider their options carefully"

(You should have seen this already, if you have a voucher.)


In the meantime, large parts of Dundry are getting very excited about the prospect of having faster Internet access soon. About 120 households and businesses (more than one third of Dundry) have already signed up to the Wight Wireless offer and if you, too, want to be part of our Internet revolution, please get in touch with as soon as possible.

In particular, we are looking for more users from the following areas:

Crabtree Close
Ham Lane
Church Road
Dundry Lane
Andruss Drive
Crabtree Lane
Downs Road
Wells Road
The Mead
Winford Lane
Upton Lane
Oxleaze Lane

If you live in one of these areas, perhaps you can help us by spreading the word among your neighbours.

Here are a few helpful tips:

Remember, we will all be fully connected by the end of June. Come and join us!

Your Dundry Broadband Group and
Wight Wireless



439-Copper ADSL Vs Wireless Broadband.pdf



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438 last modified on 2017-04-07 12:32:09

A warning from the Fire Brigade about tumble dryers


BCU12 02042017 Somerset

Devon & Somerset Fire Brigade have asked that a warning go out regarding safety of tumble dryers and a copy of their document is attached below for your information.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry







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437 last modified on 2017-04-14 16:39:19

Mon 10/04/17: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




437-DPC minutes 10th April 2017.pdf



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436 last modified on 2017-03-25 09:12:47

Broadband: Gathering Speed

Hi all,

Thanks again for signing up to the Wight Wireless offer and for spreading the word. We now have about 90 out of 320 housholds in Dundry on board. Please keep up the good work.

Here is a date for your diary: On 24th April, we will have our Annual Parish Meeting and Charles Turton from Wight Wireless will be there to tell you about the next steps and to answer your questions. So please come round to meet him.

For more information, please see the flyer below and visit the Dundry Forum.

Your Dundry Broadband Group







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435 last modified on 2017-03-25 08:58:07

Police info: New number to report non-urgent rural crime information


BCU12 23032017 Somerset

The Force recently launched a dedicated text line for incoming non-urgent information relating to rural crime which has proved very successful. The project is to continue but with a brand new and long-term number 07492 888109 (if you have previously saved 81819 please now delete and replace with this new number).

This is NOT a number to use to report crime or to call for police assistance and it will not be monitored 24/7.

The number can be used to report information of people/vehicles seen behaving suspiciously in the rural community, potentially stolen goods etc.

Alternatively You can report a crime online via our website or if it‘s a crime which requires immediate police attendance then dial 999.

You can still also pass on information anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry


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434 last modified on 2017-03-25 08:53:43

MetroBus News: Information on the new traffic layout in Bristol City Centre


The MetroBus city centre improvements reach a major milestone on Sunday 2 April with the opening of the new link between Baldwin Street and St Augustine‘s Parade and the introduction of new permanent city centre traffic movements.

The changes will simplify traffic flows for motorists, reduce congestion and create more space for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.


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433 last modified on 2017-03-25 08:39:41

8-9 April: Junior Cylce Tour of the Mendips


Just a quick note to make you aware of a forthcoming major cycle event in the local area – please find attached a press release (plus route maps and photos) that should give you all the information that you need about the event.

We‘d like to minimise any inconvenience that the event may cause and, of course, we‘d also like to think that some people might like to come out to watch what is quite a spectacle.

If you require any further information please either respond via email or feel free to contact the Organiser directly: Jeff Coast - Race Organiser (01934 834319).

Many thanks.

Darren McKimm (BCDS Club Welfare Officer)







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432 last modified on 2017-03-25 08:08:23

Highridge Road to be closed for water works


Please find below an official notice that Highridge Road will be closed on or after 3rd April for up to 5 days.




432-Final Notice - Highridge Rd, Dundry T17-25 - Updated Diversion.pdf



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431 last modified on 2017-03-17 23:25:00

BROADBAND: Everyone can join, with vouchers or without

Many thanks to all of you who registered with Wight Wireless. We now have more than 50 participating households and businesses. - This is a good result for the first week, but we need many more to make this a success.

In case we did not make it clear in our last post: Anyone can join the scheme, whether you have a voucher or not and even if you are currently still locked with another provider. Please get in touch to find out more details: E-mail and or join the Dundry Forum (see link in the top menu).

And please tell all your friends and neighbours about this great initiative. Let‘s get Dundry into the 21st century.

Your Dundry Broadband Group





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430 last modified on 2017-03-11 04:12:45

BROADBAND: Let‘s go wireless!

Having raised an excellent 159 voucher applications last year, of which 131 have been approved by CDS, we attempted to find an Internet Service Provider to provide fibre to the home. After ini- tial promises this has proved a distant hope – maybe years.

We are now working with Wight Wireless ( to provide a wireless network system for Dundry this summer. They would install a small receiver on the outside of your home and run a small cable into your home to a wireless router which provides cable and wireless con- nections for the home with download speeds of 10 or 30 Mbps. To be financially viable they need all voucher holders to sign up with them. They are also keen to encourage other homes.


The choice of where to use the CDS vouchers is, of course, up to every household but any practi- cal upgrade to the current system will require a village-wide response. We therefore urge every voucher holder to sign up with Wight Wireless as this is our best option for improving internet speed. You will shortly be receiving correspondence from them.

Deadline: all homes must register with Wight Wireless before 31 March 2017 to validate their voucher. After this, anyone who has not registered with them will have to pay a connection fee. Please email CDS voucher code, address and postcode to: and it would help us if you copied this to

For your information there are two download speed options:
10 Mbps for £17.50 per month OR 30 Mbps for £24.00 per month plus an additional £9.50 per month for landline Including landline, the 10 Mbps price should be similar to current providers. Just much faster.

NB. If you wish to join us and sign up with Wightwireless we advise you not to renew any existing contract in the next few months as they may charge for any cancellation.



430-Wight Wireless in Dundry V1.8 Statement of Intent.pdf



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429 last modified on 2017-03-10 19:16:01

Police Alert: Don‘t turn your home into a gold mine

BCU9 06032017

This is a general crime reduction warning. Some parts of the Avon and Somerset Constabulary area have been subject of high value burglaries where gold and jewellery items have been targeted. This not currently an issue in this part of Somerset however there is potential for this type of offence to spread to this area.

Please keep your valuables in a secure place and make sure that all suspicious activity is reported when it is noticed direct to the 101 number, or in an emergency such as an offence taking place call 999.

Advisory leaflets are attached and below:

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry







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428 last modified on 2017-04-08 00:23:38

Mon, 13/03/17: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




428-DPC minutes 13th March 2017.pdf



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427 last modified on 2017-03-03 14:50:24

BROADBAND: Regarding Your Voucher Reminders

All Dundry voucher holders received an e-mail from CDS this week reminding them to use their vouchers by 31 March and many have contacted us asking what to do.

As explained in last week‘s forum post, we have been in negotiations with various providers and believe we now have the best possible offer from a company called Wight Wireless.

Of course, you are under no obligation to follow our recommendation, but Wight Wireless needs as many signed-up housholds as possible - with vouchers or without - to make their system sustainable.


We will let you know within the next 7 days about the next steps and once your voucher is assigned, it will be honoured beyond the 31st March deadline.

Installation of the system could start in April and will be completed for all participating households by the summer.

Please come back regularly to this news blog and the Dundry Forum to read the latest. We will also write to all those of you who contacted directly once we have the definite information in place.

Dundry Broadband Group




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426 last modified on 2017-03-02 18:29:12

Sat 04/3/17, 11am, Village Hall: W.I. Jumble Sale

Entrance Fee: Adults 20p, Children 10p

Refreshments available





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425 last modified on 2017-03-02 09:46:28

The Green Belt under threat again?


In case you did not catch the BBC local news report on Monday, 27th February, please click on the image to the left to watch a recording.

In short, the new Metro Mayor may have powers to ease Green Belt regulations in order to make more greenfield land available for house building. With regards to the Green Belt, the report only talks about "green rolling pastures" and fails to explain the actual purposes of the Green belt, which are:


Should we be worried? Perhaps we can count ourselves lucky that North Somerset Council has rejected the Metro Mayor scheme and promised that it will be able to meet projected housing needs within the next 20 years without touching the Green Belt.

But we better watch this space (literally).




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424 last modified on 2017-02-25 19:46:15

Site Updates: NSC Newsletters and Dundry Forum


Apologies for this belated newsletter, I am still struggling with some technical gremlins that stop it from being sent out automatically.

There has not been any breaking news this week, but we received two newsletters from North Somerset Council (Streetscene and Town and Parish Digest) which can be found in our public file area.

There has also been some development with the broadband project, but rather than repeating all the info here, please read it in the Dundry Forum.

Hopefully back on track next week.

Your Dundry Webmaster





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423 last modified on 2017-02-17 17:21:39

Police Alert: Burglary in Oxleaze Lane


N052 17022017 AN005, Redwood

Overnight 15-16 February outbuilding at Oxleaze Lane, Dundry was broken into. 4 motorbikes (Yamaha and Triumph)and a quad bike stolen.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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422 last modified on 2017-02-17 00:12:42

Sign a slate for the roof of St. Michael‘s Church

We plan to have the next signing sometime in Autumn / Winter 2017

Vouchers will be issued for each slate purchased
and the messages recorded in a Commemorative Book that will be kept in Church.

For example, a message could read:

Happy Silver Anniversary
Mum & Dad
1 January 2016

Your slate, Your message, just £25

If you haven‘t already organised a slate or would like further information, please contact:

Annette: OR Jane: 07826 821569







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421 last modified on 2017-02-17 00:11:03

Volunteers required for opening of the church tower

Dundry Church Tower is hoping to open on the first Sunday of each month from April - September from 2 - 4pm. However, we need more volunteers to escort visitors up and down the tower steps and also volunteers to provide the refreshments, coffee and tea bags provided, volunteers to provide milk, cakes or biscuits.

If you are interested and you are able to help, please phone or text - Ann 0747 1940021

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.





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420 last modified on 2017-02-17 22:22:39

Letter from Dr Liam Fox in support of the Green Belt

Despite his busy schedule within the government and the Brexit negotiations, Dr Liam Fox has found the time to consider and respond the the issue of possible housing development on Green Belt land near Dundry, which is much appreciated. Please find his letter to the Leader of North Somerset Council, Nigel Ashton, attached.







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419 last modified on 2017-02-10 12:30:48

DADS supporting "Evita" at the Bristol Hippodrome

Unfortunately, DADS is not currently working on a new production, but if you would still like to see some of us on stage, here is your chance:

Bill Kenwright has asked local Bristol drama groups if they would like to appear as extras in his production of "Evita" at the Hippodrome. Four members of DADS have agreed to join and will be in the spotlight next week - well, not all singing and dancing, just being "the crowd" in some scenes. But nevertheless, we are proud to be part of this famous musical.

Performance times are as follows:

Tuesday 14/02/17 - 19:30
Wednesday 15/02/17 - 14:30 and 19:30
Thursday 16/02/17 - 14:30 and 19:30
Friday 17/02/17 - 19:30
Saturday 18/02/17 - 14:30 and 19:30

To book your ticket, please click the link below:


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418 last modified on 2017-02-10 12:29:31

Are you caring for someone? - Healthwatch North Somerset wants to hear from you.

We are collecting views of carers in North Somerset to see how health & social care services meet your needs.

Why not tell us about your experience; what is working well and what could be done better?

You can contact us on the number below and we will call you back. Or we can send a questionnaire to you along with a freepost envelope. Otherwise download the Carers Survey from our Web site.

Closing date is end of March 2017.

Healthwatch North Somerset



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417 last modified on 2017-02-16 18:32:58

Mon 13/02/17: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




417-DPC minutes 13th February 2017.pdf



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416 last modified on 2017-02-03 17:13:24

£788,000 additional funding for road improvements in North Somerset

Following an announcement by the Department for Transport, it has been confirmed that North Somerset Council will receive a further £788,000 in 2017/18 to support the council‘s ongoing commitment to improving the roads across the area.

In 2015, the council pledged to invest £40m in road maintenance and improvement schemes over a five year period. Today’s news confirms the funding that the council will receive from government in the new financial year. In addition to the £3.6m allocated for highways maintenance and £276,000 from the national pothole fund, the council will receive £788,000 from the new National Productivity Investment Fund announced by the Chancellor in the Autumn Statement.


The council is also eligible to apply for a share of the £175m national fund to deliver a road safety scheme on the A371 between Weston-super-Mare and Banwell.

On Monday, Transport Minister Andrew Jones MP will visit North Somerset to see for himself the work the council is doing to improve roads across the area. He will visit a road in Long Ashton where the council will demonstrate with highways contractor Skanska, the technique used for repairing potholes.

Cllr Elfan Ap Rees, Deputy Leader of North Somerset Council, and also responsible for roads and transport in North Somerset, will accompany the minister during his visit: “I am looking forward to showing the minister the work we are doing to ensure we do all we can to improve the condition of the roads across North Somerset and reduce congestion.

“The condition of roads in North Somerset is comparable with that in other areas across the country, and investing in roads remains high on the agenda for us. This additional investment will help us do more to halt the deterioration caused historically by successive years of under-investment.”

As well as repairing potholes, North Somerset Council takes a ‘whole-life’ proactive approach to roads to make sure that wherever possible preventative work is carried out to extend the life of the road surface before potholes start to form.

Cllr Ap Rees added: “Public demand is to spend money on immediate and reactive repairs but evidence shows that spending money on preventative and structural maintenance is much more cost effective in the long term.

“The more the overall network deteriorates, the more the demand for reactive response gets out of control. This can lead to a vicious circle of prioritising spend on reactive maintenance and making less available for structural and preventative measures.”

In 2016 the council repaired 20,073 potholes as well as laying more than 21,500 square metres of road patching, using a variety of methods – for example, thermal patching recycles the existing surface meaning a typical pothole repair can be completed with just one van and two operators in approximately 20 minutes, minimising disruption for road users.

Information about future planned road repairs, traffic and road improvement schemes as well as public transport and real-time traffic information can all be viewed on the council’s interactive roads map at Residents can also set up email alerts to stay informed about roadworks in their own area. Potholes and other road issues should be reported online at




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415 last modified on 2017-01-27 08:33:35

Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter Spring 2017

Please find below the Springf Edition of the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter with useful advice from the police.







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413 last modified on 2017-01-21 10:02:31

Mon 23/01/17: East Dundry Lane closed for 3 days


We have received a notification from Nort Somerset Council that East Dundry Lane will be closed on or after 23 January for 3 days for urgent works. The section affected is between Spring Lane and North Hill Farm.




413-Urgent Notice East Dundry Lane Dundry.pdf



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412 last modified on 2017-01-21 10:02:45

Crime reduction message: Mark your property

BCU3 17012017 Somerset

Crime reduction message:

There is a range of property marking options available including permanent forensic marking solutions, engraving, permanent marker/paint. Choose an option (or options) best suited to you and if you are looking at marking high value items such as art and antiques seek advice from an expert.

Record property on the national property database which can help deter thieves and increase your chances of getting property returned.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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411 last modified on 2017-01-21 10:02:58

Dundry Playground now fully owned by the Parish Council

Dundry Playground was conceived by Dundry Playground Group in 2010. Funding was sought mainly from Community Spaces, and after a long period of community consultation about the location, design, and layout of the playground, it was built in 2011 and officially opened at the Grand Opening event in early November 2011. During 2012, further funding was provided by Community Spaces for four events to bring people to the Playground: the Winter Games Event in January, the Spring ‘Dundry Day‘ Event in May, the Summer Pottery Workshop Event in July, and the Autumn Bench Workshop and Tree Planting Event in September. We also held a Mediaeval Fun Event, which coincided with Dundry Playground‘s second birthday in November 2013.

On 3 November 2016, the five-year-old Dundry Playground was handed over to Dundry Parish Council and Dundry Playground Group, having done its job, ceased to exist. Any questions or comments relating to Dundry Playground should be directed to Dundry Parish Council.


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410 last modified on 2017-01-13 17:57:07

BROADBAND: Strategic Decision

After our big recruitment drive at the end of November last year, followed by regular news updates throughout December, you may be wondering what is now happening with the Broadband Project and, most importantly, with your installation vouchers?

Over the past view weeks, the Dundry Broadband Group has been talking to various providers and comparing technical solutions (please also see our detailed post about "Technical Stuff" in the Dundry Forum). This week, we felt it was time to come to a decision what our recommendation to the parish should be.


Our choices essentially boil down to three main options, all with advantages and disadvantages:

1. Fibre To The Home

Pro: Fast, reliable, cost efficient, unlimited data usage

Con: We are dependent on an investment decision by one of the big providers and no firm commitment has been made yet. It may appen within the next 3 months or it may still be years away.

2. Fixed Wireless Community Installation

Pro: Can be done within a reasonable period of time (ca. 3 months), speeds are suitable for current Internet needs and high data caps mean that there is little to worry about at the moment.

Con: Such a setup relies on the whole of the community pulling together and then sticking with it. Monthly running costs for the system are in excess of £1000. We would need a permanent group of volunteers to run it on behalf of all signed-up members. Future use of the Internet may render the system obsolete in years to come.

At best, this could be a stop gap until fibre comes along.

3. Satellite / 4G mobile data

Pro: Individual installation per household can be done within 2 weeks of application

Con: High Latency (see Dundry Forum for explanation), tight data caps that may not be suitable for heavy users. - As an example: 50 GB will cost about £50 per month. However, a family of 4 will easily use 200 GB per month or more. Currently, this can be very expensive for your household, but it may get better in the future due to rapid technical development.

Such an option should only be considered if you want an improvement right now and/or no other solution is likely to work.

But by all means, please get in touch and we can provide contact details for you to arrange your own installation.


With this information in mind, the Dundry Broadband Group has decided to focus all our efforts on a fibre installation. There have been several new developments recently, giving us more choice and options for negotiation.

Today, we had a very encouraging meeting with the representative of one of the fibre companies. Unfortunately, the information discussed is confidential at this point in time. But watch this space, there may be a big annoucement in the near future.

In the meantime, please do not worry too much about the expiry date of your vouchers. We had word from CDS that it will be extended if necessary and the voucher scheme possibly re-opened. As somebody in the Forum put it: We want to choose the best option for Dundry. Being put under pressure by such an expiry date would be unhelpful.

If you want to help us, please remind everyone you know to read the Dundry News. subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and to follow discussions in the Dundry Forum. This is the best and easiest way to keep informed.

Your Dundry Broadband Group




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409 last modified on 2017-01-13 12:48:27

Healthwatch North Somerset looking for volunteers

Do you have a couple of hours a month to help us improve the quality of health care for North Somerset?

We are your consumer champion in Health and Social Care. We need your support to collect comments about the public’s experiences in e.g. dentists, pharmacists, GPs, hospitals, and care homes.

Our volunteers:

  • Run information sessions in libraries, leisure centres and hospitals.
  • Talk to friends, family and neighbours
  • Visit community groups (e.g. W.I., stroke support, toddlers groups)


They chat to people, collect information and pass it back to us. Everything we hear is recorded anonymously.

The Healthwatch North Somerset team analyses all comments to see if there are common concerns or trends (e.g. discharge from hospital delays, or difficulty getting a GP appointment). This information is shared with health and social care service providers, local commissioners and all other relevant bodies. Healthwatch North Somerset’s mission is to improve the quality of local health and social care by sharing your opinions.

To find out more or to offer your time, contact Healthwatch North Somerset directly
01275 851400
Registered charity No: 1158487





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408 last modified on 2017-01-13 11:37:08

Mon 16/01/17: SBL opening

Building Works in the Summer

After years of planning and 18 months of building works, the new South Bristol Link Road - now officially called Colliters Way - will finally open on Monday, 16 January.

At the same time, the B3130 through Barrow Gurney will close for 56 days (presumably for a huge street party to celebrate the end of the heavy flow of traffic through the village).

Let‘s see what the implications are for Dundry. Teething problems to be expected...





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407 last modified on 2017-01-06 00:25:19

Sat 21/01/17, 7.30pm, Village Hall: Live Concert in aid of St. Michael‘s Church

Please find below a poster for the first of many fundraising events for St Michael‘s Church, Dundry. More information about Lady Nade can be found by searching her name on the internet. Nina Simone is one of her influences.

Although we have the majority of the money to repair the roof and carry out some internal work, we still need money to do an extension to provide a toilet.

If you are unable to support this event, please pass these details onto your friends.




407-Lady Nade.pdf



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406 last modified on 2017-01-13 12:10:49

Mon 09/01/17: Parish Council Meeting


Please find published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




406-DPC minutes 9th January 2017.pdf



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405 last modified on 2016-12-30 17:21:44

Happy New Year!

Hope you will all have a great party tomorrow night and are looking forward to 2017.

All my best wishes for the new year,

Your Dundry Webmaster





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404 last modified on 2017-01-13 11:38:41

Merry Christmas!

Many thanks to all readers and contributors for your continued support throughtout this year.

I wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas time with your family and friends.

Your Dundry Webmaster

Sorry if the newsletter is being sent out twice. There seems to have been a technical problem.


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403 last modified on 2017-01-13 11:40:54

Broadband: Please read latest articles in the Dundry Forum

There have been various local and national news articles about the broadband programme recently.

I am not going to repeat them here, please make sure you check the Dundry Forum regularly to read the latest.


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402 last modified on 2016-12-23 10:37:34

MetroBus Newsletter


Please find the latest MertroBus newsletter through the link below. It includes information about the South Bristol Link, the new bridge in Winterstoke Road and the improved traffic layout in the City Centre.


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401 last modified on 2016-12-23 10:24:51

Police Alert: Burglaries in and near Dundry


N0546 21122016 AN005, Redwood

6-7 December burglary at West Hill, Wraxall. Items stolen include strimmer, chain saw and other garden equipment.

13 December burglary at Upton Lane, Dundry - alarm activated at the property and it is thought that someone opened an insecure door to activate it. Nothing stolen.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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400 last modified on 2016-12-16 17:58:23

Broadband: Latest News

CDS confirmed they received 147 broadband voucher applications from Dundry. As we have 320 households in the parish, this means almost half of them applied. - Well done everyone!

Currently, there is still a large backlog being processed. Please don‘t forget to let know when you receive your voucher. Otherwise we will not know, because CDS is not allowed to share contact details.

In the meantime, lots of other information is emerging, but rather than repeating it here in the News Blog, please make sure you check the Dundry Forum regularly for updates. There you can also ask questions and take part in discussions. Just follow the "Forum" link in the menu above.

Holger, on behalf of the
Dundry Broadband Group





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399 last modified on 2016-12-16 00:58:05

No changes to bin collections over Christmas


North Somerset Council has confirmed that there are no changes to bin collections in the Dundry area over Christmas and the New Year.

So please put them out as usual on Wednesdays.





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398 last modified on 2016-12-09 14:31:17

Broadband: Vouchers arriving

We just had word that the CDS installation vouchers you applied for last week have started arriving. If you haven‘t told us yet, please let know so that we can keep a tally.

Apart from that, the advice we have been giving in our previous message is still true: We are investigating available offers, making comparisons and will publish our findings in the very near future.

So, unless you are absolutely sure which solution you want to go for as an individual installation, please hold on to your voucher and wait for further news.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the Dundry Forum.

Your Dundry Broadband Group





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397 last modified on 2016-12-15 21:13:02

Mon 12/12/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




397-DPC minutes 12th December 2016.pdf



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396 last modified on 2016-12-02 16:31:29

BROADBAND: Voucher registration closed - What next?

Many thanks to all of you who registered for the Broadband Voucher Scheme and helped to spread the word. As far as we are aware there have been 69 signups in the village. If you haven‘t told us yet, please send an e-mail to to let us know you‘ve registered. The more prospective customers we have, the more negotiating power this gives us with possible suppliers.


What happens next?

As discussed at length in the past, the best solution would be fibre-optic cable to the premises (FTTP). This solution is fast, reliable and monthly subscription fees are very low. There are only few providers who can do this. BT plans to connect the whole country sometime in the distant future (and no doubt we will be at the back of the queue again) and VirginMedia never even considered our location. A third, much talked-about provider is Truespeed Communications who are building a modular network out of Bath, but by their own admission they might not be able to be here by the end of March, at which time our precious government vouchers will expire. However, Dundry is on their list of locations and eventually they will come. Given their superior solution (compared to any wireless or satellite setup) and a modest, guaranteed installation cost of just £120 per household, they hope to recruit enough people away from any interim solution we might go for in the meantime with our vouchers.

If you look at the Connecting Devon and Somerset Web site, you will find that there are quite a lot of other providers participating in the programme and we already had enquiries from some residents saying: "Which one shall I go for? I have no idea what to look for."

We would recommend holding your horses for the time being. The Broadband Group is going to investigate and compare the various offers and compile a shortlist of the ones we consider best. This should be completed within the next couple of weeks. If you want to help us with the exercise, please let us know.

Most offers involving a wireless link will require a minimum signup. Although your £500 guarantees you an installation once agreed, the investment to reach your location may be much larger and therefore not worthwhile for a provider unless they can group more than just one or two customers together. Other installations such as satellite links can be done on a case-by-case basis but will have serious drawbacks from a technical point of view and costwise. We will advise on all those aspects.

Of course you are free to go ahead with any offer you find appealing, but unless you are sure what you are doing, we would recommend waiting for the outcome of our investigations. We envisage to have our shortlist ready within the next couple of weeks so that everyone can discuss it over the Christmas period and, if we decide to make this a community project, a collective order can be placed in January. The chosen provider would then have 6 weeks to complete their installation, which means by March we could all be connected.

In the meantime, we will keep you updated on progress via this news blog and the weekly e-mail newsletter based on it, in the Dundry Forum and, if you let us know about your voucher registration, via a mailing list (although we may not be able to answer every e-mail individually. Please consider asking questions in the Forum insted).

Your Dundry Broadband Group




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395 last modified on 2016-12-02 16:42:57

Thu, 15/12/16, 6.30pm, Church + RBL: Carol Singing

It is this time of the year again...

The Dundry Royal British Legion have confirmed that their big prize draw is on Thursday 15 December 2016, so traditionally this is our day for carol singing.

We will start in front of the church at 6.30pm and go on our usual round of Dundry before retiring to the RBL for a nice cup of mulled wine. Wrap up warm and get ready to tune into all those lovely songs.


And don‘t forget, there is also our Annual Village Carol Service at 7pm on Tuesday, 13th December 2016, kindly hosted by Royal British Legion while building works are still going on at the church.




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394 last modified on 2016-12-02 12:27:05

18/12/16: Don‘t forget to order your new green wheelie bin

As has been widely publicised, your green garden waste bags will no longer be collected from 1st March 2017. Instead, you need to have new green wheelie bins. They are available in 3 sizes and you can have 2 per household, but you must order yours to be ready for the change.

If you place your order through the link below before 18th December 2016, you will get your bin/s delivered in time and the cost per unit is £20.


Afterwards, the cost rises to £25 and timely delivery cannot be guaranteed, meaning that you may not be able to have your garden waste collected in March.

If you have a neighbour who is not on the Internet, please make sure you offer them help in ordering their bins. The Council Connect helpline 01275 888802 should only be called as a last resort as they are very busy at this time of the year.





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393 last modified on 2016-11-25 18:22:45

NEWSFLASH: Dundry can get superfast broadband, but we need your help

You may remember that we had long discussions about technical solutions for our dismal broadband speeds, both here on the news blog and in our last two Annual Parish Meetings.

In short, the problem was that BT Openreach claimed Dundry to be in their commercial rollout area but they never made any effort to upgrade our infrastructure. On the other hand, this was the reason why a government initiative known as "Connecting Devon and Somerset" (CDS) was not allowed to help us either. We were simply stuck in the middle.


The good news is that this has now changed. We are able to benefit from the CDS scheme, but we‘ll have to act very fast. CDS offers each individual applicant an installation voucher of up to £500 which can be redeemed with any of the participating providers. However, most solutions are dependent on a minimum number of prospective subscribers pooling together. In other words: Dundry needs to prove that this location is worth investing in broadband infrastructure.

The catch is that these CDS vouchers are only available until 30 November 2016 (i.e. this coming Wednesday).

So please, can you read the attached leaflet and follow the link below to submit your application? There is no obligation to you, but you would really help our community by following these few simple steps.

You may also go to the Dundry Forum (see link in the top menu) to follow the latest announcements and discussions.

Many thanks for your support!



393-Broadband Voucher Flyer.pdf


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392 last modified on 2016-11-18 11:50:11

Sat, 26/11/16, 7.30pm, Keynsham: Concert of the CVCS

The Chew Valley Choral Society

celebrates its 40th anniversary with a performance of Mozart‘s ‘Requiem‘
at St John the Baptist Church, High Street, Keynsham on Saturday
on 26th November 2016 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £12 (£6 concessions).

For more information, please see the poster below or contact Judith Hoskin on 0117-9642805







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391 last modified on 2016-11-18 11:33:11

Beware of counterfeit banknotes

BCU020 15112016 Counterfeit Currency

Police have received information that there are counterfeit £10 notes in circulation. Bank of England produce information leaflets called ‘Take a Closer Look‘ - link to their website is

For those who do not have access to the website and wish to have an advisory leaflet please contact the NHW office.


Additionally the police across the South West are having a crack down on people using mobile phones while driving and will be pro-active across the Southwest during this operation. See the press release.




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390 last modified on 2016-11-18 08:50:35

Dundry Recreation Ground – update from Dundry Parish Council


Many of you will have noticed that no football has been played on the playing field this season. This is a brief explanation of why this has occurred.

Dundry Parish Council owns the recreation ground and had legal agreements over use of the playing field and the clubhouse with the Dundry Sports and Social Club (which was made up of the various teams using the playing field).

Over the summer Dundry Football Club was unable to register sufficient players to meet the requirements of the Somerset FA. We understand that, as a result, Dundry AFC has disbanded.

Since then some disagreements appear to have arisen between Dundry AFC and the other members of the Dundry Sports and Social Club. These have resulted in all teams vacating the pitches.

The Parish Council is in the process of reclaiming the recreation ground and clubhouse for the parish. Once this has been done and all the legal aspects clarified, the Parish Council will be asking for your views on future use of this land.

In the meantime, if you have any queries about the playing field, please contact the Parish Clerk, Judith Hoskin, on 0117 9642804, email





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389 last modified on 2016-11-10 12:23:19

Come and join D.A.D.S. for its upcoming production

D.A.D.S. is hoping put on another phantastic show in February 2017, this time with a nautical (naughtical?) theme. It will not an evening-long play but rather a collection of various sketches and songs.

However, we are still looking for a piano player and some more people to make performance contributions, however small.

If you think you can help, please contact Sandra on 0117 9465552 or email:





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388 last modified on 2016-11-10 12:13:23

Have your say on the WofE Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study (phase 2)


Message from West of England Joint Planning

Have your say on the West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study (JSP/JTS)

The four West of England councils would like your involvement in the next steps towards drawing up plans which will steer development in our area over the next 20 years.

Last year we started a consultation process to gain people‘s thoughts and ideas to help set the approach and priorities. Comments and ideas were received from the public, local organisations, businesses and transport providers and users. Having taken on board the consultation feedback, the next phase of the process is to consult again, this time on outline proposals.

You can view the consultation documents and make comments at the link below. Documents are available in local libraries and council offices throughout Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. Please do take the opportunity to use our online system to respond as this ensures that your comments will be dealt with in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

A series of information events will be taking place across the four Council areas, details of which are also published at the link below. These will provide the opportunity to view the material about the latest ideas.

Please let us have your views no later than Monday 19th December 2016.

If you have any questions please email:


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387 last modified on 2016-11-18 11:30:59

Mon 14/11/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




387-DPC minutes 14th November 2016.pdf



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386 last modified on 2016-11-04 09:41:38

Your Patch #12: Bi-monthly round-up of scheduled NSC works


Welcome to the November edition of Your Patch – your handy summary of council activities taking place across North Somerset.

Your Patch aims to provide you with an easy to use, quick guide to what’s coming up in your ward during the next month.

Just scroll to the map, click on your ward name and you’ll be taken straight to information about scheduled works due to take place in your ward, including gully cleaning, road repairs and more.




386-12. Your Patch November 2016.pdf



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385 last modified on 2016-10-28 15:15:03

New Web Site Feature: The Dundry Forum

If you have ever wondered how to exchange information with other users of this site (including members of the Parish Council) or to make public announcements without having to ask the Webmaster - here is your answer: We now have an interactive Web site feature where you can do all these things. It is called The Dundry Forum (please see new entry in the top menu).

When you first click on the link, you will see the Forum as a guest, which means you can read its contents but you cannot write anything. In order to get posting permission, you‘ll have to go through a standard registration procedure, which involves choosing a username and password, copying information from a Captcha image and clicking on a confirmation link sent by e-mail.


At the moment, the Forum is still quite empty, showing just a link to the current newsletter and a welcome message. It will be up to you to fill it with interesting topics and discussions.

However, a little warning before you start: Please be polite to each other! By all means, let‘s have lively exchanges and lots of banter, but it should be a pleasant experience for everyone involved. I am both the administrator and moderator of this facility and while I cannot take responsibility for any personal views expressed, I will keep an eye on the language used and may intervene if I feel it gets too abusive. - But I am sure this will not be necessary as we are all good friends and neighbours, aren‘t we?.

Go on, give it a try! I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Your Dundry Webmaster




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384 last modified on 2016-10-27 21:22:21

Broadband Universal Service Obligation: Government Statement of Intent

You may be interested to note that the Government has now published a Statement of Intent setting out some more detail on the development of the USO.

The Statement can be found through the link below.


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383 last modified on 2016-10-27 21:14:44

Sat 05/11/16, 7.30pm, St. Mary Redcliffe: This Precious Earth - Choral Performance

Hello all

I‘m very much looking forward to taking part in a rather unusual event on Saturday 5th November in St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol.

THIS PRECIOUS EARTH - thinking about climate change through music and words is a work by Jonathan Bielby MBE for soprano, baritone, didgeridoo and keyboard. Jonathan was Organist and Master of the Choristers in Wakefield, where I sang in his choir. Since retiring from that post he has worked at Magdalene College Cambridge, St Mary Redcliffe and Llandaff Cathedral; and has created this piece. He and I have also collaborated on A Delicious Dilemma - Bach‘s Coffee Cantata brought up to date in a new Fair Trade version.


The other performers are Charlotte Newstead soprano and Chris Holland (THe Didgeridoo Man).

Tickets are £10, they include freshly brewed coffee/tea (fairtrade of course!) in the interval. They‘re available from the SMR Parish Office, 12 Colston Parade Bristol BS1 6RA 0117 231 0060 or on the door.

There‘s more background information attached, as well as a flyer. I hope you can make it: it‘ll make a change from fireworks.


Niall Hoskin



383-SMR__A5_01 (1).pdf


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382 last modified on 2016-10-27 19:15:42

Sat 29/10/16, 11am, Blagdon Village Club: 672 Bus Forum


I know this is a bit short notice but may be quite interesting for Dundry users of the bus. Please see the poster below.




382-672 Bus Forum.pdf



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381 last modified on 2016-10-27 19:10:35

Surprise naming decision for the SBL


Part of the South Bristol Link Road will be named Anton Bantock Way, after the much-loved teacher from Withywood!

Read the full story below:


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380 last modified on 2016-10-21 14:43:54

Town and Parish Digest #22 - the latest news from North Somerset Council


In this issue:

Planning for future Housing
Article 4 Direction
Extra Care Housing
Getting ready for winter: Grit Bin update
Snow Warden Opportunity
Faulty defibrillator press release
Current and upcoming consultations
Meetings, Events and Notices




380-Town & Parish Digest - Issue 22- October 2016.pdf



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379 last modified on 2016-10-21 14:01:53

NSC considering measures against off-site airport parking


Temporary car parking sites for Bristol airport customers have become particularly problematic in the Green Belt since 2002. Despite the council issuing numerous enforcement notices, stop notices and pursuing successful prosecutions over a number of years the issue still persists. This has a significant effect on the living conditions of local residents and the wellbeing of the area. Although the council is constantly monitoring the problem, the off-site airport parking operators continue to exploit permitted development rights by operating in excess of the 28 days permitted under the General Permitted Development Order. The length of time the council has been trying to tackle this problem, along with the number of complaints logged, indicates the difficulty in keeping control over the number of unauthorised car parking sites currently operating and these numbers are not diminishing.

The council are proposing to make an Article 4 Direction to remove permitted development rights granted by Schedule 2, Part 4, Class B of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development ) Order 2015. If the Article 4 Direction is confirmed it will remove automatic ‘permitted development‘ rights for the storage, parking, cleaning, maintenance or repair of any motor vehicle of any description, provided such a use is not in association with the existing lawful use of the land. The Direction would also remove automatic ‘permitted development‘ rights to provide moveable structures for the purposes of the controlled use.

A notice of the Direction has been advertised in the Western Daily Press from 20 October 2016 and will continue to be advertised each week until 22 December 2016. Site notices were posted across the whole of the affected area on 20 October 2016. A copy of the Direction, notice and map has been served on the Secretary of State on 20 October 2016 and representations are being sought during the period of 1 November 2016 to 30 November 2016. When deciding whether to confirm a direction made under Article 4(1) the local planning authority will take into account any representations received during the period 1 November 2016 to 30 November 2016.

I also attach a copy of a site notice, the Article 4 Direction and associated plan to this email. Please could you display the site notice in an appropriate place from 24 October 2016 (or before) until 22 December 2016. Any representations concerning the direction can be made online at the link below, by post to North Somerset Council Post Point 15 Town Hall Weston-Super-Mare BS23 1UJ, or via email between 1 November 2016 and 30 November 2016.

Yours sincerely

Chris Nolan
Delivery and Enforcement Service Manager
Development & Environment
North Somerset Council




379-Site notice.pdf


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378 last modified on 2016-10-21 13:14:43

Ongoing Roadworks and free Taxi Service


The road works on West Dundry Lane are scheduled to start on Monday 24th October and run for two weeks. As you are probably aware dates for the work to start have changed at least three times as work on Crabtree Lane has taken longer than planned. So it has been somewhat difficult to organise.

The taxi service will be funded by Bristol Water and this has taken time also to arrange. Please see below a copy of the notice which will be displayed at bus stops today.




378-RoadClosureNoticeDundry - taxis.pdf



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377 last modified on 2016-10-21 15:17:21

Christmas Menu at the Royal British Legion

It is this time of the year again: Celebrate Christas at the Royal British Legion.

Tracy has put a lovely menu together for you, available from 1st December.

Please give her a ring on 0117-9781895 to book in advance.




377-Dundry RBL 2017 XMAS MENU.pdf



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376 last modified on 2016-10-17 17:52:09

Looking for a lift to Chew Stoke Surgery


For 7 years I have struggled to get to the chew medical practice as I do not drive. I have caught bus there but struggled and had to beg/plead for ride home or vice versa. Now,because of the road closure and no bus going through I am struggling so I am asking if anyone who is going to the surgery would consider giving me a ride there and back please??? - jayne Nicholson no 19 crabtree close tel 01179410430





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375 last modified on 2016-10-14 15:08:21

Volunteering to help Syrian refugees in North Somerset


Hello, I am part of a small team of three which also includes Donna and Polly. We are currently working in our spare time to figure out the best way coordinate everything we want to achieve. We‘re getting there! We will be in touch with everyone in about a week to discuss more specifically how we can work together.

There are two ways you can help while you‘re waiting, though!

Do you have contacts with local businesses / organisations? We hope to set up a ‘permanent‘ donation point in each town across North Somerset. To try and make donating as simple as possible we plan to ask each donation point/town to concentrate on collecting specific items - a priority item needed for refugees and also a priority item needed by our local foodbanks. If you have any contacts in businesses / organisations that may be interested in being a donation point please let us know and we can send them more information about the specifics of being involved.

Do you have contacts with local landlords? Our second focus is on finding suitable housing for the three Syrian families North Somerset Council have pledged to rehouse (with a view to encouraging them to rehouse more). The council decision was made in February and the one thing stopping this happening is that no suitable housing has been found. If you know any local landlords with a 2+ bedroom property, please can you share the information attached with them? Please feel free to copy and share on social media too.

Thank you again, we‘ll be in touch soon - feel free to drop us an email in the meantime.








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374 last modified on 2016-10-14 14:38:40

Mon, 07/11/16, 4-6.30pm, Village Hall Car Park: Re-use and Recycling Event

Bring along your unwanted electrical equipment and furniture to a special re-use and recycling event in partnership with Changing Lives.

Changing Lives are a reuse social enterprise that collect, recycle and reuse donated household goods. This provides affordable furniture and supports low income families, creating work experience and employment opportunities.

Only items that can be moved comfortably by two people will be accepted at these events.




374-26974 Electrical furniture reuse event poster LR.pdf



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373 last modified on 2016-10-14 14:20:38

Further info about the closure of West Dundry Lane


Dundry Parish Council has made further enquiries about travel arrangements while West Dundry Lane is closed due to Bristol Water works. Here is the information we were given by North Somerset Council:

"The road works which Bristol Water are undertaking in Dundry on West Dundry Lane will stop the 672 bus service serving the village. We are checking the dates but we are expecting the road to be closed from this Thursday."

Will the 672 stop at the chapel at the top of Broadoak Hill and then go on down the hill?

"This was looked at to offer passengers the option to walk along West Dundry Lane, but the contractor has informed me that during the works the road will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians. If there is another way to get there then I could ask Abus and Buglers to stop at the crossroads."

"We are planning to arrange a free taxi link to Bristol airport for bus passengers where they can catch the A1 airport link service to Bristol. This was used last time the road was closed in the village several years ago and was used by a small number of passengers. I am still waiting confirmation from Bristol Water that they will fund the taxi service. If they agree I could send you a copy of our bus stop notices which you might include in any notice boards you have locally."

Have you considered a taxi link down to Highridge/Bishopsworth where the buses are more frequent and probably cheaper? For example the 75 and 76 go regularly into Bristol from Bishopsworth library.

"I did consider this but expected this to be more costly and difficult to provide as the firm we plan to use Arrow Cars are based at Bristol Airport. They will be on hand at the airport to take passengers back to Dundry on return from Bristol. Although the taxi will be free to passengers the cost will fall to Bristol Water who I am still waiting to agree this. The buses are frequent from the airport although costly, passengers from Dundry might be able to apply to the airport for concessionary bus travel discounts. This is operated by Bristol Airport and Dundry is in their scheme area."

What about the return journey?

"Return journeys by taxi from the airport. This method seem to work several years ago and there do not seem to have been local complaints."

Have you consulted regular passengers as to what would be most convenient for them?

"We have consulted with Abus who has informed me that there are only a small number of passengers, and we do not normally consult with users over road closures especially when options to provide a service are limited."





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372 last modified on 2016-10-14 13:51:34

Official name for the South Bristol Link

Further to news item 335 about suggested names for the new South Bristol Link Road, it has now been suggested to call it "Colliters Way" after the brook running nearby.

Notices will shortly be erected on site and displayed for 21 days giving people an opportunity to object to the Magistrates Court regarding the road name proposal, if no further comments are received the name will be officially allocated.

Dundry Parish Council received some comments that the name should be "Colliter‘s Brook", but apparently, apostrophes should be avoided. Please see policy link below.







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371 last modified on 2016-10-14 10:29:06

Belluton Narrows Slope Stabilisation Scheme, Pensford.


Dear Parish Councillors,

I am writing to give you an update on the Belluton Narrows Slope Stabilisation Scheme and road closure. The contract has been awarded to ‘Grahams Construction‘ and we have a new programme of works. The road Closure is to commence from the 17th Oct 2016 and extend beyond Christmas until mid March 2017. The Contractor will make the site safe and reopen the road during the Christmas Break to help minimise disruption to the Public. I have been in liaison with the Street works coordination team and have extended the Temporary Road Closure notice accordingly.

Shortly I will be updating those residents directly affected by the works. We have arranged for the advance notification signs warning the public of the closure to be erected as soon as possible.


Dale Mynett
Senior Structures Engineer - Highway Maintenance
Bath & North East Somerset Council


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370 last modified on 2016-10-14 14:47:16

Recycling and waste service changes


As you may be aware there is a new recycling and waste contract starting 1 March 2017. As part of the new contract we are introducing a bin service for garden waste. Registration for the garden waste service is now open at After 18 December garden waste registration will increase from £20 to £25 and we will not be able to guarantee delivery of the bins before 1 March when the new service starts. We are therefore trying to encourage as many people as possible to register before 18 December.

We are also currently running a consultation on proposed changes to HWRC opening times and the introduction of a charge for DIY waste. This can be found at

Jennifer Fawcett-Thorne
Waste Minimisation Officer
North Somerset Council

For further enquiries, please contact:
Council Connect - 01275 888802 or

DPC Comment: The proposed changes may have a knock-on effect on the fly-tipping problem in our area. Please read the consultation document and feel free to comment.




370-26959 HRWC waste consultation E.pdf



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369 last modified on 2016-10-14 14:23:47

Mon 10/10/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




369-DPC minutes 10th October 2016.pdf



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368 last modified on 2016-10-15 00:05:57

More info about road closures and replacement of water mains


Dundry Parish Council has received further info and clarification about access during the advertised road closures. Please see below relevant quotes from the e-mails we received from Andrea English at North Somerset Council:

The nature of the works is to replace the existing water main and to replace all water services for Bristol Water. The works will serve two purposes;

The majority of the works will be carried out within private fields adjacent to the highway. The closure will allow for approximately 87 metres of works in the carriageway at the western extremity and 80 metres at the eastern extremity including chlorination period and mains connection works. It is intended to afford local residents access by completing each end in turn allowing access at the opposite end where possible.

As with all closures pedestrians should always have access. If any issues arise please let me know.

Waste collections: I have been advised by NSC Waste Management and following this contacted the contractor working for Bristol Water that there will be a collection from these roads before 8am on the Wednesday. If this is not convenient, then they have advised that whoever is carrying out the work will have to bring the waste out to the point of closure.

I have spoken to the contractor today and they have advised that collections will not be affected on Crabtree Lane. These works are estimated to be from 4th - 12th October.

When the works progress to West Dundry Lane the collections will be affected. The contractor advised that they will arrange collection of the waste to the point of closure.





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367 last modified on 2016-09-30 09:53:44

Using the bus stop at the bottom of Dundry Lane

Hello. It may be that the Parish Council already know this - I certainly didn‘t BUT there is a new bus service serving Dundry from the A38. The timetable is on traveline and it is regular unlike 672 (see below).

I have been nagging the Bristol Flyer to stop at the bottom of Dundry Lane & pick up but the company refuses.

I just found out however that the A4 bus to Bath has a request stop at the bottom of Dundry Lane in both directions.

This means that you can now travel from the bottom of Dundry Lane direct to the King‘s Head A38 to pick up buses to Bristol or stay on until Highridge Green / Bishopsworth (picking up 75 bus to town) as well as going direct to Bath - amazingly handy for the Christmas Market. This is a massive improvement for Dundry.

I am not sure everyone knows in the Parish.

I will continue to nag the Bristol Flyer. They now do a local discount for Dundry but it only stops at the Fox & Goose not the bottom of Dundry Lane. Apparently for safety reasons.

Julie Norris



Webmaster‘s reply:

Thanks, Julie, this is certainly worth bearing in mind. However, the only problem is that many people from the top of the hill will find it difficult to reach the A38 safely unless somebody is kind enough to give them a lift.


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366 last modified on 2016-09-23 17:40:41

St. Giles Fair pictures


Aren‘t we lucky? Whenever Dundry plans an outdoor event, we can count on the weather to play along.

Last Saturday, Queen Bethany was presiding over a colourful procession of dressed-up children, riding on a decorated float from the Royal British Legion to the Village Hall where Revd. Charles Roberts welcomed them and awarded prizes for the best costumes.

As usual, the hall was packed with sales stalls and our team of kitchen fairies was busy making burgers, hotdogs and cream teas. If you wanted to take in a bit of glorious autumn sunshine, you could enjoy a delicious ice cream made by our local producers Chew Moo, have a go at skittles or simply take the kids to the popular playground which, by the way, will soon pass over into the parish council‘s full ownership.


The afternoon was rounded off by a big lottery draw for which lots of local people and businesses had generously donated prizes.

All in all, £709.21 were raised at this year‘s St. Giles Fair which will of course help the church, where a lot of work still remains to be done to complete the recent restorations.




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365 last modified on 2016-10-15 00:07:04

More info on upcoming road closures


Some residents were alarmed about yellow signs appearing about road closures in Dundry. While this Web site had published the official notification under news item 360, we have now received further information from Bristol Water. Please find their letter below. It also contains a contact number in case of any concerns.




365-Water Mains Diversion.PDF



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364 last modified on 2016-09-16 12:05:48

Dundry WI Produce Show

The Sheila Mitchell Award for WI Outstanding Effort being presented by Stephen Mitchell, in memory of his mother. The first recipient was June Ball, awarded posthumously for her many years as Show Secretary organising this event and accepted by her daughter Joanna and husband Michael in her memory.





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363 last modified on 2016-09-16 10:18:48

Metrobus works on the M32

Extension of M32 bus lane

Road works to extend the M32 bus lane into Bristol are planned to start before the end of September. The existing south bound bus lane is being extended from Junction 3 to the railway bridge that crosses the motorway.

Our contractors will also be removing and replacing the central reservation, upgrading drainage and ducting, and installing Average Speed Cameras. The road works and improvements will take seven months and will finish in Spring 2017.


To minimise disruption the M32 will still be open whilst the road works take place, but there will be evenings when motorists will be diverted at Junction 3 via the slip roads on and off the motorway. There will also be two narrow lanes in both directions at Junction 3 for the installation of the south bound bus lane.

After work for the south bound bus lane has finished there will still be two lanes for general traffic in each direction.

Plan your journeys

The Travelwest website contains up to date travel information about road works in the West of England region:

Highways England also provides live traffic information for the motorway network via their website at or from a phone or mobile device at

Improving public transport

Extending the M32 bus lane will speed up bus journeys for MetroBus passengers, it will also mean quicker journeys for passengers on other bus services that use the motorway. Improving the reliability of bus services will encourage more people to leave their cars at home, reducing congestion for everyone.

The bus lane is part of a number of bus priority improvements that will make some bus journeys between the University of the West of England, Bradley Stoke and the city centre up to 30 minutes quicker. These improvements are for MetroBus, a smarter way of travelling that will speed up bus journey times, relieve congestion and reduce levels of pollution. MetroBus services will start in Autumn 2017.

New MetroBus M32 bridge

The road works for the bus lane follow the successful installation of a new MetroBus bridge over the M32 in June. A series of closures on the M32 allowed our contractors GRAHAM Construction to safely lift the bridge into place over one weekend.

The bridge consists of two pairs of braced steel beams which are 36.26m long and each weigh 70 tonnes.

The works to install the bridge were completed to schedule. This was the first weekend closure since the M32 originally opened in 1966.

Watch the bridge being lifted into place on YouTube:

MetroBus, West of England Office>


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362 last modified on 2016-09-16 09:56:41

Police News: Burglar caught in Yanleigh Close


N0378 13092016 AN005

During the afternoon of 12 September report was made to the police of an intruder at a property in Yanleigh Close. Police were called immediately and on attendance arrested a person located there.





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361 last modified on 2016-09-09 13:51:56

12-18/09/16 Recycling Week

Recycling week runs from 12th - 18th September! This is a great opportunity to get to know more about recycling. Find out who are the "Unusual Suspects" by getting more information about waste that you might not have known was recyclable, by clicking on the link below.

You can also fill out our "Recycling Survey" here here.


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360 last modified on 2017-01-13 11:39:44

Road closures in Crabtree Lane and West Dundry Lane


Following the installation of the new reservoir, Bristol Water is going to replace existing water mains and services, running from Broadoak Hill, along West Dundry Lane, Crabtree Lane and up to the village hall.

Various road closures will become necessary during this work, but although the enclosed Notice of Intent is valid for up to 18 months, the closures will only happen if and when necessary.







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359 last modified on 2016-09-16 09:35:23

Mon 12/09/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




359-DPC minutes 12th September 2016.pdf



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358 last modified on 2016-09-02 16:08:33

Changes to the 672 bus service


From 4th September 2016, the 672 service will be operated by ABus, apart from the 1810 journey from Bristol, which will continue to be operated by Bugler Coaches.

Journey times will remain the same, but due to ongoing roadworks, the route and stops in Bristol City Centre had to be altered. Please see the enclosed leaflet for further information.


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357 last modified on 2016-09-02 16:15:27

History: Roman roads through Dundry

It is my medium-term ambition to update the part of this Web site that - at the moment - is just called "The Parish" and make it our history section. (If anyone wants to help with the project, you are very welcome to join, please get in touch.)

While digging around the Internet, I found some interesting links and documents that I would like to introduce in this blog from time to time.


The link below refers to a paper published in the 1960s. The author tries to establish where, in addition to roads still in existence, there might have been other transport links in Roman times.

Dundry is mentioned several times. It must have been a fairly central point, both because of its quarrying but also as a transport hub, which is surprising as it would seem the steep slopes of the hill might have been an obstacle to free flowing traffic. Instead, even the triangular road layout of the village appears to be part of the Roman road system!


Your Dundry Webmaster

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356 last modified on 2016-08-26 14:36:14

Sat 27/08/16, RBL: Annual BBQ

The Royal British Legion’s Annual BBQ with entertainment by Breaver.

For further Information, please call 0117 9781895.





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355 last modified on 2016-08-18 21:39:01

Sat 17/09/16, 12-2pm, Village Hall: St. Giles Fair

Games, cake stall, tombola, bran tub, book stall, raffle, hot dogs, burgers, tea and coffee and much more!

Children’s Fancy Dress Competition Meet 11am at Dundry Royal British Legion for judging and processing to the village hall on a decorated float with the St Giles Fair Queen and Princesses.

All proceeds to St Michael’s Church, Dundry.







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354 last modified on 2016-08-17 22:23:23

No more Mobile Library stops in Dundry

We regret that we are writing to give one month's notice of our intention to withdraw the mobile library stop at Dundry, British Legion car park, fortnightly 10.55 - 11.55am due to lack of use.

We have tried to promote the service to the community, sending updated timetables to the Parish Council, the British Legion Hall and Dundry Primary School on a regular basis. Staff have also spent time in the village leafleting all of the houses but we regret that this has not been successful.


As there are currently no regular users of the mobile library service in Dundry, we feel that the staff time could be put to better use and it is not cost-effective for us to continue offering this stop. I am therefore writing to advise you that the mobile library will no longer stop in Dundry after a final visit on 28 September 2016.

We are sorry that there was not sufficient use of the mobile library by the residents of Dundry. We hope that the local community continues to use library services, some of which are available from home.

Nearest libraries

North Somerset Library Service is part of the LibrariesWest consortium, customers have access to libraries throughout seven different authorities with their library card. The nearest libraries for people living in Dundry are Long Ashton, Hartcliffe, Bishopsworth and Nailsea.

Frances Tout
Community Librarian
Development & Environment
North Somerset Council

Tel: 01275 884315
Post: Libraries Team, Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ
Twitter: @NSomLibraries




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353 last modified on 2016-08-12 11:39:59

Use of the Airport Flyer for Diamond Card holders


Bristol City Council informed us of its intention to remove the benefits of free travel to holders of Diamond travelcards on the Airport Flyer Express bus service. The change to the service commenced from 1 July 2016.

After further discussions between Bristol Airport and First Bus, we can confirm from Monday 15 August 2016 Diamond travelcard users in selected areas, will still be able to travel between Bristol city centre and Bristol Airport bus stops free of charge.

The scheme applies to anyone living permanently in the postcode areas BS40, BS41 8, BS48, BS49 BS29 or BS25. Residents in these areas who are Diamond travelcard holders can travel free of charge on the Airport Flyer Express on production of a valid Diamond travelcard and Bristol Airport’s concessionary travel scheme card. Normal restrictions apply and travel is free Monday to Friday from 9am-4am and anytime Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.

Concessionary travel scheme card application forms are available on Bristol Airport’s website or from the Airport Flyer Express kiosk on the terminal forecourt.





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352 last modified on 2016-08-10 23:26:40

Have your say on your policing priorities

Have your say and help shape the Police and Crime Plan for Avon and Somerset.

Vulnerability and strengthening and improving local policing teams are just some of the areas that I believe should be a strategic policing priority and I want to hear your views.

To ensure the Police and Crime Plan continues to reflect your needs, it is really important that I hear from you.

Have your say online through the link below or call my office on 012752 816377 for a hardcopy of the survey.

The consultation closes on Tuesday, August 30, 2016. What happens next? The findings of the online consultation will be used to inform the strategic policing priorities, aims and objectives in the next Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Plan. This will then be presented to the Police and Crime Panel for review, before being published in October.


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351 last modified on 2016-08-05 16:29:48

15/10/16, 9.30am, St.Andrews Chew Stoke: Come and Sing (CVCS)

The Chew Valley Choral Society invites you to a Come and Sing event on 15 October at 9.30am at St.Andrews Church, Chew Stoke. In the morning, you will rehearse Mozart's Requiem and perform it at an informal public concert at 2pm.

For details, please see the poster below.







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350 last modified on 2016-08-05 14:03:08

Notice of Conclusion of Audit for the year ended 31/03/16


The Dundry Parish Council accounts for the year ended 31/03/2016 have been audited and published in the public file system for your information. If preferred, a paper copy can be obtained from our parish clerk.


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349 last modified on 2016-07-29 13:28:21

Dundry Village Hall: Bookings Clerk and Cleaner Vacancies

Due to the current post holder moving on, Dundry Village Hall is looking for a new Bookings Clerk and a Cleaner. Please find a description of the duties involved below.

The two roles are paid positions and could be performed by one individual or they may be filled separately.

Interested parties please email the Chairman, Dave Nevitt on or phone 07979 088 603 for an informal chat. Closing date for applications is Friday 12th August 2016.







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348 last modified on 2016-07-22 09:07:56

Mon 01/08/16, Downs Road: Traffic disruption during works at Dundry Reservoir

The installation of a new communications mast that was due to take place on 29 June has now been re-scheduled for 1 August. Please find a letter from Bristol Water below.




348-Dundry Reservoir News June 2016.PDF



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347 last modified on 2016-07-15 15:17:23

Taylor Wimpey development plans - What are your views?

Last week, Taylor Wimpey Homes held an exhibition at the Village Hall about their plans for a large number of houses to be built on Green Belt land near Dundry.

If you have been to this exhibition, Dundry Parish Council would be keen to hear your views and to learn what you want us to do to make your voice heard. No matter whether you are in favour or against the development, please feel free to contact our clerk Judith on or the Dundry Webmaster on





Your Dundry Parish Council

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346 last modified on 2016-07-15 15:01:57

Join the Parish Recycling Scheme

Dundry Parish Council wants to reduce the waste we send to landfill sites. We have joined a recycling award scheme that will help us achieve this and may also provide us with £400 - the money is offered by North Somerset Council as an incentive.

As part of the scheme we are asking people living in Dundry to pledge to reduce / continue reducing their residual waste by recycling more. Please take 2 minutes to complete the very short survey below so we can demonstrate to North Somerset Council that Dundry is committed to improving our recycling initiatives and reducing our landfill waste.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Cllr. Armitt at or by calling 07575478784. Thanks!


Your Dundry Parish Council

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345 last modified on 2016-07-15 13:37:18

Balloon Fiesta Tower Opening Times

During this year's Balloon Fiesta, Dundry Church Tower will have special opening times, giving you the opportunity to watch the popular mass ascents:

Friday, 12 August, 5.30pm - 7pm
Saturday, 13 August, 6.30am - 7.30am
Saturday, 13 August, 5.30pm - 7 pm


Booking essential, £5 per person, six people per 1⁄2 hour. For tickets and information: Call Jane on 07826 821 569

Bacon sandwiches (AM), hotdogs (PMs) and drinks for sale in aid of the church.



345-Balloon Fiesta tower opening.pdf



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344 last modified on 2016-07-08 07:23:41

Thu 14/07/16, 10.30am: Coffee Morning in aid St. Giles Fair

A coffee morning, raffle and "bring and buy" sale at Reservoir View, Dundry Lane, in aid of the St Giles Fair raffle. All welcome.

The St Giles Fair is on 17 September.

For further information, call Jean on 01275 472078, or Jane on 0117 964 1338





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343 last modified on 2016-07-15 14:52:51

Mon 11/07/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




343-DPC minutes 11th July 2016.pdf



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342 last modified on 2016-07-01 14:33:57

Help shape the Police and Crime Plan for Avon and Somerset!

BCU012 01072016

Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens wants you to have your say and help shape the Police and Crime Plan for Avon and Somerset.

Vulnerability, strengthening and improving local policing teams are just some of the areas that the Commissioner believes should be a strategic policing priority and she wants to hear your views.


To ensure the Police and Crime Plan continues to reflect your needs we want to hear from you. Have your say online or call us on 01275-816377 for a hardcopy of the survey.

The consultation closes on Tuesday, August 30, 2016. Following which the information will be used to form the aims and objectives of the forthcoming plan.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry


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341 last modified on 2016-07-01 13:04:56

Be vigilant and protect your property!


There have been reports that residents in Ham Lane were woken by strangers wandering though their gardens last night. In another incident, a motorbike was stolen from Crabtree Lane this week.

Dundry is normally a low-crime area, but please be vigilant and protect your property against burglars and thieves.





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340 last modified on 2016-07-01 12:51:35

Summer Activities at North Somerset's Children's Centres

North Somerset's Children's Centres in Yatton, Congresbury and Clevedon are holding a number of exiting activities over the summer, including Fun with Animals, a Fancy Dress Party and the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Please find all the details below as well as a link to further family support.






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339 last modified on 2016-07-01 12:38:40

Thur 24/11/16, 10.30-12noon, Winford School: First Aid Training for Parents and Children under 5

North Somerset's Children's Centres are holding a number of First Aid sessions for parents and children under 5. They cost £5 in advance.

The nearest one to us is in Winford School in November, but please find a full list of dates and contact details below.







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338 last modified on 2016-06-30 10:07:36

Thu 07/07/16, 3.30-8pm, Village Hall: Exhibition on new large housing development in The Vale (formerly known as Ashton Park)

As you may have read in the Parish Council minutes in April this year, a developer - Taylor Wimpey Homes - has approached us about their plans for a new development on Green Belt land between the Barrow Reservoirs, Long Ashton and the A38.

Although these plans are in their early stages and not likely to get approval right now, the situation might change in view of the West of England Joint Spatial Plan currently being developed.

Taylor Wimpey Homes have organised a number of exhibitions in the area, one of which is to be held in Dundry. If you care about our environment and how it might change in the near future, we would like to encourage you to attend and get first-hand information. Please also see their invitation leaflet below.




338-The Vale newsletter invitation first edition.pdf



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337 last modified on 2016-06-24 14:52:30

Wed 29/06/16: Traffic disruption in Downs Road

On Wednesday next week, Bristol Water is going to install its new communication mast near Downs Road. The road will not officially be closed, but there may be some construction traffic causing disruption throughout the day. Please find their full info below.




337-Dundry Reservoir News June 2016.PDF



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336 last modified on 2016-07-22 09:59:07

Sat 13/08/16, 3.30pm, Village Hall: W.I. and Village Produce Show - New Contact Details

Calling one and all - Summer Showtime is nearly here - still time to prepare your entries for next month's Produce Show on Saturday, 13th August - be it culinary, crafty, photography, veggie or flowery and be you young or old.

The village hall will be open from 9am to 11am (staged by 11.15am) for entries and from 3.30pm in the afternoon for viewing and prize giving at 4.30pm. Schedules can be downloaded below or are available in print from June Ball, in the hall or from myself, Les Hurford. Hope you will feel inspired to take part, but even if you don't enter, come and see and have a cream tea.

Admission 50p (over 14 years) Children 20p (3 years or over)

New Contact Details: For all enquiries, please call Ann Gleave on 01275 472403







Lesley Hurford

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335 last modified on 2016-06-16 10:04:51

What will you call the new South Bristol Link road?

As the South Bristol Link Road (SBL) is nearing completion, Dundry Parish Council has been asked whether we have any suggestions for a future name of this road and we would like to pass the question on to our community:

Whether we love it or hate it - we will all be using it. So, what will you call the new road?

Contact or or use our brand-new Dundry Community Facebook page to discuss your ideas.

We will then report back to North Somerset Councilon your behalf.


Your Dundry Parish Council

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334 last modified on 2016-06-16 09:42:38

New waste collection contract coming into effect in March 2017

North Somerset's seven-year contract with Kier comes to an end in March 2017 and they are looking at alternatives to improve the service and get the best value for money.

Refuse collections will stay fortnightly and recycling collections will remain weekly. They are hoping to increase the types of recycling that can go in green boxes, like small electrical appliances, and be taken to recycling centres, like mattresses and hard plastics.


It is proposed to introduce wheeled bin for green garden waste collections, replacing the green bag collections which were introduced 10 years ago. Residents will need to subscribe and pay a registration fee. The amount depends on the size of the bin but will not be more than £20 per bin, including delivery.

Residents will be able to have up to two green bins and there will be three sizes to choose from:

Current data suggests that most people put out three or less green bags, the equivalent of a single 240 litre green bin.


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333 last modified on 2016-06-16 09:16:00

Fly-Tipping: Report it!

Dundry has recently been plagued by a particularly bad spade of fly-tipping incidents.

We need your help in reporting them so that they can be cleared up quickly and offenders hopefully be identified.

Please report "ordinary" piles of rubbish to North Somerset Council on Dedicated teams of street cleaners are constantly on the move to clear them up.

However, if the rubbish completely blocks the road (see picture) or causes danger to the public, please call the Police on 101, quoting crime reference number 5216114054. They are hoping to build a case.

Many thanks. Let's keep Dundry tidy!





Your Dundry Parish Council

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332 last modified on 2016-06-16 08:16:14

Site Update: Public File System re-sorted


Under the Transparency Code, smaller authorities with a turnover of less than £25,000 p.a. (such as Dundry Parish Council) must publish certain information on their websites, including: In order to meet and exceed these requirements, Dundry Parish Council started last year to make a number of documents available in its Public File System.

We have now re-sorted these files and folders to make navigation easier. Historic Parish Council minutes, going back to the 1960s, will be added soon as well. Please feel free to explore.

Apologies if some of the links in older editions of the e-mail newsletter may no longer work. The News Blog is of course up-to-date.





Your Dundry Parish Council

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331 last modified on 2016-06-16 08:04:26

Dundry Community Facebook page goes live

Our village has a new Facebook page, for people who love or live in Dundry.

Connect with your neighbours and fellow Dundrians, share what's going on in Dundry and what makes our village special. Your posts and comments are very welcome.

If you represent a community group in Dundry, ask us to like your Facebook page, or tell us about any events that you have planned.


Hanneke ter Veen (maintainer)

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330 last modified on 2016-06-10 13:47:06

North Somerset Council rejects West of England devolution deal


North Somerset Council’s members last Tuesday voted not to accept the devolution deal being offered by Government, which includes the requirement for a combined authority and directly elected mayor for the West of England. The decision follows that made by councillors in Bath and North East Somerset Council last month where they asked their leader to renegotiate the deal to remove the requirement for a directly elected mayor.

Please read the full news statement from North Somerset Council below.

This very important because such a so-called Metro Mayor would be much further removed from local issues than our district council, which in turn would lose a range of powers. I am also attaching the original deal proposal, in case you want to read it.






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329 last modified on 2016-06-16 17:47:18

Mon 13/06/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




329-DPC minutes 13th June 2016.pdf



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328 last modified on 2016-06-03 17:24:44

Spring is here and Dundry Church Tower is open this Sunday

(c) Roy Hopkins

Sunday, 5 June, 2-4pm

Adults £2
Children 8-16 £1
sorry no children under 8





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327 last modified on 2016-06-03 13:40:15

Litter Picking Equipment Available

Further to an earlier message about new litter bins being installed in the village, Dundry Parish Council would like to make you aware that we have some grab type litter pickers strategically placed round the parish. For further info, please see advice below.


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326 last modified on 2016-06-11 12:07:56

Dundry Parish Council External Audit (legal notice)


Notice of date of commencement of period for the exercise of public rights (Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2016) can be found at:


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325 last modified on 2016-06-03 13:36:46

Sun 10/07/16, 11am, Tobacco Factory: The Dundry Drubber

This event is a Bristol cycle festival institution, but we’re not sure why. It involves riding up the biggest hill near Bristol 4 times, from 4 different directions, in one soul-corroding 25-mile ride. It’s grim. It’s pointless. The weather’s usually miserable. It’ll make you regret the day you learned to ride a bicycle. But there’s a certain satisfaction in conquering gravity, however inelegantly you do it. And there’s a pub and a prize draw at the end.

£4 in advance, £5 on the day. Advance entry can be purchased via Paypal to

Helmets and two working brakes (or a brake and a fixed wheel) required. Sorry but it’s a condition of our insurance.


The Organisers of the Bristol Cycle Festival

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324 last modified on 2016-06-14 16:32:13

Road Repairs

North Somerset Council have informed us that the following road repairs are scheduled this month:
  • Upton Lane, Dundry, from the junction with Wells Road to Upton Farm. This is due to take place on Tuesday 21 June and a road closure will be in place during the day while repairs are made.

  • Highridge Road, Dundry, between the junctions with Dundry Lane and The Ridge. This is due to start on Wednesday 22 June and will last for two days. Again, a road closure will be in place each day while works take place.
The respective "Notices of Intend" (i.e. of the road closures) have now been published and can be found here and here.





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323 last modified on 2016-06-03 12:20:09

Power Cuts and Digging Works


In case you were wondering why we had a sudden power cut in Dundry on Tuesday night:

There is a massive 12,000V cable running across the Playing Field (between the two pitches), which "went out with a bang", as one engineer put it. Western Power decided to replace the whole length of cable from the field to the back of Crabtree Close, including the transformer post.

Works are carried out very carefully with turf being lifted up and preserved. In the meantime, power supply to Crabtree Close is secured via a different route through the network. Everything should be back to normal early next week. Luckily, there are no football matches on at the moment.





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322 last modified on 2016-05-27 17:53:35

Sat 23/07/16: "Tough As Nails" - Our police officers support charity run

Officers from the Nailsea neighbourhood team are working with the community to run a second ‘Tough as Nails’ charity obstacle course, following the success of last year’s event.

Last summer more than 100 people ran the course at Nailsea and Backwell Rugby Club, raising £1,000. A donation of £900 was given to the new Nailsea skate park, which is now under construction, with the remainder put towards organising this year’s event.


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321 last modified on 2016-05-27 16:41:59

Bristol Airport Community Notification

This weekend, a historic aircraft will be marking the 80th Anniversary of Aer Lingus flights between Bristol and Dublin. See if you can spot it!




321-Community Notification 25th May.pdf



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320 last modified on 2016-05-20 11:24:29

Sun 29/05/126, 4pm, Carpenter's Tavern: Cider Fest

The Carpenter's Tavern is celebrating Spring Bank Holiday Weekend with a Cider Fest on Sunday, 29/05/2016 at 4pm.

There will be live music and a hog roast. Aydin and his team are looking forward to seeing you there.





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319 last modified on 2016-05-20 11:40:38

Official Notice of the EU Referendum

We all know it is coming, it is on the news every day. But here is now the Official Notice of the "Referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union".

This is a big decision about our future, so consider it carefully before you go to the ballot box.




319-Notice Of Referendum- South West Gibraltar.pdf



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318 last modified on 2016-05-20 11:28:23

West of England Joint Spatial Plan - Consultation Summary

It may sound terribly boring, but this will affect us all and we must take an interest: The West of England area needs to find space for 85,000 new homes by 2036 and while so-called brownfield sites will be used as much as possible, there is a strong possibility that the Green Belt will be reviewed at some point in the future, possibly leading to thousands of new homes being built right on our door step and even within the parish. One developer is already working on detailed plans affecting the area between Bristol, Dundry and Long Ashton.

Earlier this year, a consultation on various spatial scenarios was carried out (see message 252 in this news blog), to which Dundry Parish Council submitted its own comments. The Consultation Manager has now published a summary of all submissions, which can be accessed through the link below.


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317 last modified on 2016-05-20 11:29:41

Broadband Universal Service Obligation - Consultation Outcome

Please find below the outcome and government response to the consultation on a proposed Broadband Universal Service Obligation.

It was also interesting to note that this has already been included in this week's Queen's speech. Please find a link to the full speech plus background notes below. The relevant section is on pages 14-16.






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316 last modified on 2016-05-13 10:00:10

Fri 10/06/16, 8pm: M32 Weekend Closure for Building Works

The M32 will be closed between junctions 1 and 3 from 8pm on Friday June 10, until 6am on Monday 13 June.

This will allow for a new bridge to be put over the motorway and Highways England to carry out essential survey work.

Alternative routes will be clearly signposted. To help plan your journeys visit http:/





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315 last modified on 2016-05-13 09:27:32

Sun 15/05/16, 2pm, Church Tower: Teddy Bear Parachute Jump

Bring your own teddy attached to its parachute!

Entrance fee per teddy £1

Stalls and Refreshments







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314 last modified on 2016-05-06 16:36:41

Dundry Church featured in Radio Bristol's "Clueless"


Although the church is still closed on safety grounds, the tower was open to the public for the first time on 1st May this year.

This coincided with a Radio Bristol programme called Clueless where the participants had to go to various locations, to be found by following some clues. Dundry Church was one of the selected destinations and as the searchers were broadcasting live, we had a small reception group ready to welcome the team from Radio Bristol when they arrived.

Jane Lyons did a very eloquent interview publicizing the church repairs and the need for more funds, then assisted Ian to provide cream teas for the visitors, many of whom  climbed the tower.

For a limited period of time, you can listen to the full episode on "BBC Listen Again" by clicking on the link below. A recording of the part relating to Dundry can also be found in the image gallery (just click on the photo).


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313 last modified on 2016-05-06 15:46:50

Broadband: More about the proposed Universal Service Obligation

About 4 weeks ago, there was an article in this blog about a government proposal to introduce a Universal Service Obligation, giving customers the right to request a decent broadband connection "at reasonable cost". Dundry Parish Council has responded to the consultation, which is now closed.

The article below outlines concerns of the Rural Services Network (a rural support organisation, not to be confused with a broadband provider) which make interesting reading.


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312 last modified on 2016-06-11 10:01:57

Mon 09/05/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system. This was our Annual Parish Council Meeting. We are pleased to report that we welcomed Cllrs Armitt and JScott as new members of the team (in April already) and that all seats are now taken.




312-DPC minutes 9th May 2016.pdf



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311 last modified on 2016-05-05 12:04:38

Fri 27/05/16, 7.30pm, Bishop Sutton: Chew Valley Performing Arts Space Fundraising Event


Chew Valley Performing Arts Space are holding a "Race Night" fund raiser. Please see their poster below.







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310 last modified on 2016-05-07 12:20:17

Site Update: All links live again


In case you were wondering why some of our front page links such as Bin Collection Schedules and Mobile Library Dates had not been working lately: North Somerset Council relaunched its Web site and shifted lots of information to different places. I checked and updated all the relevant links on our front page and am pleased to report that is now up to date again.

Also, there have been some minor changes to the church page and I am told there might be some exciting news this Sunday. More info to follow.

And don't forget: You can have all the latest news delivered straight to your e-mail inbox by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. Please see the top of the blog page for instructions.





Your Dundry Webmaster

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309 last modified on 2016-05-27 17:04:26

This is what happened at the Annual Parish Meeting

Many thanks to everyone who came to the Annual Parish Meeting. We had a packed audience and an agenda with lots of useful presentations and discussions.

Please find the full minutes below for download. They are also available in the public file system. Here is a summary of the outcomes and actions:



As almost expected, we have not made any progress with BT Openreach since last year's in-depth public discussion and are still suffering from low broadband speeds. However, at the APM, we had Evan Wienburg from Truespeed Communications to give us an update on their project to supply the whole of the Chew Valley with superfast "Fibre to the Home" broadband. His information sounded very promising: Fibre cables have been brought right next to the roundabout at the bottom of Limeburn Hill and costs will soon be calculated to extend the cables up the hill to us. Evan explained that this needs to be economically viable and that we need to raise as much interest as possible to share the expense. There are various ways to reduce or subsidise these costs, especially when it comes to connecting isolated properties. He assured us that their systems are well-maintained and future-proof and will make a great difference to our online experience.


Chris Joannou (NSC Community Response Officer) and PS Mark Raby attended our meeting to answer questions about fly-tipping and speeding.

There is no easy solution to deter fly-tippers. Prosecutions can only be brought on the basis of clear evidence, but it is difficult for the authorities to get permission for covert surveillance. Closing laybys might just make the offenders dump their load even more dangerously in the middle of the road.

Although fly-tipping is a criminal offence, please do not contact the police unless the rubbish poses a dangerous obstruction. Instead, please submit your information to NS online at They will do their best to get it cleared quickly. This is still the most efficient way to keep on top of the problem. Costs for the council are not as high as one might expect since the crews are on regular routes through the district anyway. In addition, there are some early plans for "legal fly-tipping" events where people could get rid of their rubbish without dumping it in the countryside. North Somerset is in discussions with neighbouring authorities about this.

There was also some discussion at the APM about extending the Village Orderly duties to do more litter picking (possibly requiring an increase in the Parish Council precept) and the organisation of regular litter picking events for the community to participate.

Speeding and other traffic problems

We have several areas in the parish where cars are going too fast, posing a danger to pedestrians and other road users. Last year, the Parish Council collected some data about speeding, using mobile vehicle-activated signs placed on Wells Road and Dundry Lane. Results showed that drivers are regularly breaking the 40 mph limit in these areas. Members of the audience were very concerned about the problem. PS Raby said one approach might be to set up a Community Speedwatch Group. Another might be to reduce the speed limits but this would require a Traffic Regulation Order costing £ 3,500 (although this could cover the whole parish). Chris Joannou (NSC) would check whether the speed limits in the parish were due to be reviewed.

Meanwhile PS Raby would obtain some road traffic accident figures. If you have any information or comments either about dangerous speeding in your part of the parish or traffic incidents which might or might not have come to the attention of the police please contact the Clerk on 0117 9642804 or email

Parish Recycling Scheme

Cllr Armitt has been looking into a new incentive to reduce the landfill rubbish we produce. With 66 kg per household per quarter, Dundry is one of the least efficient areas in North Somerset. We should be able to do better!

The scheme offers three levels of financial reward to the parish if we get more members of the community committed to reducing their residual waste. Various other measures such as meeting the recycling crews, engaging with our school and setting up specific recycling events are on offer as well. Results cannot be achieved quickly. It will be a long and steady process, but we should make a start. The Parish Council will keep you updated. Please contact if you would like more info.

Footpath Survey

Following a request from NSC, Cllr A Scott had undertaken an initial survey of footpath signs and entry points in the parish and found many of them in need of attention. However, since there is no funding available from NSC, we have to identify which footpaths are in most urgent need, who is legally responsible for their maintenance and where funds could possibly be obtained from. Cllr A Scott will make further enquiries, but in the meantime, please contact her on, if you are interested in taking part in the project.



309-DPC minutes of APM 2016.pdf



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308 last modified on 2016-04-29 13:03:15

Community Connect: Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Connected

Please find the latest Community Connect newsletter attached.

If you or someone you know needs help and advice with their general health and social wellbeing, please do not hesitate to contact your friendly Village Agent Lindsay Newman




308-Spring 2016 CC Newsletter.pdf



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307 last modified on 2016-04-22 15:21:50

Tue 26/04/16, 7pm, Weston-super-Mare: Meet the PCC Candidates

N0185 22042016 Open Meeting

This message is sent on behalf of the North Somerset Partnership to invite you to a "Question Time" style event on Tuesday 26 April at the For All Healthy Living Centre on Lonsdale Avenue in Weston-super-Mare, from 7-9pm. All 7 candidates for the role of Police & Crime Commissioner will be speaking and will face questions from the floor - if you have questions to put to them please forward them by 12noon on 25 April to or telephone the North Somerset Partnership on 01934 416486

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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306 last modified on 2016-04-21 17:12:58

21/04/16: Happy Birthday Ma'am!

You seem to have a busy day today at Windsor, but we hope you enjoy it.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks and best wishes.

The Parish of Dundry





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305 last modified on 2016-04-15 14:03:57

Further police information about rogue traders


AN0156 11042016 Rogue Traders message

Following on from our message dated 8 April, this is a reminder from Inspector Bennett and Ben Hayes.

The Police and Trading Standards work together to protect residents of North Somerset from being targeted by Rogue Traders. There are several ways you can help them to do this;

This information needs to be emailed to Insp Bennett or Ben Hayes who from 11-15 April will be personally monitoring this information: (Trading Standards)

OR To contact by telephone:

Inspector Sharon Bennett - via general police 101 number
Ben Hayes, Trading Standards office 01934 888 888 during office hours

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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304 last modified on 2016-04-07 10:32:24

Broadband: Government consultation on Universal Service Obligation

Dundry has been struggling with poor broadband speeds for a long time, causing serious problems both for local businesses and residential Internet users. Our problem is that we are falling into a gap: Commercial fibre connection through BT Openreach is deemed too expensive and has therefore been postponed from year to year, while on the other hand, we are located too close to Bristol to benefit from the government Rural Broadband Initiative.

The government recognises that this is a problem for many areas in the UK (about 5% of all households) and wants to introduce a Universal Service Obligation, giving everyone in the country the legal right to expect at least 10Mbps (at reasonable cost). This would be about ten times as fast as what we have now! Please find below two documents explaining the proposal in detail. If you are affected by insufficient broadband speeds, it would be a good idea to respond to this consultation to show your support. The response deadline is 18th April.

In addition, Dundry Parish Council is still looking for alternatives and hopes to invite a representative from a company called Truespeed Communications to our APM on 25th April.






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303 last modified on 2016-06-11 10:02:21

Mon 11/04/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.

This month, we had invited guests from Taylor Wimpey Homes to present the latest plans for new houses to be built in the Ashton Vale area near Dundry. Please find their presentation booklet also in the file area.




303-DPC Notice of Meeting April 2016.pdf



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302 last modified on 2016-04-07 09:55:24

Thu 05/05/16: Police and Crime Commissioner Election

This year, a new Police and Crime Commissioner is to be elected in the Avon and Somerset Police Area. Please find the official election notice below.

A police and crime commissioner is an elected official charged with securing efficient and effective policing. The current post holder is Sue Mountstevens but her three and a half year term is coming to an end.

To lern more about this role, please visit the PCC Web site or the relevant Wikipedia entry.







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301 last modified on 2016-04-07 09:33:31

Thu 14/04/16. 7.30pm, Village Hall: Village Hall AGM

Your Village Hall Committee is working hard to ensure this important asset is well maintained and running smoothly. Come to our AGM to hear what we have been doing over the past year.





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300 last modified on 2016-03-28 12:25:16

Sat 09/04/16, 7.30pm, Carpenters Tavern: Quiz Night

Teams of 6 MAX. GBP 2.50 per person. All in aid of Dundry Church, Raffle






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299 last modified on 2016-05-07 12:18:52

CANCELLED: Sun 03/04/16, 2-4pm: Church Tower open

Unfortunately, the tower will not be open as advertised, due to urgent repairs. We expect everything to be back to normal next month and are looking forward to seeing you on 1 May.

Adults - £2
Children 8-16 - £1
sorry no children under 8

Details: Jane 07826 821569





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298 last modified on 2016-03-25 11:20:40

Happy Easter!

Spring is here and the Easter weekend has got off to a good start with such splendid Good Friday weather.

Make the most of it, you'll never know what the summer bings!





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297 last modified on 2016-03-18 12:40:25

Village Hall Cheese & Wine 27th February


This year's traditional Cheese & Wine fundraiser for your Village Hall was a fantastic success. Attendance was up significantly on previous years and a hall full of merrymakers enjoyed a break from the rainy weather to let their hair down! We enjoyed a delicious buffet banquet, prepared by a fantastic group of volunteers during the day. The Tombola was as popular as ever with the lure of the star prize of a bottle of whisky attracting queues. A testing quiz had everyone scratching their heads and the Raffle draw added to the fun too. The entertainment was provided by the One And Only Roy Bowery and karaoke singing and dancing carried on into the night! Many commented that it had been a great night.

We would like to extend our thanks to all who came along to support your Village Hall at this fundraising event, which resulted in over £900 being raised towards installing a new heating boiler to replace the current ageing one. A worthy cause indeed! A huge thank you to the many people and organisations who gave their time, effort and donations to make the event such a success.





Dave Nevitt, Chairman, Village Hall Committee

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296 last modified on 2016-03-11 12:55:22

Sun, 17/07/16: Great Weston Ride

I hope that you don't mind me contacting you, but I just wanted to drop you a quick line regarding the Great Weston Ride, the challenge bike ride from Bristol to Weston-super-Mare via the Mendips & Somerset Levels, and to provide advance notice of arrangements for this year's event.

Over 1,100 people entered in 2015, once again with significant numbers of visitors coming from outside the local area, and on the fundraising front over £200,000 has now been raised by participants for charities and good causes since the event began.

The route goes through Long Ashton, Barrow Gurney, Winford, Chew Stoke, Compton Martin, Ubley, Blagdon, Cheddar, Priddy, Rodney Stoke, Wedmore, Mark, Highbridge, Burnham, Uphill and Weston so, as you can see, the event passes either through or near your local community, and this year's Ride is scheduled to take place on Sunday 17th July 2016.


Obviously we'd like to minimise any inconvenience that the Ride may cause by notifying as many people as possible in advance, and hopefully some people might also want to support - or even take part in - what is now an established major West Country challenge event. And with the majority of participants coming from the Bristol and Somerset area it's likely anyway that there will be people from your area already taking part.

So we'd like to ask if you could please spread the word as widely as possible within your community so that as many people as possible are aware that the event will be happening on Sunday 17th July 2016, and we'd be extremely grateful for any help that you can provide in this regard.

I've attached the Ride flyer, should you be able to circulate and/or display this, and if you could suggest/provide details of any other local channels that you think would enable us to communicate this message as widely as possible that would also be very much appreciated. We really would like as many people as possible in your community to know about this so that it doesn't come as a surprise on the day and so that they can plan their own activities accordingly.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and hopefully all the local communities along the route will once again support and encourage the riders and help to make it another enjoyable and safe day for all concerned.

If you have any queries, or if you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone (07956 858851).

Kind regards.

Darren (Organiser)

The Great Weston Ride Team



296-2016 GWR Flyer.pdf


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295 last modified on 2016-03-11 12:38:09

Police Alert: Number Plate Thefts


This seems to be particularly important, as stolen number plates can be used to "clone" cars, with the result that the genuine owners receive all sorts of speeding/parking fines and worse:

AN0101 09032016 AN005, Redwood

GENERAL - Police have noticed a slight increase in vehicle crime, some of which is related to the theft of registration plates. The risk of this happening to your vehicle can be reduced by ensuring that plates are fixed with anti-tamper screws. These can be obtained/fitted through your local garage or garage "supermarket". Also remember to keep vehicles secure at all times, make sure that nothing of value is left on display, always keep your keys safe both in the car and at home.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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294 last modified on 2016-03-11 12:32:29

Police Alert: Rogue Antiques Trader

AN0084 04032016 Rogue Trader

Concern has been expressed locally regarding an unsolicited caller who is distributing leaflets in the area (copy attached). The leaflet refers to some listed as "Dave Tee Antique Specialist" and is asking about purchasing items from householders. The only telephone number listed on the sheet is a mobile number. Whilst it is not clear whether this person/company is committing any offences, there is concern over the "hard sell" tactics that are being employed when calling door to door.

Police would like to know if you or your neighbours have had any such leaflets delivered, and particularly any follow-up calls at the door. Please forward your details through the police on 101, or via the website or indeed through your local beat officers.

Also please take a little time to look out for any vulnerable residents who may be subject of such callers. If there are unknown callers that appear suspicious, or indeed a van removing items from premises then please call this immediately to the police but use the 999 system.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry



AN0090 08032016 North Somerset

Further to the information sent out on 4 March about a person calling house to house asking to purchase antiques - Inspector Bennett would like to thank residents for all the information that has been forwarded relating to this matter. Further information has been received today and officers are currently actively in the area looking for the person concerned.

Officers would also like to draw your attention to the fact that there have been a couple of incidents reported recently that involve people in supermarket car parks. Incidents relate to people being approached whilst loading shopping into the car. They get distracted by someone speaking to them, usually a woman, holding a map and saying that they are lost. Whilst helping them with directions, the stranger has with slight of hand stolen purses from handbags.

Whilst we do not wish you to become overly concerned over this type of crime, please take a little extra care when shopping to make sure that you do not leave bags, purses etc in a vulnerable or unattended manner. If approached by someone in this manner please ensure that you close the doors on your vehicle to prevent easy reach, perhaps suggest to them that they call in to a local shop for directions. If you think that someone has stopped you with the intention of stealing your goods/possessions please call the matter in to the police (101 or 999) immediately.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry




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293 last modified on 2016-03-11 12:20:01

North Somerset Streetscene Magazine Jan-Feb 16


"Streetscene" is a magazine published by North Somerset to tell residents what happens around streets and open spaces in our area. Please find the latest edition below.







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292 last modified on 2016-06-11 10:02:47

Mon, 14/03/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




292-DPC Minutes March 2016.pdf



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291 last modified on 2016-03-04 12:59:45

Police Alert: Burglary in Dundry


AN0076 02032016 AN005, Redwood

At some point on 27 February a burglary occurred at a property in Church Road, Dundry. Access was gained into the property and items stolen including an Xbox, DVD and watch.

At around lunchtime on 29 February meat was stolen from a shop in Pill.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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290 last modified on 2016-05-03 12:03:11

Progress on the Church Roof


The lead and slates have been replaced on the south side of the nave roof, including those with hand written dedications, and some stonework repaired. Re-slating on the North side is on schedule and should be completed early in March. Inside the church, one coat of lime plaster has been applied and despite a heater running constantly, it will be several weeks before the final coat can be added. The scaffolding will then be removed temporarily until we are able to start repairing the rest of the roof later this year.





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289 last modified on 2016-02-19 11:56:57

Thu 17/03/16, 3pm, Backwell W.I. Hall: Backwell Ladies Choir


will be singing a lighthearted Concert in the Backwell W.I. Hall on Thursday 17th March at 3pm.

The proceeds will go towards Dundry Church Roof Repairs.

Tickets £5 includes a light tea.

Tel. Jane Lyons 01179 641338 or Jean Pateman 01275 472078 for tickets





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288 last modified on 2016-02-19 11:26:11

Fri 04/03/16, 11am, Dundry Baptist Chapel: Women's World Day of Prayer


will take place on Friday 4th March at 11am in Dundry Baptist Chapel followed by refreshments.

The women of Cuba have thoughtfully devised the service this year . All Welcome.

Tel Jane Lyons 0117 9641338 f.f.i





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287 last modified on 2016-05-03 12:03:02

Slate Signing for the Church Roof

Last weekend, more than 50 people made their way into a cold and dusty church - which is currently full of scaffolding - to make their mark on history.

The Church Working Group is pleased to report that their slate signing initiative has so far raised £1,350 and would like to thank everyone involved.

The slates are either already up on the main church roof or will be put there very soon. Unfortunately, you will not be able to tell where your actual tile went, but perhaps this is the beauty of it: To know that it is "somewhere up there".


All your personal messages will be recorded for posterity by a calligrapher in a memorial book.

This first phase of the refurbishment is to be completed in a few weeks time when the main part of the church becomes accessible again. Later in the year, work will start on the side aisles with an opportinity to sign more tiles for those parishioners and friends of Dundry Church who missed out this time.




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286 last modified on 2016-04-21 17:49:05

Mon 25/04/16, 7.30p, Village Hall: Annual Parish Meeting

Please find the agenda below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.


If you have any comments and/or suggestions about these or other topics for discussion, we would love to hear from you, either beforehand by contacting Judith on or by coming to the meeting and discuss your views in person.

Get involved and make a difference to your community!

Your Parish Council



286-APM agenda 2016.pdf



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285 last modified on 2016-02-12 16:07:01

Sat 05/03/16, 11am, Village Hall: W.I. Jumble Sale

Entrance Fee: Adults 20p, Children 5p

Refreshments available




285-Jumble sale 5th March.pdf



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284 last modified on 2016-02-12 15:16:38

Virgin Media for faster Internet in Dundry?

Your neighbourhood looks pretty good. We're looking to make it even better.

We're super-excited to tell you we're extending our network over the next five years to an extra four million homes and businesses - so even more people can enjoy our supercharged entertainment.

We're still planning our next generation optical fibre, TV and home phone expansion, but we'll do everything we can to get the BS41 8.. area connected. And that's where you come in...


Share Cable My Street below to get the word out to your neighbourhood. It's all about people power, you see. The more people that say they want us, the more likely we are to supercharge your street.

Got a question about our plans to connect your area? It's well worth checking out our FAQs. And we'll be in touch again when we have more news.

All the best,
The Virgin Media team
Want it all sooner?
Tell everyone you know!/faqs#cms-faq-view


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283 last modified on 2016-02-12 10:00:27

A message from Mark Hamblin and Emma Canton

Emma and I thought we would like to support charities which are close to our hearts.

Dundry Church are working hard to reach their target and to be able complete their plans to provide a disabled toilet. Although the church has been fortunate to receive grants, at the time of planning it was not expected to have to replace the timbers in the roof!! A big ask!!

So!! On the 4th May Emma and I are going to jump from on high !! we are doing a sky dive from Netheravon. We do need your support to give us the courage to jump!!

Our other charity is Macmillan Nurses, who we know are there to support those who are sick at a time when love and care is needed for individuals and their families. They are angels.

Please go to Just Giving to support us. You can text donations to MHEC55 (add your donation) to 70070





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282 last modified on 2016-02-04 23:40:25

Update from Bristol Water plc


You should have received a letter from Bristol Water through your letter box about the removal of the old water reservoir. In case you missed it, here it is again.




282-Old Reservoir.PDF



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281 last modified on 2016-06-11 10:03:16

Mon, 08/02/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




281-DPC Minutes February 2016.pdf



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280 last modified on 2016-05-03 12:01:55

Church Update


As promised, the PCC and the Working Group would like to advise you what has been happening under the scaffolding.

All the slates have now been removed from the nave of the church. On the north side all the laths are full of woodworm and will be replaced. On the south side, there is isolated woodworm which will be treated. The rafter at the Chancel end is totally rotten and will be replaced.

There is some good news in that we do not have any asbestos in the roof!! Also, ecologists have confirmed that they are happy with the provisions being made for the bats.


The lack of Dundry stone has caused some problems, but Bonnie has spoken to the architects for St Mary Redcliffe and Llandaff Cathedral (both built from Dundry stone) to see what they used in their renovations. In both cases they used Doulting stone which we will also be using.

During the next month, we shall be working towards getting the first grant payment from the Heritage Lottery, so that we will be ready to start the next phase in the Autumn.

A date for your diary: There will be a teddy parachute drop on Sunday 15th May with three entry classes - under 10, 11-17, and the Rest.

More details to follow.




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279 last modified on 2016-05-03 12:01:43

Sat 06/02/16, 10-1, Sun 07/02/16, 2-4: Sign a roof slate for Dundry Church


The first signings will take place on
Saturday 6 February 10.00am - 1.00pm
Sunday 7 February 2pm - 4pm

In the Church Porch (facing The Dundry Inn)


Vouchers will also be issued for each slate purchased and the messages will be recorded in a Commemorative Book that will be kept in Church

If you haven't already organised a slate or would like further information, please phone:
Annette: 07743 978655 OR Jane: 07826 821569 or feel free to come along on either of these dates.



279-Signing a slate 2016(a).pdf



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278 last modified on 2016-02-26 13:34:12

Sat, 27/02/16, 8pm, Village Hall: Cheese and Wine Evening

It is not too late yet. Come on, have a good time with Roy's Karaoke
and support our Village Hall. Give Dave a ring to reserve your tickets.



(other drinks available)

at 8pm

Incl. supper and a glass of wine


Entertainment provided by Roy Bowery

Tickets available from any Committee Member
Dave - 07979 088603 /

Please buy your tickets before Saturday 20th February
for Catering Purposes




278-Cheese & Wine 2016.pdf



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277 last modified on 2016-05-03 12:01:22

New batch of notelets for sale in aid of the Dundry Church Appeal

I have used one of my photos and got 50 packs printed and will donate all profits to the church appeal.


Please contact me via:
Tel: 07768 745 097
Twitter: @sianweller

The notelets are also available from the Carpenters Tavern.




277-Dundry Church Notelets Advert.pdf



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276 last modified on 2016-01-22 17:54:47

Wed, 27/01/16, 10.30am, Felton Village Hall: A Talk about scams and how to avoid them

This event, hosted by Careline and North Somerset Trading Standards, will also be an opportunity to meet your local PCSO, Elle Hicks, and Community Response Officer, Chris Joannou.

It is completely free and open to any local people but donations for tea and coffee would be appreciated.







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275 last modified on 2016-01-22 17:54:35

Do you need any assistance, care or support?

Or do you know someone who does?

A wide range of options delivered by North Somerset Council and independent organisations are available to provide support if needed. Care and support may be required because of ill health, a disability, because you are caring for others, or during a crisis.

Community Connect is the single point of access for all general health and social enquiries in North Somerset for the over 50s, outside those provided by your GP. Community Connect offers impartial advice and can guide you towards social care services offered by North Somerset Council, or put you in touch with voluntary, statutory or private sector organisations.


Some of the services provided via Community Connect: Security ...Fire Safety...House and Home...Money...Keeping Warm...Electrical and Gas Safety... Falls...Accident Prevention...Keeping Healthy...Social groups...Learning Opportunities...Getting out & about...Equipment for Independence...Care Support

Please find below the first newsletter from Community Connect.

In the parish of Dundry you can contact your Village Agent, Lyndsay Newman on 07967 345559,



275-Dec 2015.pdf


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274 last modified on 2016-01-22 17:54:06

Dundry News Blog got 10,000 clicks since May 2014

We are only a small community Web site, so this is a major milestone: On Friday, 15/01/2016, at 21:41:36, this News Blog registered its 10,000th visitor click since it started in May 2014. All I know is that the reader used a Safari Browser ver. 601.1 on an iPad.

Congratulations and thank you for supporting





Your Webmaster

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273 last modified on 2016-01-15 17:09:08

New litter bins installed

Throughout the village, four new litter bins have been installed (both ends of Crabtree Lane, bus stops opposite the church and near hairpin bend).

So, if you are out and about walking and happen to pick up some litter on the way, please feel free to deposit it here. We have been promised by North Somerset Council, that they will be emptied regularly.

Let's keep Dundry tidy!





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272 last modified on 2016-01-15 10:13:41

Children's Christmas Gift Appeal a huge success - thank you to all who contributed

Please see below email trail with thank you's from the 3 charities you supported with Children's gifts at Christmas.

In total your contribution helped support 180 children with gifts, supported Room 13 Hareclive through Christmas card/paper sales of £122.14 and on top of this I also collected/distributed donations to the total of £200 which was used to fund the Hawkspring childrens trip and some of the gifts.

So a big thank you from me for your support and I look forward to working with you in 2016 to help support Communities in Bristol that need our help.

Best wishes

Sian Weller


To the staff

I am writing to say a massive 'thank you' for all the presents that were donated for the Christmas present appeal.

All the children have been absolutely thrilled to receive them over the last couple of weeks. It's incredibly heart-warming for the families that we support to have these kind of donations.

When you are struggling to afford food for you and your family Christmas can be a very difficult time so receiving these thoughtful gifts can help ensure that Christmas day will be a joyous occasion, as it should be.

All the best

Vondy Smith - Food Hub Logistics Coordinator
The Matthew Tree Project

Hi Sian





Hi Sian

Over the last week all the children from the Gatehouse Nursery have had the wonderful experience of receiving their special Christmas gift. We created a special grotto where each child had a visit with their parents to be given their present. Children and parents were so excited and overwhelmed by the kindness of those who donated.

We want to say a huge thankyou and Merry Christmas from us all at the Gatehouse Nursery.

Best Wishes

Lisa Mundy
Nursery Development Manager
The Gatehouse Nursery




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271 last modified on 2016-06-11 10:03:37

Mon, 11/01/16: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




271-DPC Minutes January 2016.pdf



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270 last modified on 2016-01-04 21:38:38

Good news about Dundry School test results

Statistics released by the DfE in December put local primary schools in North Somerset in the UK's top 30 of the SAT league tables and Dundry School was one of those listed. 82% of Year 6 pupils in their final year at Dundry School reached the government target of Level 4, along with all the other primary schools in the Chew Valley and Wrington vale areas of North Somerset in 2015, and is above the national average.

Congratulations to all staff, pupils and their families who worked together so well to get the best possible results.


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269 last modified on 2016-01-04 21:45:54

Long Ashton post office blown up!

This sounds rather frightening: Thieves trying to steal cash from a cash machine have blown up the post office in Long Ashton. Please read the BBC article below:


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268 last modified on 2015-12-30 18:49:05

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you've had a wonderful holiday season and are now keen and ready to start into 2016.

Let's make this another successful year for Dundry!





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267 last modified on 2015-12-24 23:51:29


I hope Father Christmas has been generous to you and, while you are still recovering from the festivities, it is now time to look foward to the new year.

Dundry has two NYE parties this coming Thursday, one in the RBL and one in the Carpenters Tavern, so you are spoilt for choice how to party into 2016.





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265 last modified on 2016-05-03 12:00:44

Church grateful for DADS donation, works have started

Hi Everyone,

Please find attached a letter of thanks from Jane Lyons for our fundraising donation following Allo, Allo.

I am sure we are all pleased to see the work has started on the roof repairs (please see recent editions of the Parish Magazine) and our money has gone to helping with this and the further works planned.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Sandra x







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264 last modified on 2015-12-17 16:13:02

And finally...

Wishing all readers, friends and neighbours a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas. Thank you for your continued support.

Your Webmaster


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263 last modified on 2015-12-17 16:09:27

North Somerset "Streetscene" Newsletter


I do not normally publish these newsletters here, but Dundry features twice in this edition.







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262 last modified on 2015-12-17 15:57:33

Two enthusiastic, committed people wanted to join Dundry Parish Council


Dundry Parish Council has two vacancies for councillors to serve initially until the Local Elections in May 2019.

If you are interested in local issues, would like to get involved, and, importantly, are free on the second Monday evening of each month to attend meetings, contact the Clerk to find out more.

Clerk: Judith Hoskin, Cross Cottage, East Dundry Lane, Dundry, Bristol, BS41 8NH. Tel: 0117 9642804, email:




262-Notice of Vacancy Dundry PC 111215.pdf



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261 last modified on 2015-12-17 15:44:36

Village car park mistaken for Runway 27!

On 13th May this year, several people in Dundry reported the sighting of an aircraft flying dangerously low across Dundry Hill. Bristol International Airport repeatedly declined to comment on the incident until the Bristol Post was finally able to reveal the whole story earlier this week.

Please find their article below. It makes rather uncomfortable reading and it is particularly worrying that "Both crew members ... lost situational awareness, but neither communicated this to the other until the co-pilot called for a go-around." In other words: They were lost and narrowly missed our church tower, with 99 passengers on board!


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260 last modified on 2015-12-13 20:02:35

Dundry Village Hall Needs Your Help

We are lucky in Dundry to have a wonderful asset in the form of our well-appointed Village Hall. But the Hall does not run itself - we have a great set of volunteers who form the Committee, each doing their bit to keep the Hall in good order. Sadly our Treasurer has had to resign recently due to having to go into hospital, and we URGENTLY need to find a replacement.

In our experience, many people are frightened off being Treasurer thinking that they need knowledge of financial processes. Therefore we have secured the services of a qualified accountant who will do all the financial / accounting side of things. What we need is someone who is prepared to spend a few hours a month collecting payments for bookings, paying cheques in, making sure our subscriptions are up to date each year and paying bills.


If you have a bank account and you run a house/flat, then you will be able to do this role!

Your Hall needs to fill this position in order to stay within the statutory requirements, so please come and join our merry group, and feel good about doing something fantastic for your community too !

Please contact Dave on 07979 088 603, or any of the Committee.

Thank you.




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259 last modified on 2016-06-11 10:04:03

Wed, 16/12/15: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further supporting documentation in the public file system.




259-DPC Notice of Meeting December 2015.pdf



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258 last modified on 2015-12-10 00:52:33

Alternative Broadband Suggestions

Hi there,

I have a couple of suggestions regarding broadband in Dundry as I hear the Truespeed thing did not work out.

The first is that everyone signs up to this:!/new-build


and the second is that individuals can get 4G wireless routers from EE here:

An unlocked version of the EE router can also be found on Amazon:

We trialled this for two weeks and got over 20Mb/s wireless broadband with EE in our house in Oxleaze Lane. It is a router that uses the mobile phone network instead of BT wires to create a wireless network in your house. There are data limits, though. Thought people might want to know about this option.





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257 last modified on 2015-12-04 13:45:19

South Bristol Children Appeal needs more help. - It is not too late!

Firstly a big thank you to those of you that have already bought a gift for our South Bristol appeal! .......

We have received a request from the Matthew Tree Project to support a further 29 children....

Please mail me by return if you are able to help - by either buying a gift or donating.

Many thanks on behalf of these Bristol South charities





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256 last modified on 2015-12-04 13:33:02

Forthcoming consultation events about the WofE Joint Spacial Plan (2)


Dear Sir/Madam,

As you will be aware from a previous email, consultation is underway on the issues and options document for the West of England Joint Spatial Plan.

In support of the consultation a number of lunchtime roadshow events will be held across the city during December and January. Planning and transport officers will be on hand to provide information and answer questions about the consultation.

Programme of roadshow events

Bristol Central Library, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TL
Wednesday 2nd December 2015
12noon - 2pm

The Hub, Unit 1 Fedden Buildings, Gainsborough Square, Lockleaze, Bristol, BS7 9FB
Thursday 3rd December 2015
12:30pm - 2:30pm

Hartcliffe Library, Symes District Centre, Peterson Avenue, Hartcliffe, Bristol BS13 0BE
Wednesday 9th December 2015
11am - 1pm

Withywood Centre, Queen's Rd, Withywood, Bristol BS13 8QA
Tuesday 5th January 2016
12noon - 2pm

Arnos Manor Hotel (The Chapel), 470 Bath Rd, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 3HQ
Thursday 7th January 2016
12noon - 2pm

Bristol Central Library, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TL
Wednesday 13th January 2016
12noon - 2pm

Events are also being held in the other West of England Councils areas. Information about these can be found on the events calendar .

If you have any questions please ring 0117 903 6725 during normal office hours, or email

The deadline for making comments on the issues and options document is Friday 27 January 2016. We look forward to your input into this consultation.


Sarah O'Driscoll
Service Manager - Strategic City Planning
Place Directorate
Bristol City Council





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255 last modified on 2015-12-04 14:27:03

Forthcoming consultation events about the WofE Joint Spacial Plan (1)



I would just like to bring your attention to the event taking place to try and raise awareness of the Joint Spatial Plan consultation. Officers will be at the Long Ashton Park and Ride terminal building on Tuesday 8 December from 10-12 noon to answer questions. This has already been advertised in the press, but I would appreciate it if you could also let parish councillors know in case anyone wishes to come along to find out more.

All the documents and details of the Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study are available on the Joint Plan website at

A similar event will be taking place at Nailsea Library on Tuesday 12 January 10am-12 noon.

Kind Regards,

Celia Dring
Principal planning policy officer
Development & Environment
North Somerset Council

Tel: 01934 426244
Post: Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ





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254 last modified on 2015-12-04 13:10:47

Bristol Water works on Dundry Lane postponed


Please find below a letter from Bristol Water advising that "having consulted with some residents and local businesses in Dundry, we have decided to postpone this work until a more suitable time in 2016".




254-Cancellation Letter Dundry Lane, Dundry.pdf



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253 last modified on 2015-11-26 19:20:28

Doorstep crime alert - Longwell Green and Bishopsworth

With all the work that Bristol Water has carried out in and around Dundry recently, this may be quite relevant:

Police Advice - Added on 19 November 2015 at 12:53

We are reminding people to be alert after two doorstep distraction crimes were reported in Longwell Green and in the Bishopsworth area of Bristol.

Both involved men calling at homes and pretending to be from a water company, asking to check the supply.


In Longwell Green the victim was a 94-year-old woman who allowed two men into her home (on Wednesday Nov 18). When she became suspicious and asked for identification, which the men did not have, they made their excuses and left. She later discovered that £40 cash was missing from a bag in her bedroom.

The Bishopsworth incident happened at around 3pm on Tuesday Nov 17. A disabled woman in her 90s let two men in to check her water. It is not yet known if anything was stolen.

We are investigating both cases and have carried out house-to-house enquiries, helped the women with crime prevention advice and made improvements to their home security.

Our advice is to be on your guard if you have an unexpected caller. Use your door chain. Genuine council or utility staff will offer identification and will be happy for you to check it before you let them in.




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252 last modified on 2015-11-20 18:52:33

IMPORTANT: West of England plans for Housing and Transport until 2036

Central and local governments are under increasing pressure to provide new and affordable homes as well as supporting infrastructure. Looking into the future to 2036, it looks like a significant number of houses need to be built in the West of England area, which may well have an effect on Dundry. Various scenarios are currently being discussed and the public is invited to voice their opinion in a consultation.


But first let's take a look back at a bit of history:

Before 2010, i.e. under the previous Labour government, strategic sites for new developments were centrally allocated, which led to a large housing area (then known as Ashton Park) to be planned right on the doorstep of Dundry.

Fortunately, this did not happen. With the Tory government coming to power in 2010, one of its first measures was to get a Localism Bill under way, giving local governments more power over planning and development issues.

This led to the adoption of a "North Somerset Core Strategy to 2026" with a target of around 14,000 homes to be built within the district. North Somerset Council were keen to see most of the development located around Weston and ruled out any large scale house building to the south-west of Bristol thus protecting the Green Belt (and Dundry). Even with a legal challenge and the Secretary of State requesting the number to be increased to over 20,000, we were assured that this would not affect our status as an in-fill village.

However, there is now a new challenge on the horizon: Estimates indicate that to maintain its current prosperity, the West of England area (the 4 local authorities roughly covering the area of former Avon) needs 85,000 new homes by 2036, nearly 30,000 more than the overall number already planned for.

The authorities of Bristol, BANES, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire are working together on this and are now having a consultation on their a Joint Spacial Plan and Joint Transport Study.

It should be said that nothing is set in stone at the moment and various scenarios are being discussed, giving different weight to housing needs, transport requirements, Green Belt protection and urban concentration. But at least one of these scenarios could have an effect on Dundry and some sites have already been identified in our parish that might be considered for new housing.

Please find below a link to the consultation which will be open for comment until 29 January 2016. There you can find a wealth of information and also a calender of events to attend.

It is important that we keep ourselves fully informed, get involved and provide feedback. Your Parish Council will take a keen interest in this matter but we would also welcome everyone's involvement and support.

Perhaps some of us should go to one of the information events? The next one is scheduled for this coming Friday at the University of the West of England.


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251 last modified on 2015-11-20 17:10:30

Broadoak Hill in the News again (this time for the right reasons)


This morning, Broadoak Hill was again in the News at Radio Bristol - but this time for the right reasons: The work is finally finished and the road fully open again (see pictures).

It took a lot of pressure from local residents and our district councillor Nick Wilton to get this finally done.

Since local broadcasts are only available on the BBC iPlayer for 24 hours, I have recorded the audio clip and put it into the picture gallery for you to listen to (just click on the black thumbnail), provided our low broadband speed lets you. - It looks like this needs to be our next high profile campaign.





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250 last modified on 2015-11-20 16:25:27

Sat, 28/11/15, 7.30pm, Chew Magna: Concert of the Chew Valley Choral Society

The Chew Valley Choral Society are holding their annual concert on Saturday, 28/11/15 at 7.30pm in St Andrew's Church, Chew Magna, performing Requiem op. 89 by Antonin Dvořák.

The Society has 3 members from Dundry, so please support our singers!







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249 last modified on 2015-11-12 23:40:09

Planting Scheme/Biodiversity at the new Bristol Water Reservoir


At our latest Parish Council meeting, a representative of Bristol Water was invited to explain plans for seeding and planting at the new reservoir site. Please find his documetnation below and also read the DPC meeting minutes to be published here shortly.




249-Reservoir planting.pdf



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247 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:57:09

A Message from our Marathon Runner Niall

Just to say a big thank you to those who sponsored me for the Bristol to Bath Marathon on the 25th October. You probably know by now that I finished in 4hrs 28'43". It was a tough course with some sneaky hills around Kelston and the appropriately named Swineford, but the conditions were lovely and crowd support great - including Judith who managed to cheer but couldn't clap with her arm in plaster. By the way, if anyone else would like to sponsor me after the event, the address can be found below.

Thanks again

Niall Hoskin


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246 last modified on 2015-11-06 16:03:16

New Toddler Group at the Carpenters Tavern


at the Carpenters Tavern, Wells Road, Dundry, Bristol, BS41 8NE

Thursdays 9.30am - 11.30am
0 - 1 yrs FREE
1 - 2 yrs £2.00
2 - 4 yrs £2.50

Cost includes toys, crafts, refreshments and snacks for mums and kids
For any queries, please contact Alison - Email:







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244 last modified on 2016-06-11 10:04:29

Mon, 09/11/15: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the published minutes below and further documents in the public file system.




244-DPC Minutes November 2015.pdf



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243 last modified on 2015-10-30 12:36:56

Thank you for our lovely finger posts!

Just wanted to say Thank You to all those local people who lobbied for the issue and to North Somerset Council who finally refurbished Dundry's historic finger posts. They really look great now and improve the appearance of our parish.

Your DPC Chairman and Webmaster





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242 last modified on 2015-10-30 12:43:08

New Dundry reservoir keeps up the Bristol Water pressure

With its elevated position over the city of Bristol, Dundry has helped keep up the pressure in the local water network since the 1950s when the first hilltop reservoir was built. That vital role is set to continue long in to the future as Bristol Water completes the build of a new pumping station and reservoir commissioned to meet forecasted growth in the South Bristol area and increased demand for water in the region.

The new reservoir holds 1.1 million litres of water, which is a bit more than an Olympic size swimming pool - the standard comparison for any volume of liquid. That is enough to keep the population of Dundry (about 900 people) in water for just over a week.


The reservoir has recently been brought into service but there is still plenty to do above ground. Bristol Water's aim is to be environmentally sustainable by improving biodiversity through the protection and enhancement of the environment. On discovery of the locally rare Chimney Sweeper Moth, Bristol Water arranged for the safe transplant of the pignut plant, the moth's primary habitat for laying its eggs and vital caterpillar food source.

Further enhancements to the site include the creation of a bug hotel, an extensive planting scheme with native species and seeding the top of the reservoir with seeds based on the ecology of the existing field. In July next year Bristol Water will partner with Avon Wildlife Trust to carry out a green hay transfer from the Site of Special Scientific Interest at Blagdon Lake. Blagdon is designated for its fantastic wildflower grasslands which provide an important habitat and food source for many insects and small mammals.

Local residents have been consulted on landscaping and planting schemes and the biodiversity of the site will naturally increase over time through the selection of native wild flowers and trees.

All the earth removed to dig into the ground making way for the new reservoir has been reused to form embankments and level the ground. Land currently used for onsite cabins and parking will be returned to grassland and a green road will be installed, allowing the site to blend in well with the surrounding fields. The only visible sign of the reservoir will be the natural stone frontage and fencing which can be seen from the road.

The existing reservoir will be decommissioned and eventually demolished, a new mast will be erected and the remaining areas will be planted. The new reservoir and pumping station was designed in house by Bristol Water and constructed by Damar Group. Together with associated works, the project has cost circa £1m.

Bristol Water is hoping to work with local residents on educational visits and will revisit the site in the spring, by which time the newly-sewn grasses and plants should be encouraging wildlife to make the site their home.

Alison Jennings
Communications Manager

Bristol Water plc
Bridgwater Road | Bristol | BS13 7AT Direct +44 (0) 117 9536470 ext. 2036 | Mobile +44 (0) 7554771538

Dundry Parish Council has invited a representative of Bristol Water to its next meeting on 9th November 2015 to discuss seeding and planting of the area. Please do come along if you wish to have a say.




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241 last modified on 2015-10-29 23:09:59

Christmas Present Appeal for South Bristol Children

supported by South Bristol Charities

There are a number of charities that support children in the Community of South Bristol, including The Matthew Tree Project, Hawkspring and HWV (to name a few!) and thanks to the fantastic support that many of you provided last year, we are going to aim to ensure that as many of those children as possible have a Christmas present from us again this year!!

These charities play a critical role in this community; the Matthew Tree Project providing support through their 6 Food Plus Wellbeing Centres, Hawkspring in Hartcliffe supporting whole families in their addiction recovery journey, Hartcliffe & Withywood Ventures supporting through education, the journey to employment and also through their nursery facility.


We are building up a list of children from these charities to buy presents for........

Note: If anyone wants to support this appeal but doesn't have time or want to go shopping for a present we are also happy to buy the present if you want to donate the money instead!!

Please see present buying instructions below:

1. Please could you email me at this address or if you would like to support us and I will email you back with a reference number together with the age/gender of the child to buy for (If you have a preference to buy for for either a boy or a girl and a particular age group please let me know)

2. Buy your present & wrapping paper but please do not wrap - suggested value is £10 - £15

3. If you want to write a message on a Christmas card please include in a carrier bag together with your reference number, gift and wrapping paper

4. We are working to a deadline of Weds 2nd December latest as we will need to allow enough time to get them distributed to the charities & wrapped for the appointments that these families will have with them before Christmas.

For more information on the charities please take a look at their websites (You might need to look at these at home!) -

Any queries please do not hesitate to ring me on 07768 745 097

Many thanks for your support

Sian Weller




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240 last modified on 2015-10-22 23:15:10

New water reservoir nearing completion


Please find below a letter from Bristol Water to all residents.




240-Water Reservoir Letter.PDF



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239 last modified on 2016-05-07 12:18:22

Changes to the Ringmaster Messaging System


This is an administrative message from Avon and Somerset Police to all recipients:

As your Webmaster, I have subscribed to the new service and hope to bring you all the latest news about policing in our area.

Having said that, I have just received an e-mail from a local resident telling me that the number plates were stolen off his car. He asked me to pass this information on and for all of us to be vigilant.





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238 last modified on 2015-10-09 15:21:14

Sat, 21/11/15, 2-4pm, Village Hall: W.I. Winter Fair

The W.I. is holding their annual Winter Fair on 21/11/15, 2-4pm, in the Village Hall.

Come and see Father Christmas, have a mince pie and browse the jumble sale!







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237 last modified on 2015-10-16 13:08:22

Mon, 12/10/15: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the minutes below and further info in the public file system.




237-DPC Minutes October 2015.pdf



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236 last modified on 2015-10-09 15:24:29

Thu, 17/12/15, 6pm, VH Car Park: Carol Singing

It is this time of the year again...

The Dundry Royal British Legion have confirmed that their big prize draw is on Thursday 17 December 2015, so traditionally this is our day for going round the village carol singing.

Wrap up warm and join us for the fun - before retiring to the RBL for a nice cup of mulled wine.







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235 last modified on 2015-10-22 23:06:23

Mon, 26/10/15, 4-6.30pm, VH Car Park: Electric Waste Amnesty

As in previous years, North Somerset Council is holding a Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). If you have any unwanted electrical items, this is the easiest way to get them recycled.

Don't forget: The amnesty event is this Monday!







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234 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:55:42

Great news for our church roof from the Heritage Lottery Fund

Please find below an official press release about a grant given to our church.







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233 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:55:29

Abseil from the top of Dundry Church Tower


On Sunday 27th September 2015 over 50 people (one at a time), including the Rev Charles Roberts, abseiled down the Church Tower of Dundry St.Michael The Archangel. Some wore Fancy Dress that included a Skeleton- The Pink Panther and a Red Devil

The sun shone and the abseilers were able to enjoy magnificent views from the top of the tower.

The total raised on the day, including refreshments, a book stall and Sponsorship to come in, is anticipated to be in excess of £5,000


Many thanks to Kevin Fitzgerald and Darren Stone from NATIONWIDE PLATFORMS Winterstoke Road for the use of the Cherry Picker and to NORTHGRANT Dundry for the scaffolding. all given free of charge.

The Excellent services of Mark Bessell Outdoor Pursuits Team we could not have done without. Brilliant!!

Thanks also to all those who helped and contributed on the day and of course, well done to the ABSEILERS!




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232 last modified on 2015-10-11 20:41:38

CANCELLED: Sat, 17/10/15: Cheese and Wine Evening


Unfortunately, the Village Hall Committee has to cancel this event as only few tickets have been sold so far. Our apologies to those of you who were looking forward to a good night out. We will be looking for a new date sometime in spring.





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230 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:55:16

Sat 19/09/15, 12-2, Village Hall: St. Giles Fair

Fancy Dress Judging 11.00 at the RFoyal British legion

Crowning of the Queen 12.00 at the Village Hall

Hot Dogs, Burgers, Tombola, Stalls and much more





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229 last modified on 2015-09-18 15:56:32

Home Energy Advice


Do you find your home difficult to keep warm in the winter? Are your energy bills on the rise? Does your home suffer from condensation, damp and mould?

Home energy advice is available to residents across North Somerset who are looking to find out how to make their homes warmer and reduce energy bills. The Home Energy Team1 give free and impartial energy efficiency advice to help with things like grants for insulation, reducing fuel debt and helping you get the best from your energy supplier.

The Home Energy Team currently has a free cavity wall and loft insulation offer2 that if installed in your home could save you around £170 per year on bills and help to keep the heat in and the cold out.

If you are worried about the coming winter and how you might afford your bills or keep your home warm, we may be able to come and visit you in your home. This could include checking that your heating controls are set correctly, helping you with fuel debt or advice on reducing condensation and mould.

The Home Energy Team can be contacted on freephone 0800 082 2234 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday or email

Please note:





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228 last modified on 2015-09-18 17:23:00

Mon, 14/09/15: Parish Council Meeting


Unfortunately, we did not have a quorum and the Parish Council was therefore unable to take decisions or record official minutes. It was, however, decided to take note of a number of reports and to defer other matters to the next meeting in October. Please find meeting notes for September below. More information can be found in the public file system. We would like to draw your particular attention to the police report.




228-DPC Meeting Notes September 2015.pdf



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227 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:55:02

Raising two roofs with "Allo, Allo"


After the disapppointment of having to cancel this year's panto, DADS decided to give Dundry a special treat by putting the theatre version of the ever popular "Allo, Allo" onto the village hall stage.

A lot of hard work went into preparing this one-night show: Adapting the script, sourcing the costumes, deciding the stage layout, finding or hand-making all the props - and of course rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing. Not to mention the preparation of the hall as well as a French-style supper to be served in the interval (Thanks to an army of kitchen helpers!).


The show was eagerly anticipated and all 150 tickets sold out well in advance. The audience was certainly not disappointed. Of course, they got all their famous catchphrases, from "I will say this only once." to "Good moaning!", while following the various intrigues of chasing the "priceless portrait of the Fallen Madonna".

Just by co-incidence, the whole TV series had been shown again on BBC Two recently. Did our DADS cast stand up to the original? Well, despite this being called "amateur dramatics", they all acted their parts with amazing confidence, delivered their jokes with good timing and spiced up the performance with a number of visual jokes that added to the fun (unforgettable: "the wiglet" and "blowing up the dummy").

As one member of the audience put it: "You certainly know when you've had a good time. Everyone likes a laugh and we've had lots of them."

After the interval, the evening was rounded off with a potpourri of French-themed songs (two from "Les Miserables", among others) and poems, giving the cast the opportunity to show off quite a different set of skills.

All in all, it was a great night in aid of the Dundry Church Roof Appeal, for which £800 were raised.

We can't wait to see your next show.

Bring it on, DADS!




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226 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:54:59

Support Niall this Sunday: Running to Raise the Roof

I am running around East Dundry more frantically than usual at the moment, training for a marathon. Not any old marathon: the first Bristol to Bath Marathon takes place on October 25th.

I have finished 7 marathons before, but never attempted one this hilly (it takes in Bitton and Kelston and has a few tough climbs). I am doing this one in support of the "Raise the Roof" campaign.

I would welcome support, jelly babies and applause on the day, but above all, I'd like sponsorship!


My sponsorship page can be found below.

Many thanks!

Niall Hoskin


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225 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:54:38

Kevin's 3 Peaks Challenge for "Raising the Roof of Dundry Church"

As some of you will know, over the bank holiday weekend, I joined a group of 10 BT colleagues from across the UK to attempt the arduous 3 Peaks Challenge. The challenge entails climbing the 3 highest peaks in the UK within 24 hours - Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon.

We commenced the ascent of Ben Nevis on a windy Friday evening, and the weather soon deteriorated as is usual on a Bank Holiday. High winds, low visibility and stinging rain added to a gruelling climb, whilst the summit was bathed in heavy cloud. Due to 2 injuries within the group, critical time was lost on this initial climb. The team then drove through the night and climbed Scafell Pike in the Lake District, again in torrential rain and poor visibility. Sadly, once down from the summit, the loss of time incurred earlier forced us to withdraw from a final attempt on Snowdon as our driver simply would not be safe to carry on after 30 hours without proper rest.


Although we were all disappointed, we were forced to put safety first. In spite of this, the team had a terrific, if rather wet experience, and at least managed to chalk 2 of the 3 highest peaks. As they say, if the challenge was a guaranteed success it would not be a challenge!

However, I am pleased to announce that thanks to the generosity of family, friends and villagers alike, I have raised over £815 for the Dundry Church Roof Appeal.

Huge thanks to all of you who sponsored me.

Kevin Smith




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224 last modified on 2015-08-28 09:51:10

Ringmaster Alert: More Burglaries in Dundry


J0423 28082015 AN005, Redwood

Overnight of 26-27 August a burglary occurred at a property in Upton Lane, Dundry. A door was forced to gain entry and a search made inside. Bank cards and cash were stolen.

Overnight of 26-27 August a burglary occurred at a property in Highbridge Road, Dundry. A rear door was forced open to gain entry. Items stolen include a laptop, television and camera.


You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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223 last modified on 2015-08-27 12:49:37

The UK's most disappointing visitor attraction: Banksy's Dismaland in WsM

On as dark, wet miserable evening when in Weston-super-mare we stumbled across a new holiday camp.

Dismaland "The UK's most disappointing new visitor attraction" .........was aptly named considering the weather!!

We waited outside in the murk, some protestors (actors) started banging the doors "let us in" , the doors opened and in we went through 'security', cardboard CCTV cameras and scanner machines and very unhelpful surly staff.


The park looks derelict, (not a good advert for the Tropicana of which there has been much controversy), the Fairy Disney style castle looked like a ruin, and an ice cream van burnt out, police riot van in the lake, see photos in press.

All the staff add to the game by being very unhelpful and uninterested, seemingly depressed, one even saying "why can't you go home"........

Above us a lone seagull glided in the dark sky screeching an awful cry, it looked as if it had lifted off the Banksy bench, this was not part of the show but fitted so well!!

There are galleries under cover with many works of alternative art, an assortment of bizarre and macabre artworks, from over 50 artists from around the world including Banksy, who is showing 10 of his own art works and sculptures.

"I guess you'd say it's a theme park whose big theme is - theme parks should have bigger themes." said Banksy.

It is definitely going to be the autumns must see. The whole experience was very thought provoking and fascinating, we thoroughly enjoyed it .....apart from the dismal weather!!




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222 last modified on 2015-08-27 12:36:11

Ringmaster Alert: Thefts in Dundry


J0404 20082015 AN005, Redwood

Crime Report:

During the early hours of 15 August a container and outbuilding were broken into at a property in Wells Road, Dundry. Gardening tools and fishing equipment was stolen.

Overnight of 12-13 August a garage was broken into at a property in Castle Farm Lane, Dundry. Nothing was stolen.

Also brief overview of other acquisitive crimes in your area during the past week or so:

Theft from motor vehicle at Winford, two in Abbots Leigh

Theft of a pedal cycle from Long Ashton

Criminal damage to a property in Long Ashton

Theft of scaffolding from a building site in Long Ashton

Theft from a vehicle at Felton.


You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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221 last modified on 2015-08-21 05:49:55

Some more information about the new bus service 97

Some more information has emerged in a public meeting in Winford on 20 August:
  • A brand-new 12-seater minibus has been bought, to be driven by friendly driver Leslie.
  • The current route starts at Dundry Church, but we asked the organisers to consider taking it through Crabtree Lane, which they might do in the future.
  • The bus will take you to Bristol Airport, where you can connect to one of the other local bus routes (e.g. to Nailsea) or use the Airport Flyer to get into Bristol. Further extensions to service 97 (e.g. into Bishopsworth) are under discussion.
  • All bus stops en route will be served.
  • You can apply for a concession card for the Bristol Airport Flyer, which will reduce an adult return ticket from £ 11 to £ 5.
  • For the first month of its operation, bus service 97 will be absolutely free! (Although you will still receive a ticket) Afterwards, the advertised fares apply.






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220 last modified on 2015-08-20 16:16:16

Make Sunday Special event


Throughout this summer, Bristol City Council has put on a series of neighbourhood events under the title "Make Sunday Special".

One of these events takes place in the Hartcliffe Dundry View area on 6 September. They are looking for volunteers to represent Dundry and make our community better known. If interested, please contact Jane Fowles on 01275 462476 or


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219 last modified on 2015-08-14 16:52:43

New bus service starting on 24 August

Since the demise of the 121 and 21 buses serving Winford, residents there have found themselves in a difficult situation with regards to public transport.

Winford Parish Council has therefore been in discussion with North Somerset Council and Weston and District Community Transport and is now pleased to announce that a new community bus service will be piloted from 24 August, to link the villages of Winford, Felton and Dundry with Bristol Airport.

Please find the following information attached:

Time Table
Route Map


Once you reach Bristol Airport, you can take advantage of a discount card for the Bristol Airport Flyer.

Winford Parish Council and North Somerset Council are aware that this solution is not ideal for Dundry but nevertheless wanted to include our parish in the scheme which is very welcome. They hope to extend the service into Bishopsworth in the future in order to establish access to the Bristol local bus network.

The organisers are having a meeting at the Prince of Waterloo pub in Winford on 20 August at 6.30pm.

Anyone interested in having an informal chat beforehand is welcome to meet them at the Prince of Waterloo at 5.30.

Or, for more information, you can contact our local councillor on 07947 765736.

Please give your support to this new service!




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218 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:54:09

Kevin Smith on a Three Peaks Challenge for Dundry Church!

Kevin Smith is climbing Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Mt. Snowdon in Wales, all in 24 hours in aid of the fundraising campaign to replace the roof on St. Michael's Church, Dundry.

To sponsor Kevin, who is undertaking this challenge at the end of August, please go to or contact him on 07777 630 936 and don't forget...everylittle helps!

For more info on the Three Peaks Challenge, please see the link below:


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217 last modified on 2015-08-14 16:49:23

A message to the Dundry W.I.

Thank you to four fabulous members of Dundry WI whom my sister and I met at Denmans yesterday, Mon 10th Aug. They are Jan, Jane ,Jane and Lynn. We were so lucky to enjoy their company over lunch and afternoon tea.....thank you girls.

Would love to meet up with you again one day,

Love and hugs from Sheila and Cilla... WI Langley Vale, Epsom ,Surrey. :-) :-) xxx





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216 last modified on 2015-08-06 13:21:45

Forward Activities: New date for the re-scheduled bike event

Forward Activities announce a new date for the Bike Skills activity with Sole cycling which was postponed because of bad weather. The new date is 26th August, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Dundry Village Hall.

Suitable for young people 5 years old and upwards. Come for as long as you like. Bikes provided or bring your own.

Email or ring Judy on 01275 472572.

There are also still places available on all our other activities so there is still time to book!




216-Summer flyer - new date.pdf



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215 last modified on 2015-08-06 13:05:47

V-J-Day 70: Calling all war veterans in Dundry!

Dear Sir / Madam

Please will you be so kind as to assist me in identifying 2nd World War veterans that may be resident in your parish. On the 2nd September North Somerset Council is arranging with its partners a special event to commemorate V-J Day which will be held in Weston-super-Mare and would like to invite as many veterans that we can find. Please see further details in the attachment.

Kindest regards

Cllr Peter Bryant
Executive Member for Environment
North Somerset Council
Town Hall
BS23 1UJ
Mob: 0771 049 0629




215-Town & Parish Councils.pdf



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214 last modified on 2015-07-30 18:40:53

Ringmaster Alert: Burglary in Upton Lane


J0390 27072015 AN005, Crime Report

Between 22nd July and 24th July a burglary occurred on Upton Lane in Dundry. Access to an outbuilding was gained by jemmying the wooden doors. Once inside a mountain bike and some bike forks were stolen.

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Dundry





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213 last modified on 2015-07-24 15:59:44

Summer events at the Dundry RBL

To make the most of this great British Summer, why not join one of our popular events at the Dundry Royal British Legion?

Friday 31st July - Sunday 2nd August: Cider Festival
Saturday 15th August: VJ Day Dance with Craig

Pop in for more details or call 0117-9781895





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212 last modified on 2015-07-17 10:02:05

Weekly food specials at The Carpenters Tavern!

All our food specials are £10 per person including a selected drink.


Tuesday Curry Night
Every Tuesday from 6-8pm

We have a fantastic all you can eat curry buffet with starters, mains and all the accompaniments including poppadoms and nann bread.


Wednesday Tex Mex
Every Wednesday from 6-9pm
Why not come and sample our homemade chilli con carne, Fajitas, Chicken Wings and Enchiladas, along with all the traditional accompaniments?!


Thursday Burger Night
Every Thursday from 6-9pm
Enjoy a unique range of burgers including: Traditional Beef, Lamb and Mint, Turkey and Cranberry, and Pork, Honey and Mustard.


The Carpenters Tavern
Wells Road, Dundry, Bristol, BS41 8NE | 0117 964 6423 |





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211 last modified on 2015-07-10 10:34:16

Parish Council Annual Accounts audited and published


The Annual Accounts of the Parish Council have now been externally audited and a copy of the Statement of Accounts and the Auditor's Certificate and Report can be seen here:


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210 last modified on 2015-07-10 10:49:57

Forward Activities: Summer Events

Between 27 July and 24 August, Foward Activities is going to organise a range of free weekly events to keep young people busy over the school holidays. Bike Skills, Abstract Art, Samba Drumming, Junk Zoo Modelling and Circus Skills - there will something for everyone.

If you want to know more how to get your kids involved, please contact Judith at




210-Summer flyer final.pdf



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209 last modified on 2015-09-04 16:37:31

SOLD OUT! Sat, 05/09/15, Village Hall: DADS production of "Allo, Allo"

The day of our big one night show is finally here: On Sat 5th September 2015 at 7.30pm, DADS will be presenting the fabulous "Allo, Allo" by Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft, followed by songs and fun on a French theme in the Village Hall.

BYO and fancy dress encouraged!

All tickets have now been sold well in advance. Please do not come to the hall hoping you can buy some at the door. There is absolutely no place left.

This is of course brilliant news for the Dundry Church Roof Appeal, but we are very sorry for those of you who are going to miss out on a night of hilarious entertainment.




209-Allo Allo Poster.pdf



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208 last modified on 2015-07-08 23:39:23

Ringmaster Message: Latest edition of Senior Siren available


BCU07 24062015 Senior Siren publication

Please follow the below link to the latest edition of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine.

Hard copies will be forwarded in due course to those co-ordinators who have previously requested them.

The Senior Citizen Liaison Team also has a Public Presentation Team who offer free senior safety presentations in the Avon & Somerset area. Subjects include personal safety and road safety - further details about these and about the charity itself can be found at or call for more information on 07788236804.

If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the website.


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207 last modified on 2015-07-17 11:32:10

Mon, 13/07/15: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the agenda and published minutes below. More information can be found in the public file system.




207-DPC Notice of Meeting July 2015.pdf


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206 last modified on 2015-07-08 23:19:23

Site Update: New Parish Council Public File System


In order to increase transparency and to make more of its documents available to the public, Dundry Parish Council has set up a public file system that can be accessed through the link below. At the moment, you will only find agendas, minutes and finance reports there, but further documents will be uploaded soon.


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205 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:52:59

Garden Party in aid of Dundry Church

Lin and Hass invite you to a

Garden Party

In aid of Dundry Church

Come and enjoy
A "Hass" style barbeque complemented by other delicious cuisine
Honesty bar
Good company

And the price??... YOU DECIDE!
Sunday 19th July 2pm
Pantile Cottage
Ham Lane
BS41 8JA

Please RSVP by Sunday 12th July for catering purposes (we will ask for £.50 per person as a deposit). Tel: 07743978655




205-garden party.pdf



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204 last modified on 2015-07-01 09:56:51

BROADBAND INITIATIVE: Register your interest with a new, superfast provider operating in the Chew Valley

We have the opportunity to get ultrafast fibre broadband in Dundry from a new comapny called Truespeed ( They are currently planning to rollout along the Chew valley and if we can generate enough interest they would be willing to run it up the hill to us. This is the real deal with fibre direct to the house and is future proof and very fast.


Please can you have a look at their website and declare your interest (no commitment) using the online form. They will not start the ball rolling until they have a large number of interested parties. Members of the Broadband Group have met with the company and in our opinion this is the best possible deal we could hope for and much cheaper than getting BT to do it.

It would cost £100 to install and £47.50 pcm for a 100Mb connection, with the option to upgrade to 1+ Gb in the future.

It may seem expensive but they can port your phone number and replace your landline to save on line rental. Also if recent studies are to be believed, fibre to the property increases the value of your house by between 5 and 10%.

Someone from the Dundry Initiative Group will be in your area soon to drop leaflets have a chat about it but we would advise signing up ASAP to kickstart the process and leapfrog some of the other villages in the area.



204-truespeed postcard.pdf



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202 last modified on 2015-06-30 23:12:01

Dundry AFC Pre-Season Training

Dundry AFC preseason training starts on Wednesday the 1st of July at 7pm - 8.30pm at Dundry playing fields, everybody is welcome, you will need running trainers as there is road running involved. The club is always looking for new players so why not come and give it a go.

We will also be training on Sundays from 11-12.30pm at the playing fields.

Please ask for Geoff or Lurch for details. (07974765627)





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200 last modified on 2015-07-02 20:27:08

What to do with the playing field pitch rail over the summer? (updated)

Dundry Sports & Social have been asked if they would mind taking down sections of their pitch rail during the summer break due to it causing some distress to some of the parish residents.

The club has informed the Parish Council this will cause the club some difficulties especially with the storing of the rails in a secure location from risk of theft & possibly of falling into the hands of children who play on fields, our problems is the rails are 21ft in length & we haven't got anywhere long enough to store them inside.

We would be very grateful if anybody who has become distressed because of the rail to contact the club so we can discuss the matter further.


The club has been a resident at Crabtree lane since 1977 when Mr Cooksly gave the club permission to turn his cow field into the playing field we all use today & we would be extremely disappointed if we are somehow causing some residents distress in any way. (Please see comment below.)

We asked the parish council in 2012 if we could put a fixed rail around our pitch as we had high opes of playing in the Somerset Premier division in which the fixed rail is a requirement, the council said as we were in the 2nd division & there was no need & refused our request.

We gained promotion in 2012/13 putting us in the 1st division so again we asked the council for permission to install the rail, the council agreed but only if we used a removable system so if anybody needed access to the field for an event we could remove sections if needed. We agreed, raised the considerable amount of funds required & Work began last summer, over 6 weekends of hard labour the rails were up & painted. The club has had a remarkable season finishing top by 10 clear points guaranteeing promotion into the Premier division this season justifying the request & hard work.

The council have now requested we take down the section of rail outside the village hall as a compromise as some of the residents are unhappy the rails are up, we have asked every group who use the field if the rail being left up during the short summer break in between seasons would cause them a problem & everybody is happy for the rail to remain up, we have spoken to the village Hall booking agent Deb who informs us there is no upcoming event which would require the rail to be removed.

If you are somebody which feels the rail is hampering the use of the field for you or anybody you know please get in touch so we can help find a solution.

We are very proud to be representing Dundry as their football team & hope the residents will continue to support us as best you can.

Geoff from Sports & Social 07974765627



Dundry Parish Council would like to clarify the manner in which the playing field was acquired:

In 1977, after a request from the Dundry Football and Cricket Clubs, the Parish Council bought the field which eventually became the playing field from Ernest Cooksley for £5,000 using loans which were repaid by the ratepayers of Dundry.

The way in which the field is managed has changed over the years but it still belongs to the Parish Council (with the exception of the area immediately around the Village Hall) whose remit it is to ensure as far as possible that all opinions in the parish are taken into account. The Parish Council issued a licence to the Sports and Social Club for the use of the field and a lease for their clubhouse in 2008.



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199 last modified on 2015-06-19 07:59:52

BROADBAND INITIATIVE: Millions let down by broadband speed ads, says Which?

Consumer watchdog Which? points out that only a small fraction of UK households is actually able to access the Internet at the speeds promised by advertisements. The problem is particularly bad during peak hours and in rural areas. Up to 15.4 million households may be affected. Ofcom has started a crackdown, but more needs to be done. Please read the full article below:


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198 last modified on 2015-06-15 21:51:34

Ringmaster Messsage: National Rural Crime Network Survey



BCU006 15062015

This message refers National Rural Crime Network and the survey it is undertaking at this time. The survey was also mentioned on Countryfile yesterday evening.

It aims to reflect the concerns of people living, working or spending time in rural areas - and is anonymous.

The survey refers to various crime issues including dwelling and non dwelling breaks, traffic issues, anti social behaviour, fear of crime etc.

The survey will take between 10-15 minutes to complete and the link is below for your convenience - or alternatively you can use the link from the BBC Countryfile website:


If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see


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197 last modified on 2015-06-12 11:23:41

BROADBAND INITIATIVE: Internet too slow? - Quit your provider!

Ofcom, the broadband industry's watchdog, has announced new rules to help subscribers quit their contracts if their speeds are too slow.

This may be good news if we want to set up an alternative solution. The Dundry Broadband Initiative has been in talks with several providers, but progress has not been as good as we had hoped. More details to follow soon.

In the meantime, this is what Private Eye has to say on the issue:




197-A cautionary tale...pdf



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196 last modified on 2015-06-12 09:19:27

South Bristol Link - Newsletters and Updates


Dundry Parish Council receives regular updates on the South Bristol Link construction. Rather than publishing all these documents here, we would like to point readers to this direct link:


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195 last modified on 2015-06-12 09:20:19

Sat 13/06/15, 11am-2pm: Bristol Cycle Festival coming to Dundry

The Dundry Drubber is an endurance test for the hardiest of riders, trying to tackle our hill from four different directions.

Come and cheer them on (or join in yourself)!


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194 last modified on 2015-06-12 09:46:01

Broadoak Hill Roadworks a hot topic on BBC Radio Bristol Breakfast Show


Our roadworks on Broadoak Hill are becoming ever more famous. This week you could hear about them on the BBC Radio Bristol Breakfast Show.

If you missed the broadcast, you can listen to it again through the link below. The most interesting bit can be heard at 1:54


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193 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:51:59

Summer Ball raises
an amazing £975 !


We are pleased to report that the Summer Ball in aid of the Church Roof raised an amazing £975 - and all this while we were having so much fun!

Thanks to everyone for coming, we'll have to do that again soon.

If you've missed the event and still want to help repair the roof of our historic building, you can make a donation following the link below:


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192 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:51:45

Church Tower open this Sunday 2-4

Don't forget: The Church Tower is open this Sunday with cream teas 2-4pm.





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191 last modified on 2015-06-12 11:22:28

Mon 08/06/15: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the agenda, the finance report and the published minutes below.

DPC Notice of Meeting June 2015.pdf

finance report June 2015.pdf


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190 last modified on 2015-06-04 18:25:05

Ringmaster Message: Seasonal Warnings



BCU005 03062015

Seasonal warnings:

Over the past couple of weeks there has been an increase in burglaries across Somerset. Incidents have occurred during both daytime and during darkness hours. Access has been gained in many instances through insecure windows/doors.

With the promise of better weather, please ask all members to ensure that properties are kept secure whenever possible. Whether properties are being left for short periods or whilst on holiday, or even if you are going into the garden - always make sure that accessible windows and doors are kept closed and locked.

Another area of concern often related to this time of year is that of theft from motor vehicles. Many of these incidents can be prevented by ensuring that vehicles are always kept secure, windows are closed and items of value removed (or at least put out of sight).

Please pass this reminder on to your members to help prevent further victims.


If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the website.


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189 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:51:32

Sat, 06/06/15, 7pm, Village Hall: Summer Ball

Dance the Night Away at the SUMMER BALL

SATURDAY 6th June 2015
Dundry Village Hall

Canapes served at 7.00pm
followed at 7.30pm by two course dinner

Tickets £12.50 each available from
0117 9643995 - 01179782861 - 0117 9784209

Live Band - Licensed Bar - Raffle

In aid of St. Michael's Church, Dundry




189-Summer Ball 2015 poster.pdf



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188 last modified on 2015-05-22 09:47:12

Carpenters Tavern: Beer and Cider Festival this weekend

The Carpenters Tavern is celebrating this Bank Holiday Weekend with a Beer and Cider Festival.

We have a selection of beers and ciders for only £1 for a half and £2 for a pint.

There will be a BBQ every day (weather permitting) and live entertainment Sunday from 4 to 6 and Monday from 1 to 3.

Hope to see you all there.





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187 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:51:08

Church Page Updated: New Worship Arrangements

Following the emergency closure of St Michael's Church, due to severe problems with its roof, please find temporary worship arrangements and a plea for your help to perserve our historic building below:


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186 last modified on 2015-05-15 15:47:45

Sat, 08/08/15, 3.30pm, Village Hall: W.I. and Village Produce Show

Admission 50p (over 14 years) Children 20p (3 years or over)

Please find the competition rules below.







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185 last modified on 2016-05-03 11:50:51

Sun, 27/09/15, from 9am: Abseil from the Church Tower


Abseil from the top of Dundry Tower.

Amazing views over the whole of Bristol. Family day out with stalls, cake sales etc.

Sunday 27th September 2015
First Abseil at 09:00

Dundry Church is currently closed and is in need of a new roof. The Tower is safe and remains fully operational. Please raise sponsorship to help restore this iconic Bristol Landmark and have a great day out with an unforgettable experience.

To register please contact Jane Lyons on




185-A4 poster.pdf



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184 last modified on 2015-05-29 17:19:33

Mon, 18/05/15, Parish Council Meeting


Please find the agenda and published minutes below.




184-DPC Notice of Annual Meeting May 2015.pdf


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183 last modified on 2015-05-15 12:06:13

27/04/15: APM Minutes


Please find the minutes of our Annual Parish Meeting below.


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182 last modified on 2015-05-15 12:36:04

Holger and Zora at the Royal Garden Party (part 2)

On Monday afternoon, we set off to London by car. The Best Western Palm Hotel in Golders Green (North West London) actually turned out to be a good choice after we had a few disappointing experiences with other places in the past. It was clean, had friendly staff, good access to the City and was not too expensive. We spent the evening on a relaxing walk and a meal before having an early night.

The first thing we saw in the morning was - contrary to the forecast - pouring rain! It got us slightly worried, but soon the weather picked up and the rest of the day was sunny with just occasional small clouds. Just perfect for the occasion.

Zora had been waiting for her moment when she could make a casual request at the hotel reception: "Can you book us a taxi for half past one to Buckingham Palace, please?"


We could have taken our own car and even had a free parking permit for The Mall, but we wanted to avoid the hectic London traffic and rather arrive in style.

In front of the Palace, we joined one of the rapidly expanding queues of guests outside the gates and soon engaged in excited chatter and taking photographs of each other. A few passing tourists seemed quite amused with all this posh gathering and took their own photographs as well.

Looking around us, it seemed we got the dress code just right: Most men wore their best business suit and the ladies their finest dress complemented by a hat or fascinator. There were also quite a few uniforms of all descriptions and some foreign national dresses to add colour to the crowd.

At about 2.30, the gates opened and we were allowed into the square in front of the Palace. A few friendly policemen checked out invitations and ID documents, but apart from that, there were no security checks, which I found surprising.

We could see the Royal Standard on top of the palace, which meant the Queen was in residence to welcome her guests.

After a little further delay, we went to the inner courtyard, where David Cameron had arrived just a few days earlier to ask Her Majesty's permission to form a new government. We did not enter the square without comical drama as a gust of wind sent some ladies' hats rolling across the space and some men chasing after them.

Towards the rear of the Palace, three passageways had been opened to let all the guests through. I remember lots of red and gold ornaments and high walls covered in glass cupboards, displaying fine china pieces. But this was not what we came for and everyone went through these rooms quickly.

Once we left the building at the back and walked down the Palace's West Terrace, we had a good view of the setup for the party. To the left-hand side of the green, there was a huge (huge!) catering tent with numerous staff waiting to greet the arriving guests and in front of it, chairs and tables had been placed. Further on, there was one of the two bandstands with a military band (sorry, I cannot remember their name). By their looks, I would have expected them to play stiff military marches, but instead, they came up with lots of light-hearted tunes, such as Glen Miller and other big band greats, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Towards the back there were the Royal Tea Tent and the Diplomatic Tent, both of course out-of-bounds for ordinary guests. Towards the right-hand side were even more chairs, which I found very thoughtful as I had imagined you'd have to keep standing rather awkwardly all afternoon. It amused me, however, that they were the ordinary B&Q £4.99 type of chairs which seemed slightly at odds with the grand surroundings. But then, it was a Garden Party after all! And it was all much more relaxed than we had anticipated.

We sat down at one of the tables near the catering tent and took a few moments to soak up the atmosphere. Looking down to our feet, we were stunned by the immaculate grass, cut exactly to 1 inch height and with not a single leaf of weed to be seen. It was almost too perfect to be walked on and I am sure the Royal Gardeners were not amused seeing thousands of feet trampling all over their meticulous work (I remember seeing colleges in Oxford with big signs saying "Keep off the grass!"). Zora was so impressed that I am now under instruction to create exactly the same lawn in our back garden, but I doubt I will ever achieve that.

Soon two young girls joined us at the table and we had an interesting chat about their work for a London youth charity.

Zora and I then took a little walk before joining the queues for food and drink. As I mentioned, the catering tent was huge and must have allowed for at least 100 queues to form or more. As a result, the wait was not too long. What you get at the counter is a small square plate with a moulding for a drink, for which they offered tea, iced coffee or apple juice. The food is presented on a self-serving buffet with sandwiches (famously with their crusts cut off), wraps, small cakes and eclairs. Some little chocolate squares came with a special chocolate chip and a crown imprinted on top. The plates were small and you were not supposed to pile your food up high, but there was nothing stopping you from getting a second helping - if you had time for this.

At 3.45, the Yeomen of the Guard positioned themselves on the green to organise the crowd. It was a sign that soon we would approach the highlight of the afternoon: At exactly 4pm, the Royal Family came out to the terrace and the second brass band, in a bandstand just behind the Palace indoor swimming pool (No, we were not allowed to go for a dip!), played the National Anthem. The crowd watched in silence and men in uniform saluted. Only after the anthem had finished, they greeted the family with applause, as they would do quite often throughout the afternoon.

You have to forgive me if I cannot identify all members of the Royal Family that were present. This is partly because there was a whole entourage of ushers and other people, but also because I am not too familiar with the lesser known members. There was of course the Queen, dressed all in yellow for the day, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Camilla, dressed in blue. Prince William is currently on paternity leave to look after his little princess and Prince Harry was on an official engagement in Australia. So neither of them were present. If I am not mistaken, there were also the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and I seem to have recognised the Countess or Wessex, but I cannot remember seeing the Earl.

What followed was a very interesting display of crowd control: The Yeomen of the Guard for the Queen and groups of ushers for the other Royals, dressed in morning suit, grey high hat and an umbrella - I was wondering what the significance and possible use of this was on such a sunny day - formed squares that slowly moved through the crowd. This ensured that the celebrities always had enough room to move while the guests formed a close cordon around these squares to get as good a view as possible.

The Queen and The Duke had each a number of guests especially selected for them to talk to. These had received a "presentation card" together with their invitation and were placed in groups a few yards apart so that the Queen and the Duke could slowly walk though the crowd, stopping every so often to have a conversation. Prince Charles and Camilla, in contrast, did not seem to follow any protocol, they just walked along and spoke to whoever they chose to.

Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to talk to any of them. Perhaps we should have hurried up with our food and positioned ourselves somewhere along the expected path, but we didn't know that. Still, we could see our hosts from a few rows back and that was certainly closer than many ordinary people would get to them.

At this point, I need to explain something about photographs. Our original instructions were quite clear: No cameras, all mobile phones must be switched off. Having had a camera confiscated once at a pop concert, I decided not to take any risks. It would have been very embarrassing for that to happen to me again at Buckingham Palace. But then we were surprised to see people openly take pictures on their mobiles without being challenged.

In last week's post, I mentioned the book of messages that the children of Dundry Primary School made for the Queen. I had put this large A3 size document as unobtrusively as possible in a green M&S bag, but still felt slightly out-of-place carrying it among all those well-dressed people. However, it was for a good cause and we made it our mission to get it delivered. Our best chance was to approach one of the ushers who was very friendly, took it immediately inside the palace to the Queen's Press Office and promised us that she will get to see it. So, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope the children will get a reply. We also enclosed a card for William and Kate, congratulating them on the birth of their daughter.

After about an hour of constant "How are you?"-s and other niceties, the Queen and her entourage retreated to the Royal Tea Tent with a few selected guests. Many others grabbed a garden chair and formed a wide semi-circle to watch them have their afternoon tea from a distance. In the meantime, the Palace caterers handed out tubs of Marshfield ice cream to us, which was very nice.

Thirty minutes later, the Queen and her family emerged from the tent, and, to the applause of the crowd, made her way back to the Palace, briefly stopping to talk to some guests in wheelchairs and then disappearing into a side entrance.

Now it was our turn to relax and take a stroll round the Palace garden. Zora commented: "How come her plants are all in bloom and ours are not?" - Well, that's perhaps because we live on Dundry Hill, dear.

By the time we made it back to the main green, half the guests had already left so it was time to say Goodbye and Thank You to all the staff who had lined up to see us off.

On our way to the Tube station, we passed the outside of the garden wall, heavily secured with barbed wire and cameras and we looked at each other and said: "Unbelievable, we've just been on the other side."

This was just the first of no less than 6 garden parties this year, one being held each week right into June.

The following day, Prince Charles' "Black Spider memos" were published in The Guardian. If this was on his mind, he certainly did not show it and seemed pretty relaxed. Personally, I think if he has issues he wishes to raise, he should be allowed to speak out. He is much too intelligent to be confined to weather talk. On the other hand, whether any government should allow his comments to influence its decisions is an entirely different matter.


Holger + Zora

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Holger and Zora at the Royal Garden Party (part 1)


Most readers already know that my wife Zora and I are invited to the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on 12th May, but I think it is time to give you an update on our preparations:

Every year, North Somerset is given 2 double nominations which are traditionally assigned to parish council chairs through a lucky draw. Naturally, I was surprised and overjoyed to hear that this time it was my name that had been drawn from the hat. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which we are very much looking forward to, not only for our own sake, but on behalf of Dundry as well. We will make sure the name is mentioned wherever we can.


A few weeks ago, a posh letter arrived on our doorstep in which The Lord Chamberlain sent us a formal invitation. We were quite tickled that he said he was "commanded by Her Majesty to invite Mr. and Mrs. Laux to a Garden Party". It made us feel somewhat important, although we knew that the phrase is standard etiquette and we are just two of the 8000 invited guests.

The letter also contained a detailed description of proceedings on the day and various other bits of information.

Zora has been examining her wardrobe and frequenting several boutiques ever since, matching up numerous dresses, handbags and shoes until a fitting and suitable outfit was found. Men have it much easier in this respect, just given the choice between a morning suit and a lounge suit. A morning suit? With a top hat? No, that is not me. But rest assured that I will scrub up nicely in my best lounge suit for the occasion.

When the children of Dundry Primary School heard that we are going to see The Queen, they got all excited and asked us to take a personal message to her. It turned out that they gave us not only one message, but a whole book of messages from each and every pupil, telling Her Majesty what they would do if they were queen or king for a day and how much they admired her. It seems they are the biggest supporters of the monarchy and are keen to make sure it is here to stay long into the future.

The truth is, it is very unlikely that we will have a chance to hand this book over to The Queen personally. On the day, each member of the Royal Family will come out into the garden and walk into a different direction. So it is pure luck whom you are getting the chance to meet and talk to. Perhaps Prince Philip? Or Prince Charles? Or ... it would really be the icing on the Garden Party cake if Kate could make a brief appearance with her "Little Lottie" (Honestly, I have heard people call her that!). Everyone seems so excited by the new Royal arrival.

In any case, we will make sure the book of messages is duly delivered at the Palace and passed on through the right channels. It surely will be appreciated.

In order to avoid rushing to London or even (heaven forbid) hitting any traffic jams or other disasters, we booked ourselves a hotel room for two nights. - No, not at The Ritz, although someone suggested it would definitely enhance the whole experience (albeit at a cost!).

Many thanks to Dundry Parish Council for shifting their meeting date to 18th May. I did not expect that but it certainly helped.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take photographs on the day, but there will be official photographers and a film crew to produce a DVD, which of course we intend to buy. (For now, you can see a promotional video clip below.) Watch out for the second part of our report next week!


Holger + Zora

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180 last modified on 2015-05-08 16:37:58

Election Results 2015

Here are the election results for our constituency/ward/parish council:
  1. Liam Fox (Conservative) has won his seat at Westminster again with a comfortable majority:

  2. In our local election, new candiddate Nick Wilton (Conservative) beat sitting councillor Hugh Gregor (Independent) by just 137 votes:
    We would like to thank Hugh for his advice and support over the past years and are looking forward to working with Nick in the future.

  3. Our parish council elections were uncontested. However, there will be some changes as Cllr. Richard Thomas is leaving us after more than 20 years of service and Cllr. Jane Pellowe after 2 years. We welcome Amanda Scott as a new member of Dundry Parish Council.
The Web site will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.





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179 last modified on 2015-05-08 16:36:46

Sun, 10/05/15, RBL: VE Day Cream Teas and Quiz Night

To mark the 70th anniverssary of VE day, the Royal British Legion will serve cream teas in the afternoon and hold a quiz night in the evening.

This time, it is not Kevin running it, but I'm sure we'll still need our thinking caps on...





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178 last modified on 2015-05-07 18:24:22

9th/16th/23rd May: Entertaining Bedminster History Walks


Hi Dundry folk!.... thought you might be interested in this......................

Why Don't We Do It In The Road with Show of Strength in Bedminster, Bristol throughout May 2015

Immerse yourself in the ultimate historical tour of love, sex and violence on the streets of Bedminster with Show of Strength's Why Don't We Do It In The Road? in Bristol throughout May 2015.

Back by popular demand, tour guides Chris Yapp and Kim Hicks will illuminate you with enthralling stories of some of the more colourful, extraordinary and absolutely real life characters from the past associated with the city.

Listen to the tale of barber Charlie Stephens who plunged over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Marvel at the story of Princess Caraboo who is buried in Hebron Burial Ground. And take heed of Aldred Daw Collar, the infamous poet butcher of North Street.

Two separate 45 minute walks will take place on Saturday 9 May 2015, kicking off at 11am from The Steam Crane on North Street and finishing at noon at The Tobacco Factory.

The second walk starts at 2pm from the Masonic and finishes at St Catherine's Precinct, East Street. The same two walks will also take place on the following Saturdays, 16th and 23rd May 2015.

This fun, entertaining tour covers approximately a mile of flat ground, and although there are a few steps near the burial ground the route is generally accessible.

Tickets are £3 for one show or £5 for both, and there is no advance booking so you simply turn up on the day and pay on arrival (cash only). And if you don't fancy doing both walks on the same day you can split the walks over the various Saturdays. If you're a local BS3 resident and can prove it with a utility bill, you can put your money back in your wallet and enjoy both shows on Saturday 9 May 2015 for absolutely nothing, gratis, zilch, nada - free.

Why Don't We Do It In The Road? - Love, Sex & Violence on the Streets of Bedminster - is funded by Bristol Walking Festival and BS3T for Theatre. For more information, head to the Show of Strength website.






Sian Weller

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177 last modified on 2015-05-01 18:44:38

BROADBAND INITIATIVE: Where are we going from here?

On behalf of the Dundry Broadband Initiative, Lee Hiscox gave a very infornative and entertaining presentation at our Annual Parish Meeting on 27/04/15, which was attended by 25 members of the public.

He explained why our Internet is so slow, what geographical challenges any provider has to overcome and why we will have to wait for a very long time before BT Openreach will (perhaps) connect us to their fibre network.

He also explored various options (paying BT a "gap funding" premium, approaching Virgin Media, using mobile Internet) and listed their advantages and drawbacks. It must be concluded that none of these will give us the desired outcome.


However, from all the enquiries and research the Initiative Group has carried, it appears that there is a promising solution:

There are providers such as AB Internet who can bring a single high speed connection up the hill and then distribute it wirelessly. From what we know so far, this would involve installing a wireless receiver/repeater in your house at a cost of about £150 and subscribing to a data package for at least one year at a price of between £15 and £40 per month, depending on the speed you require (replacing your current Internet contract). - Please be aware that these figures are provisional at the moment and are subject to subscription numbers and a full site survey, which may reveal further costs.

The programme could be up and running within the next 3 Months and can be extended year by year until we finally get connected on the national fibre rollout.

There were already expressions of interest from neighbouring parishes which may want to join the scheme, but we decided to focus on the various areas of Dundry first.

It was agreed at the APM that the Initiative will enter into negotiations with AB Internet and hopefully get a survey carried out within the next few weeks. As already indicated above, it is important that we get as many households on board as possible, which will put us in a stronger position to negotiate a good deal. We were told that 40 expressions of interest was the absolute minimum to be considered (which we already have, thanks to the survery carried out), but the more the better. Although we will have to find an arrangement that allows further users to join at a later point and that will not penalise early adopters (e.g. by having to foot a set-up charge that later ones don't), it is really important that we get a good number to start with.

This is why we decided to keep the survey open as the easiest way to sign up and we need your support in spreading the word. Please talk to all your neighbours and encourage them to take an interest.

For your reference, here is a list of past news items on the subject:

Survey Results
Our Options
The Technical Problem Explained
Your Opinions

We will report back at the next Parish Council meeting on 18/05/15.



177-BT Openreach Gap Funding.PDF


Your Dundry Broadband Initiative

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176 last modified on 2015-05-01 17:09:10

Parish Council: Chairman's Annual Report and Financial Accounts


Please find below the Chairman's Annual Report and Financial Accounts, as presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on 27/04/15. Annual Report 2015.pdf Annual Finance 2015.pdf





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175 last modified on 2015-05-01 16:59:53

Proposed Arts Project on Dundry Hill

My name is Duncan Mckellar. I am an artist based in Bristol. I am currently putting a proposal together for Green Capital of Europe neighbour program. The area that I am proposing an artwork for is Dundry View. Please find details of the project here.

The aim of the project is to make Bristol more aware of Dundry Hill and the beautiful views available from the slopes. At the same time raise and address environmental issues affecting the area such as fly tipping and litter.

My basic proposal will be to install a series of tree trunks which will stand up from the ground along the ridge of the hill at up to four different locations. The purpose of these tree trunks is to provide a convenient leaning post for walkers who are following the east/west footpath. Each tree trunk will have a mirror installed which will catch the sun at points during the day sending a signal back to Bristol highlighting the presence of the hill.


Ideally the sites being proposed would be in and around these areas: I would be very interested to know what your parish would think of this proposal.

Thank you for inviting me to your APM last Monday and for putting my proposal on your Web site for further feedback.




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174 last modified on 2015-04-30 16:57:29

Join the Lunch Club!

Every month you are offered a three course lunch and a glass of wine, and of course you are welcomed with a coffee or tea when you arrive and again before you leave. This is all for a cost of £5.00 each.

If there is anyone in Dundry who would like to join us at Lunch Club at 1pm, you will be very welcome. An opportunity to meet friends over lunch, once a month, every third Friday but not in August. In December we meet on the second Friday where you will be served a traditional Christmas Lunch. Please contact either Janet on 0117 9643498 or Ann 0117 9643995 - we do like to know how many we are catering for.

We look forward to seeing you.


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173 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:51:59

Thu, 28/05/15, 7.30pm, Village Hall: Free Heartstart Training


By popular request there will be another Heartstart training session in Dundry Village Hall on Thursday 28th May 2015, at 7.30 p.m. People who attended last years session thought it was very worthwhile. You are welcome to come again if you feel you need a bit of a refresher course!

Heartstart training teaches you what to do in a life threatening emergency. The course is run by British Heart Foundation volunteers, is free and only takes two hours. It is suitable for all ages and covers a range of Emergency Life Support Skills (ELS) including:

We would like to know numbers attending so for more details and to register your interest contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, Judith Hoskin, on 0117 964 2804, email before 15 th May 2015.





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172 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:51:52

Ringmaster Message: Beware of Cold Callers



J0245 29042015

This is a general warning message regarding cold callers.

The police are aware that calls are increasingly being received by householders regarding a wide variety of matters.

Please remember that such calls can occur in any area and police advise not having dealings with any unsolicited calls on the phone, Emails or callers at the door. In particular if you receive calls involving Paypoint or obtaining vouchers you should contact Action Fraud on 03000-123-2040 or call the police on 101.


If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the website.


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171 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:51:41

BROADBAND INITIATIVE: Discussion at the APM on Monday

If you are affected by poor Internet speeds and have filled our questionnaire, please make sure you come to the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday, 27/04/15 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, where we will present and discuss possible solutions.

The more people get involved, the easier it will be to get this problem solved, so please tell all your friends and neighbours to come as well.

Your Dundry Broadband Initiative




171-Survey summary final results 24 April 2015.pdf



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170 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:51:34

Dundry Village Hall Trust Annual Report


On Thursday 17/04/15, the Dundry Village Hall Committee held its annual meeting. Please find the text of Chairman Dave Nevitt's report published below.







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169 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:51:28

Wed, 29/04/15, 2.30pm, St. Mary Redcliffe: Anton Bantock's Funeral

The funeral for Anton Bantock will take place at St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol, BS1 6RA, on Wednesday April 29th at 2.30pm.

After the service some close family and friends will proceed to the crematorium, and all are welcome for refreshments at The Withywood Centre, Queens Road, BS13 8QA.





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168 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:51:21

Dog Fouling in the Village

It was brought to our attention that some dog owners still take their pets to the Playing Field despite a Dog Control Order having been in place for several years. Please be aware that this is not allowed and may attract a fine or prosecution.

Elsewhere in the village, could we please ask that you clear up after your dog as the problem has become worse recently.

For more information, please see the link below.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Your Parish Council


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167 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:31:11

2015 Elections: Official Statement of Persons Nominated


The nomination deadline for candidates has now passed. There will be no ballot paper for Dundry Parish Council since this election is uncontested (meaning there are fewer nominations than seats).

There are two candidates contesting the single member Winford Ward of North Somerset Council, which includes Winford, Regil, Felton, Flax Bourton, Barrow Gurney and Dundry.

There are five candidates standing for the election of a Member of Parliament in the Constituency of North Somerset.

Please find all their details through the link below.

Remember, if you have not registered to vote yet, you can still do so until Monday 20 April.


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166 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:51:14

2015 Church Tower Opening Times

Despite the church being closed for health and safety reasons (see "Raise the Roof" appeal below), the church tower can still be accessed on the following Sundays from 2 to 4pm:

3 May
14 June
5 July
2 August
13 September
4 October

Please also read the safety advice below.







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165 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:51:07

Sat, 25/04/15, 2pm, Village Hall: Plans for Re-opening the Church

Raise the Roof Launch - information afternoon and plans for re-opening of the church. Saturday 25th April, 2pm, Dundry Village Hall.








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164 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:51:00

Mon, 13/04/15: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the agenda and published minutes below.




164-Notice of meeting April 13th 2015.1.pdf


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163 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:50:52

Obituary: Anton Bantock MBE (University of Withywood founder)

Please find below an obituary for Anton Bantock who founded the University of Withywood to advance public education. He was awarded an MBE for services to the community - especially in education - in 2003, and was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Bristol in 2010.




163-anton obit1 (FINAL).pdf



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162 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:32:29

Dundry AFC back in top division of Somerset League

After 41 years Dundry AFC have gained promotion back into the top division of The Somerset league with two games to spare. The club has had a remarkable turn around in the last 5 years first gaining promotion into the 1st division by finishing runners up in the 2012-13 season, the following season has seen the lads finishing in 6th place & this season sees the club in top spot with 2 games to play with an unattainable lead.

The club are also still in the league cup playing our semi final at home on the 11th of April against Bridgwater reserves.

We would like to thank everybody for their continued support of the football club.





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161 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:32:20

Broadoak Hill Petition


After seeing another near miss at Dundry hill "roadworks" when the traffic lights failed, I have set up a petition to enable others who are are also frustrated to voice their concerns. Could I ask for you to share details to enable others to add their support?

The more signatures we can get, the better - and it will demonstrate to local authorities the impact this is having on local residents.

Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition through the link below.



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160 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:32:12

National Plant Monitoring Scheme launched


Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing to let you know about the National Plant Monitoring Scheme which was launched in March 2015. The scheme is the first of its kind and asks for volunteers across the United Kingdom to visit a kilometre square local to them and record the plants they find there in several different plots. The scheme will enable us to explore how plants in different habitats are responding to changes in the environment.

It may be that there are people within your parish / community who would like to be involved in this government backed scheme which is being delivered by a partnership comprising Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland; Centre for Ecology; Joint Nature Conservation Committee and Plantlife.

What support will volunteers get?

Additional information How you can help us?

We would be grateful if you could circulate the attached press release and flier within your local community or networks. If possible it would be wonderful if this could go in your parish/ community news or on your parish / community website. We do hope that people within your local area will be inspired to take part.

With many thanks in advance for your support

Katie Cameron
Communications & Outreach Support Officer
Direct Dial: 01722 342759
14 Rollestone St, Salisbury, SP1 1DX




160-plant monitoring.pdf



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159 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:32:03

BROADBAND INITIATIVE: The Richard Dimbleby Lecture


Did you watch the 2015 Richard Dimbleby Lecture with with Martha Lane Fox? A must see, if you need any more reasons why Dundry needs faster Broadband.

The iPlayer link below will be available until Tuesday 7 April 2015.


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158 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:31:54


Many thanks to all those of you who completed the questionnaire and gave us useful information to understand how you feel about the situation and to use as arguments in pushing for a solution.

We had our first working group meeting this week and have been talking to various contacts at BT and local authorities.

To give you a bit more information about the challenges we face and possible solutions, please see the attached document.

In any case, if we want to see improvements, it looks like we need to raise a considerable amount of money, somewhere between 25,000 and 38,000, which means we must get many more households on bord. Please help us by spreading the word and encouraging many more Internet users to complete our questionnaire.




158-Broadband - Our Options.pdf


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157 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:31:48

Broadoak Hill: Dundry Parish Council pushes for solution

Yet again, the temporary (semi-permanent?) traffic lights in Broadoak Hill made the headlines, this time in the April edition of the Cew Valley Gazette (please see article below).

Dundry Parish Council is sending strong letters to Nigel Ashton, Leader of North Somerset Council and our local MP Liam Fox, pushing for a speedy resolution of this unacceptable situation.




157-Broadoak Hill action.pdf



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156 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:31:42

St Michael's Church - Unlocking the door?

You may have read recently in the Parish Magazine about our appeal "Raise the Roof". If so you will also have seen the follow-up - "And lock the door". Inevitably this has raised concerns about what we are doing, and why. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago the PCC received a report from our architect following her inspection of the roof. The report painted a picture of a roof in a desperate state of repair with cracked and slipped tiles, broken stonework, torn flashing and huge holes, particularly over the central part of the roof that can't be seen from ground level. What this means is that we have had a lot of water coming in through the roof, and the result has been that the plaster ceiling has degraded, and we have suffered a number of falls of plaster into the church. We also have woodworm up there in the wooden laths, so this is all quite dangerous.

A week ago, after consulting the architect again, our insurance company and the archdeacon, we took the terribly difficult decision to close the building for now purely on the grounds of safety. The roof is simply too unstable to allow people in safely, and we would be guilty of not taking our responsibilities seriously if we simply ignored the problem. But, this does not mean that church life will not continue. It will, at an alternative venue.


What does this mean?

It means two things. First, the church (God's people) will continue to worship and minister in Dundry at a venue still to be decided. We hope it will be central, convenient, and will serve our purposes for the time being on a temporary basis.

Second, we need to repair the roof! The current estimate is around £200,000 for the reality is we need a new roof. We hope a significant portion of this will come from grants, but there will need to be a serious fund raising effort from the whole community if we are to achieve our target and get the doors open again. We are realistic - this is going to take time. But we are also optimistic that with the goodwill of the community, your prayers and much commitment, we can restore our wonderful historic building to a safe and valuable place once again in the village. One thing is absolutely certain - We can't do this without you. Please help in any way you can - you will find contact details for Sandra and I on the website, where we have also posted an easy way to make your contribution through the "Just Giving" charity.


Thank you.



The Rector

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155 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:31:36

District of North Somerset: Official Notice of Elections


Please find below the official Notice of Elections for the District Council of North Somerset and its Parish Councils (including Dundry).

May we also remind you that you can still submit your own nominations at Weston-super-Mare Town Hall until 9 April.

For more information, follow the link below or contact our Parish Clerk Judith Hoskin on 0117 9642804 or email




155-Elections 2015.pdf


Dundry Parish Council

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154 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:31:26

Thu, 16/04/15, 7.30pm: Village Hall Trust AGM

Your Village Hall will be holding its AGM in the Village Hall on Thursday 16th April at 7:30 p.m.

All are welcome to attend.

Your Village Hall only keeps going because of the efforts of your dedicated Committee. We are looking for a Secretary to help us with our work - if you could spare a couple of hours a month to help give something back to your community, please come along to have a chat about it - it is not a great commitment and you would be warmly welcomed !





Your Village Hall Committee

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153 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:31:18

The Carpenters Tavern Mid Week Special

Don't forget that we are still offering our superb value 2 course roast dinner Tuesday to Thursday lunch and evening for £7.95

As well as the roast of the day, you can enjoy a choice of starter or dessert





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152 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:31:05

Site News: Church, Bin Collection, Library


The church has added a new page with advice on how to arrange weddings, baptisms and funerals. There is also a new facility for easy donations towards the upkeep of our historic building.

Elsewhere, the information about bin collections and visiting times of the Mobile Library has been updated so you always have it at hand when needed (see links on Home page).





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151 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:30:58

Mon, 27/04/15, 7.30pm, Village Hall: Annual Parish Meeting


Dundry Parish Council invites you to the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on Monday 27th April at 7.30 p.m. in Dundry Village Hall.

Everyone is welcome to come and hear what the Parish Council has been doing on your behalf over the past year, to ask questions and to put forward ideas. The main topic for discussion will be an update on the Dundry Broadband Initiative. Come and give us your views on improving Broadband in the village. (Meanwhile don't forget to fill in the survey about Broadband on the Dundry website

Please find the full agenda as agreed in our Parish Council Meeting on 13/04/15 below.

Hope to see you there!




151-APM agenda 2015.pdf


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150 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:30:52

Looking for a venue? - Dundry Village Hall





Mobile No : 07580 167415
Email :
From 9am - 7pm for more information







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149 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:30:42

BROADBAND INITIATIVE: The Technical Problem Explained

Many of you have been asking why it is so difficult to get a fast Internet connection up to Dundry from nearby Bristol. Please find below an explanation of the technical background.

From the information we have, it appears that we need an investment in the region of 35,000 for whatever solution we intend to install. This is why it is important that we get as many people involved in the project as possible.

So, please remind all your friends and neighbours to fill in our questionaire, which will be open throughout the month of March.




149-Dundry Broadband Newsletter 2.pdf


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148 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:30:34

Celebrate Easter at the Dundry Royal British Legion

Your friendly RBL Club is open throughout Easter with:
  • 3 April (Good Friday) Fish & Chips Afternoon
  • 5 April (Easter Sunday) Easter Egg Hunt - 2pm and 4pm plus BBQ
  • 6 April (Easter Monday) Music Afternoon with Roy Bowery 4pm-7pm
Meals can be booked throughout the weekend. Please see the attached poster or enquire at the club.

Come and join us for a bit of fun!




148-150403 Dundry RBL Easter.pdf


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147 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:30:25

Beware of the dangers of Chinese Sky Lanterns

Dundry Parish Council has received the attached bletter from the Avon Fire Authority, outlining the dangers of Chinese Sky Lanterns that have become popular in recent years. Although, as a Parish Council, we do not have the power to actively prohibit their use in our area, we would like to discourage any potential user, asking for responsible behaviour and to bear in mind that:
  • They can float in unpredictable wind conditions over long distances and, carrying an open flame, pose a serious fire risk.
  • They are constructed of a paper canvas over a wire or bamboo frame. If this comes down in an open field and is picked up by feeding farm animals, it can cause them serious harm.
  • And finally, being so close to the flight path of Bristol Airport, they can cause an aviation hazard and must not be used so close to airplanes.
Please be safe and do not use Chinese Sky Lanterns.

Many thanks for your understanding.




147-GLs let re sky lanterns to Parish Councillors.pdf



Dundry Parish Council

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146 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:30:17

Sat 21/03/15: Take part in the Great National Spring Clean

It is really simple and fun to take part in Community Clear Up Day - and it is free!

Community Clear Up Day is a "national spring clean", backed by the Government, that aims to spruce up England's high streets, residential and business areas, villages and parks. Together we can kick off spring 2015 with our public spaces litter free.


So get together with some friends and neighbours and clean up our village.

We have a number of hi-vis vests and litter pickers at the followig locations:

Dundry Lane - Bea Peters 01275472551
Centre of village - Pat Hewitt
East Dundry - Maggie Keast 01179465891
The Steps - Steve McCarthy 01179649414
Andruss Drive - Julie Smith 07777630936
Dundry Chapel - Steve Tucker 01179783309
Crabtree Lane - Gordon Murphy 07766708747
Oxleaze Lane - Jane Pellowe 01179643271
Bridgewater Road - Simon Fiddian 07786110068



146-15-02-11 KH and DR to Council Leaders & Chief Execs - Community Clear Up....pdf


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144 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:30:04

Site News: Parish Magazine archive now online


We now have an archive of the Dundry Parish Magazine online, starting from February 2014, when the new editor took over.


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143 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:29:52


Last week, we asked you to fill in a survey to tell us how you use the Internet and what problems you encounter.

We are pleased to see that 41 users have done so already, with interesting results.

The survey will be open until the end of March and we will publish a full report then. But here are a few of your questions and comments already:


"We are at the end of the line and never get more than 0.5mbit download or upload, despite numerous visits from BT engineers."

"I depend on a fast broadband for my business and to see that our cabinet is less than a mile away from my home, and yet we cannot connect, is very frustrating. "

You are not alone and this is why we are trying to do something about it. At the moment, we are looking at several possible solutions which we will tell you about in the coming weeks.

"I cancelled my fixed line broadband several months ago since it was just unusable, slow and frequent disconnections. Currently trying mobile broadband, which is faster, but still frequent disconnections."

"I have tried everything. Just changing from mobile dongle EE to BT. Mainly because the data allowance is used up too quickly and fed up with extra charge every month."

Mobile Broadband may be the solution of the future, but your experience shows that the technology still has a long way to go.

"Frankly, I feel let down by both BT, government inititiatives both local and national, but in particular local council. I feel that BT would have taken us far more seriously if the local parish council had woken up to this earlier."

We can understand your frustration, but this is not quite true. We kept pushing BT regularly and they kept promising us "next year", but the investment never materialised. Now they admitted that it will not be commercially viable for some time. On the other hand, just this week we were told by someone from North Somerset Council that the priority for now is to establish a high speed link between Weston-super-Mare and Bristol, only then connections will be branching off into rural areas (this is through "Connecting Devon and Somerset"). When we asked specifically when they would reach Dundry, our contact admitted that "some areas might still miss out". So, it was not a case of us coming too late or not being forceful enough. But you have all right to be angry.

"I have spent way too long in trying multiple different providers, hardware and technologies in trying to find a reliable internet connectivity solution, without success. I would welcome ANY community initiative to help succeed."

That is the spirit! Please encourage all your friends and neighbours to fill in the questionnaire. The more support we have from you, the more we can achieve.


The Dundry Broadband Initiative

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142 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:29:45

News from Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport has sent us a "Community Notification" about a Light Aircraft "Fly-In" on Sunday, 8th March, and about an overnight closure of the A38 on 21st March in order to remove the footbridge near the airport entrance roundabout.

Please find the full text below.




142-Community Notification 6th March.pdf



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141 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:29:35

Mon, 09/03/13: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the agenda and published minutes below.




141-Notice of meeting March 9th 2015.pdf


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140 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:29:29


Dundry is in desparate need of faster Internet connection, but our infrastructure is not going to be updated any time soon. This is why a group of local residents and Dundry Parish Council have joined forces to take matters in our own hands.

As a first step, we would like to find out how the people of Dundry use the Internet, what problems they encounter and whether they will support our initiative.

We would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes and complete an online questionnaire

Of course, we will keep you informed of the outcome and post further news soon.

Many thanks,

The Dundry Broadband Initiative




140-Broadband questionnaire leaflet.pdf


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139 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:29:22

15th March: Mother's Day

The Carpenters Tavern will be serving Roast dinner all day until 8pm along with our normal Sunday menu until 4pm, when we will be also offering our full menu.

Bookings are being taken for 12 noon, 2:30pm or any time after 4:30pm

Please make reservations by calling 0117 964 6423
Or email

(Sorry I got the date wrong in the previous newsletter. It's definitely the 15th.- Your Webmaster)





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138 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:29:16

Site News: OpenStreetMap added (looking for editor to update)

If you look at the front page, you will notice that I have added a link to OpenStreetMap. Clicking on it, a new browser tab or window will open and show the Parish of Dundry marked out on the map.

OpenStreetMap is different from other mapping systems such as Google Maps or Ordnance Survey in that it has fewer license restrictions and users are encouraged to edit and improve it, using their local knowledge.

If you zoom in on Dundry, you find that it is already remarkably detailed, but quite a few features are still missing, such as the Primary School, the Church, the Village Hall, the letter box in Crabtree Lane and many buildings that should be shaded in grey.


I was wondering if anyone would like to take this on as a project? All you need to do is create a user ID and read the rules. You can then edit the map in your own time. There is no rush, but it would be nice to show Dundry in full detail. We could also use this map to mark temporary features, such as road closures etc.

If interested, please let me know so that efforts can be co-ordinated.


Your Dundry Webmaster

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137 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:29:10

Site News: Mobile Library schedule updated

Please find the latest visiting schedule for the Mobile Library below or through the link on the front page.


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136 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:29:04

Sat, 07/03/15, 11am, Village Hall: W.I. Jumble Sale

JUMBLE SALE DAY is Saturday 7th March at 11am in Dundry Village Hall. Friday 6th March at 2pm and Saturday 9am the hall is open for donations. Please come - one and all - if only for a cuppa and a cookie!







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135 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:28:57

Sat, 21/03/15, 8pm, RBL: Charity Quiz Night

Fun Quiz Night and Raffle

In support of James McKeag's Triple McMarathon for the Stroke Association! Running the Paris, Manchester and London Marathons April 15 for the Stroke Association because 3 can#&039;t be that bad... Can they?!

£3 per head including a light supper





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134 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:28:50

How to report litter, potholes, dirty streets, local flooding etc. to North Somerset Council


Following discussions at the latest Parish Council Meeting, we would like to remind you that you can always report problems such as litter, fly-tipping, potholes, dirty streets, blocked gullies etc. directly to North Somerset Council by following the link below.

It is preferable to submit these reports online so that a written record is created automatically. However, if you prefer to speak to someone, you can call Council Connect during office hours on 01934 888 802 and in an emergency outside office hours on 01934 622 669.


Your Parish Council

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133 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:28:22

Mon, 09/02/15: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the agenda and published minutes below.




133-Notice of meeting February 9th 2015.pdf


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132 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:28:14

Mon 09/02/15, 5-7pm, virtual event: First Group - Meet The Manager


Please find below a press release about our online meet the manager next Monday evening (9 February).

Kind regards,


Natacha Tagholm

Regional Customer Services Manager - South West & Wales

Mobile: 07713 321214

Customer Services: 0333 014 3480 (England) - 01792 572255 (Cymru) - 01792 341120 (Greyhound)







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131 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:28:08

February 14th is approaching fast

So we thought we had better remind you not to forget to make a booking for that romantic Valentines dinner at The Carpenters Tavern

The Carpenters Tavern

Phone 0117 964 6423 or email





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130 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:27:59

Stray Cat Strut in Crabtree Close


There is a tortoishell cat wandering around all the houses in Crabtree Close... Can anyone who is its owner please get in touch or if no one comes forward then I will have to contact a dog/cats home and get it taken to be rehomed. Thanks. Jayne Nicholson at no 19 (0117-9410430)


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129 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:27:53

The Latest Edition of "Senior Siren"

Please find attached a link to the very latest edition of the Senior Siren, the bi-monthly magazine of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team.

The Senior Siren is packed with lifestyle and safety advice for the older adult population.

The "Senior Spotlight" interview in this edition features His Grace, Dr Barry Norman - The Archbishop of Wales and former Bishop of Bangor.


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128 last modified on 2015-01-30 17:19:37

Works on the South Bristol Link to start this spring


Now that South Bristol Link has full approval and will start building in the spring, the project is issuing a series of information articles about specific aspects of the scheme.

The first in the series is an article on Protecting Bats. Please feel free to forward this information or use in publications or on websites if you wish.




128-SBL Protecting Bats.pdf



West of England Office 0117 903 6895 or 01934 634831

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127 last modified on 2015-01-30 17:20:53

Tue, 03/02/15, 4-8pm, Airport Admin Building: Drop-In Session about A38 improvements


Bristol Airport is funding road improvements on the A38 to allow better access to the airport. Work is to commence on 9 February and completion is expected in early May.

For further information, please visit, call the helpline on 0845 8622327 or attend the drop-in session on 2 February at the airport.




127-Letter to local residents A38 works.pdf



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126 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:27:42

Weekly food specials at The Carpenters Tavern!

All our food specials are £10 per person including a selected drink.


Tuesday Curry Night
Every Tuesday from 6-8pm

We have a fantastic all you can eat curry buffet with starters, mains and all the accompaniments including poppadoms and nann bread.


Wednesday Tex Mex
Every Wednesday from 6-9pm

Why not come and sample our homemade chilli con carne, Fajitas, Chicken Wings and Enchiladas, along with all the traditional accompaniments?!


Thursday Burger Night
Every Thursday from 6-9pm

Enjoy a unique range of burgers including: Traditional Beef, Lamb and Mint, Turkey and Cranberry, and Pork, Honey and Mustard.





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125 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:27:35

Carpenters Tavern Mid Week Special: 2 Course Roast Dinner

Don't forget that we are still offering our superb value 2 course roast dinner Tuesday to Thursday lunch and evening for £7.95

As well as the roast of the day, you can enjoy a choice of starter or dessert





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124 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:27:29

Sat 24/01/15: Bristol Opening Ceremony as the Green Capital of Europe 2015

Would any of you like to join me in volunteering for the Bristol 2015 opening ceremony on Saturday 24/1/15 ???

You need to be available for rehearsal on Friday at 5pm and then for the event on Saturday.

Bridging the Gap

Jade Kindar Martin and partner Karine Mauffrey are set to perform their first Bristol based high wire stunt next week Led by Bristol-based Cirque Bijou, "Bridging the Gap" will see world-famous tight wire artist Jade Kindar-Martin cycle across a 120 metre long high wire, set between two landmark buildings in the Hotwells area of the city.


To add to the spectacle, Hollywood stuntwoman Karine Mauffrey will perform a dramatic aerial trapeze routine suspended beneath the bicycle, as the artists undertake the daring duo stunt, 27 metres above the ground.

The event will open with a light projection show using the warehouse buildings as a canvas, accompanied by a musical score specially composed by Dom Coyote.

Set against the backdrop of the city, the piece, entitled "Bridging the Gap", will symbolise the difference between our green intentions and our actions - and the bridge that we all need to cross to start living more sustainably.

The outdoor event is open to the public free of charge and will take place at 7pm on Saturday 24th January.

The artists' journey will start at A Bond warehouse on Smeaton Road in Hotwells, finishing at the B Bond warehouse, also known as the CREATE centre.

Here is the website that tells you all about it -

Want to volunteer for this event? Please get in touch with






Sian Weller

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123 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:27:21

Pothole Update


Some of our roads have deteriorated quite badly and parishioners have become frustrated that nothing was being done after reporting potholes repeatedly to North Somerset Streets and Open Spaces. (Please find link to be used on the main page.)

We have received an update from our NSC area officer as follows:

For the past few months, there was just one crew available to deal with potholes, which has created a bit of a backlog, but now they have two crews and are catching up. The following repair works have been logged and should be carried out soon:

With regards to fly-tipping, there is no effective, direct action to stop it, but NSC hopes that a number of successful prosecutions may act as a deterrent. A clearing crew will come through our area every Monday to stop dumps from building up. Please keep reporting any new incidents.

There is no money to refurbish our traditional finger posts, but we are prepared to spend some of our precept and/or recruit more volunteers to have this done in spring. More news to follow soon.

We are also looking to improve the appearance of the triangle at the bottom of Dundry Lane (to your left when you are coming down the hill). Currently, we are in the process of establishing ownership and responsibilities but would like to see this converted into a grass area and a visual entrance to the village - without obstructing the visibility of oncoming traffic. If you have any ideas and suggestions, please do get in touch.





Your Parish Council

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122 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:27:15

New Litter Bins?


North Somerset Council have indicated that they are happy to provide and empty a few more litter bins like the ones we currently have in the village car park. These can be placed in strategic locations around the village.

If you have any suggestions where you would like to see one installed, please e-mail before the end of January so that this can be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting on 9 February.

Many thanks.





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121 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:27:09

Mon, 12/01/15: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the agenda and published minutes below.

There was a presentation and long discussion with representatives of Bristol Water about the new reservoir, providing lots of useful information. Please find a summary in the first part of the minutes.

Bristol Water have set up a dedicated Web site at to keep residents informed.




121-Notice of meeting January 12th 2015.pdf


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120 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:27:02

Broadoak Hill in the News

It has been a over year since temporary traffic lights were installed on Broadoak Hill after a landslip. Much to the dismay of local residents, nothing has happened since, due to legal arguments about an estimated repair bill of over £ 200,000.

The "Bristol Post" decided to mark the anniversary with an informative article last Wednesday. Please find it below.







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119 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:26:50

Litter Pickers


Dundry Parish Council is aware that many of the village residents regularly pick up small amounts of litter when out walking in the area. To make things easier we ve purchased some grab type litter pickers which will be strategically placed around the village. So if you re keen to "do your bit" and would like to use one of these litter pickers and stylish high visibility vests, then give any of the people below a call, and borrow one to take out with you on your next walk.

Thank you to all those people who help keep our village litter free.

Dundry Lane - Bea Peters 01275472551
Centre of village - Pat Hewitt
East Dundry - Maggie Keast 01179465891
The Steps - Steve McCarthy 01179649414
Andruss Drive - Julie Smith 07777630936
Dundry Chapel - Steve Tucker 01179783309
Crabtree Lane - Gordon Murphy 07766708747
Oxleaze Lane - Jane Pellowe 01179643271
Bridgewater Road - Simon Fiddian 07786110068





Dundry Parish Council

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118 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:26:41

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best: success, health, peace, friendship and lots of money for 2015!

Your Webmaster





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117 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:26:34

Popular theme nights continue at "The Carps"

The "Carpenters Tavern" will continue its popular theme nights in 2015 with curries on Tuesdays, TexMex on Wednesdays and burgers on Thursdays.

But please be aware that the pub will be closed all day on Mondays until Easter. - Aydin and his busy crew deserve a break once in a week.




117-Carps 2015.pdf


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116 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:26:27

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all readers and supporters a Merry Christmas. Enjoy whatever you do to recharge your batteries. See you again in 2015.

Your Webmaster





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115 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:26:19

Sun 11/01/15: Changes to local bus services come into effect


First Bus has sent us a list of changes to bus services throughout North Somerset and beyond (such as connecting Weston-super-Mare to Bristol Parkway Station).

Please find the full e-mail below.


One change affecting Dundry more directly may be the following:

"Service 121 (Weston-super-Mare - Bristol): This service is being withdrawn, but it is being replaced by an enhanced Service A2 which will improve the frequency of buses for many people who previously used Service 121. A new Service 21, which has been designed to appeal to commuters travelling between Felton in North Somerset and Bristol Temple Meads, is also being created. People living in Wrington may wish to note that the route of the new Service A2 through the village will be different from the previous Service 121. Buses will not serve Long Lane, but instead they will travel via Half Yard, Station Road, Broad Street, Silver Street and Havyat Road."






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114 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:26:11

Carol Singing raised £213.15


Last Tuesday, quite a few of us had a jolly good time, going round the village carol singing. John Ford had rigged up a sparkling float that took us from the Village Hall to Crabtree Lane, the Carpenters Tavern, the Mead and finally to the Royal British Legion where we had a few final songs before the RBL Big Annual Raffle Draw.

Apart from the fun of singing together, we managed to raise £213.15 for a good cause, which this year went to the Hawkspring Charity supporting families affected by substance misuse. In their own words, they felt "quite overwelmed...."

Well done everyone!

Please click on the picture next to this text to see and hear(!) the singers in action.





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113 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:26:04

Fri, 02/01/15, 10am, Felton Village Hall: Story Telling Sessions for Children

New Year Fun

Felton Village Hall, West Lane, Felton, BS40 9UF, Friday 2nd January 2015

10 to 11.30 am - 5-7 year olds.
Listen to the Brothers Grimm story of how four MUSIC-MUSIC-MAD ANIMALS make a band, then create your own animal puppet and perform the story to your parents with live music! (Children at this session should be accompanied by an adult)

12.00 to 2pm - 8-12 year olds
TRAVEL through time and uncharted space, rocket- fuelled with your own imagination, junk models and dramatic endeavour! (A short show will be performed to parents at the end)




113-New Year Fun.pdf



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112 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:25:58

Ringmaster Email - SOMERSET WEST - BCU08 11122014



BCU09 11122014

This message is sent on behalf of senior officers and our press office at Headquarters.

1. There is a national campaign to help prevent members of the public becoming the victims of "loan sharks". Whilst this is a very personal matter for individuals, please remind members that what may seem like a small loan to tide people over for Christmas, could end up costing them well into the New Year and beyond. Advice from agencies including trading standards is that it is much better and safer to use credit unions for such loans.

2. There has recently been a campaign aiming at reducing the number of victims of doorstep crime and fraud nationwide. As part of this campaign the Home Office are undertaking a survey to see whether the campaign has had any impact on the public. This will take the form of surveyors calling on residents across the Somerset area - the calls will be random across the area so we cannot predict if or when they will be in your vicinity. However surveys will take place until 21 December.

Those undertaking the survey will have identification with them and an explanatory letter with both the Home Office and Police logo on explaining what they are doing and giving details on how to clarify any details.

Please remember however that if you have any concerns over any callers at the door - you should always call the police direct on 101 and if you think it is an emergency then call 999.

If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the website.





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111 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:25:46

School selling calendars of Gromit

Dundry CofE Primary School are selling calendars, via the school office, to raise funds for playground improvements. They have 12 photos of our Gromit throughout the year in his different outfits!

They would make a great Christmas present and are available now for only £5.





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109 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:25:30

Attempted Break-In at Downs Farm


Attempted BREAK IN, Dundry : Wednesday 3rd December at 22:00

We are looking for a Mitsubishi double cab pick up, silver reg- 05 RTX with a chrome roll bar. Also a white Seat, new shape around 2008, very dirty.

Please help, if you have any info please contact Michael Pearce 07966118804 PLEASE SHARE


Lucy Pearce

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108 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:25:21

New Year's Eve party at the RBL with Roy Bowery

See in 2015 with lots of fun and laughter and the one and only Roy Bowery!





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107 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:25:15

Planning Application For New Water Reservoir Approved


A planning application for the new water reservoir to be built by Bristol Water, which has raised much controversy among local residents (see items 29, 34 and 54 in this blog) has recently been amended, moving the temporary building compound to the north of the site. The application has now received approval from North Somerset Planning, subject to various conditions before building can commence.

Please follow the link below and read the most recent documents for more details.


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106 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:25:08

Ringmaster Message: Beware of fraudsters




Please remind members not to have dealings with any unsolicited callers whether they are at the door, calling by phone, sending Emails or writing to you. They may be offering to buy or sell items; perhaps offering to provide crime prevention advice, repair guttering or cut trees down; or they may ask to gain access inside the property. Whatever the excuse do not have dealings with them in any form.

Distraction burglaries are not common in Somerset, but there have been a couple of instances recently where elderly residents have been duped. Police Officers are keen to ensure that awareness in the community is raised and hopefully the likelihood of further victims will be reduced.

Remember all suspicious activity or callers should be reported as soon as possible to the police on 101 or in an emergency 999.

There is also a leaflet attached to this Message (see below) which provides some basic information on protecting yourself from Fraud. There are a limited number of paper copies available from the NHW office - contact Lindsey to order on 01278-644799 or by replying to this message.

If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the website.







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105 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:25:02

Sat 29/11 + 13/12/14, 4-7pm, RBL: Junior Skittles


The Royal British Legion will hold a Junior Skittles competition on 29 November and 13 December 4-7pm.


Entry is free for children aged 5-15 in three age groups.




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104 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:24:55

Sat. 29/11/14, 7.30pm, St. Andrew's Church Chew Magna: CVCS Christmas Concert

Chew Valley Choral Society Christmas Concert

David Bednall - Musical Director
Lucy Balderson - Soprano
Christopher Sheldrake - Baritone
Sophie Haynes - Cello
David Whitehead - Organ

Duruflé - Requiem
Vaughan Williams - Fantasia on Christmas Carols
Vaughan Williams - Five Mystical Songs and other Christmas music

Saturday 29th November 2014 7.30pm
St Andrew's Church, Chew Magna
Tickets £10 (students & children £5) from CVCS members, on the door or telephone 01275 333014







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103 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:23:17

Sat. 22/11/14, 2pm, Village Hall: Grand WI Winter Fair

The event you have been waiting for all year, the Grand WI Winter Fair on Saturday 22nd November 2-4pm at Dundry Village Hall. Lots of gifts, decorations, craft stalls, Santa in his grotto, making and activities for the children, tasty cakes, refreshments, festive cheer to name just some of it.





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102 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:23:09

Sun, 23/11/14: Spring Bulb Planting



This Sunday 11am, Dundry Village Hall

Bring a spade & your kids!!

Update: A small but enthusiastic group of people turned up and worked hard to get 25kg of daffodil bulbs into the ground. So, watch out for lots of colour next spring.







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101 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:22:56

Sat, 15/11/14, 8pm, RBL: Quiz Night


Don't miss out on Kevin's famous quiz night in the Royal British Legion!





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100 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:22:44

Police Advice for the Festive Season


With Christmas soon upon us please bear in mind where you leave any newly purchased presents for family and friends; please do not leave in any location that can easily be viewed by looking through a window.

Never leave presents on display in vehicles, ensure your vehicle is emptied and that no valuables are left on display.





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99 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:22:50

Sun 09/11/14: Dundry Remembered


Like in so many communities around the country and not least the National Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph in London, Dundry held its own procession and ceremony last Sunday to commemorate those who have suffered and died in armed conflicts over the past 100 years.





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98 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:22:38

Mon, 10/11/14: Parish Council Meeting (agenda and minutes)


Please find the agenda and published minutes below.




98-Notice of meeting November 10th 2014.pdf


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97 last modified on 2014-10-31 20:10:09

Church tower floodlights to be financed by sponsors?


A lot of people have said that they are missing the floodlighting of St.Michael's Church Tower.

It has been suggested by a member of the parish that the lighting could be sponsored, a week at a time during the year, to dedicate either to the memory of a loved one, a birthday or anniversary - or purely to see the tower floodlit! A calendar would be kept for people to recognise these gifts.


The lighting would be programmed to be on from September to April, at times according to the darkness, from around 6.30pm until around 10:30pm.

The cost of lighting, on average, is approximately £10 per week. It is planned in the near future to replace the lamps with low energy saving floodlights.

If you would like to support this idea and donate, please email, state the dates you would like to remember and the amount you want to donate. We will do our best to allocate the date you request or the nearest possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.




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96 last modified on 2014-10-23 22:52:39

Sat 01/11/14, 9.30am: Volunteers needed for maintenance work in the Village Hall


Your Village Hall Committee is planning to do some maintenance work on Saturday 1 November at 9.30am, including giving the kitchen a new lick of paint.


If you would like to see this great village asset being kept in a good state of repair, please come and join us. The more helping hands we have, the quicker we can finish the work.




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95 last modified on 2016-01-04 09:14:15

Cheese & Wine Evening a fantastic success!

Dave Nevitt, Chairman
Village Hall Committee

This year's Cheese & Wine was a fantastic success with a hall full of merrymakers enjoying a sumptupus buffet spread, courtesy of much hard work from many volunteers preparing it during the day. The Tombola was a sell-out with many people going away with big smiles and armfuls of prizes! A testing local quiz and the Raffle draw added to the fun too. The entertainment was provided by the One And Only Roy Bowery and karaoke, singing and dancing carried on into the night!

Many commented that it had been a great night. We would like to extend our thanks to all who came along to support your Village Hall on this fundraising event, which resulted in over £500 being raised for the upkeep of the Hall. A huge thank you to the many people who gave their time, effort and donations to make the event such a success.





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94 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:22:28

Thu, 23/10/14, 3.30pm, Village Hall: Halloween Disco

Halloween Disco on Thursday 23rd October 2014, 3.30-5.30pm at Dundry Village Hall.

Face Painting + Pumpkin Carving Competition

Tickets £4 from the school office or on the door, includes hot dog or slice of pizza.




94-Dundry Halloween.pdf



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93 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:22:20

Tue 28/10/14, 10am, Village Hall: Kite Flying Workshop

Please find below information about a kite-making workshop Forward Activities are holding in Dundry Village Hall on 28th October (10 a.m. to 12 noon) It is free and suitable for children 5 years old and upwards but under eights must be accompanied by an adult. All materials will be provided.




93-Kites flyer.pdf



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92 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:22:12

Tue, 16/12/14, 6.00pm: Dundry Village Carol Singing (CHANGE OF TIME)

Please come and join us Carol singing around Dundry village

We will meet at Dundry Village Hall car park at 6.00pm (NOT 6.30pm AS PREVIOUSLY ADVERTISED) and aim to finish up at the British Legion c.8pm for a final singsong!

Don't forget to bring a torch! Everyone welcome







Sian Weller

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91 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:22:05

Chew Valley Choral Society - Calling all singers!

Altos, Sopranos, Tenors, Basses

Still time to join us and rehearse for our forthcoming concert to be held on Saturday 29th November 2014 in St.Andrew's Church Chew Magna.

We meet on Tuesday evenings at 7.30 in Chew Stoke Church Hall. Please ring 01275 333014 for information.




91-CVC poster.pdf



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90 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:21:57

Senior Siren Magazine - Edition 21


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the very latest edition of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, the free, bi-monthly magazine of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (Charity No: 1148383).

In edition 21, you will find all the usual articles on cookery, gardening, games & puzzles and an interesting "senior spotlight" interview with Lord Martin Rees OM. Kt. FRS.(Baron of Ludlow) and one of the World's leading cosmologists and current holder of the historic Astronomer Royal title.

Also within the pages of the Siren, you will find a host of safety advice for older adults and the wider community.

Please follow the below link to access the electronic copy of the Senior Siren:


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89 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:21:51

Beware of a recent cold caller scam

Attached is a press release from Age UK. We have had a recent case where someone suggesting that they are from Age UK gained access to a house in Kingswood and suggested that they could do some home repairs. They then took money from the old person, never to be seen again. We are keen to underline the message that we never cold call.

Sarah Buckle

Business Development and Fundraising Manager

Age UK South Glos

Tel: 01454 423815







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88 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:21:44

Sat 01/11/14, 7pm, Sports & Social Club: Fireworks Display

Hi All

Just to let you know Dundry FC are holding a fireworks display at the club on Saturday November the 1st. Doors open at 7pm, display to start at 8pm aprox.

Members are £5. Kids are FREE.

Local residents can come for free and can make a donation if they wish.





Geoff Baker, S&S Club

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87 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:21:34

Wed 01/10/14: Parish Council Meeting


Please find the agenda and published minutes below.




87-Notice of meeting October 1st 2014.pdf


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86 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:21:27

Sat 11/10/14, 8pm, Village Hall: Cheese and Wine Evening

Dundry Village Hall Trust would like you to attend and support a fundraiser, a cheese and wine evening (other drinks available) on Saturday 11th October at 8pm. Tickets £7.50 each, incl. supper and a glass of wine.

Tombola + Raffle

Tickets available from any Committee Member or Ann - 0117 9643995







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85 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:21:10

St Michael the Archangel Church, Dundry: Annual Church Fair


An ancient tradition has been celebrated once again in spectacular style: our annual St Giles Fair. Why St Giles and not St Michael? Because that's who our church was dedicated to until the 1400s, and we have kept the name alive ever since in this way.

Proceedings started with Queen Peony and her Princesses Lily, Caitlin and Erin assembling their court in the church yard, followed by judging of the children's fancy dress competition. Winning outfits were chosen from among all the farmers and fairies, knights and maidens - with a few monsters thrown in for good measure!


The royal family took their places on the traditional hay stacked float and, accompanied by all the children, rode slowly to the Village Hall, where an enthusiastic crowd awaited their arrival. The queen and her attendants took their places on stage for the crowning ceremony and prizes were awarded to the winners of the fancy dress competition as follows:

Children aged 0-3Children aged 4-6Children aged 7+
1stGabriel: SWAT Team MemberDexter: The Incredible HulkEleanor: Spanish Dancer
2ndMatilda: Baby Dalek Ella: Queen of HeartsKaia: Dr. Who
3rdRosanna: Little Red Riding HoodJoshua: Sir Carvey The KnightOttilie: Monster High


The afternoon passed very quickly with raffles and tombolas, cake sales and bric-a-brac, face painting, sports competitions and skittles, with something for everyone to try.

Our volunteer caterers were busy making burgers, hot dogs and cups of tea, and local ice cream makers Chew Moo set up their ice cream stand in the hall, which was especially appreciated.

The fair finished with the Grand Prize Draw and a best of three tug of war. Our thanks to local businesses for donating prizes, and to Martin Pearce for lending us the rope!

With all hands on deck, the hall was quickly cleared and cleaned afterwards. A huge thank you to everyone involved in making the fair happen, to all who donated goods and prizes and everyone who came. A special thank you to Holger Laux, Chairman of the Parish Council, for opening the fair and generously giving his time.

The fair raised over £800, a magnificent sum that will help us to keep your church open and fit for use in the year ahead!



All good wishes,
Sandra Lovern.

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84 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:21:03

Tue, 14/10/14, 8pm: Dundry Playground AGM, all welcome

Annual General Meeting of Dundry Playground Group

Tuesday 14th October 2014, 8.00pm, 1, Mendip Villas, Crabtree Lane, Dundry, BS41 8LN

All welcome




84-Dundry Playground AGM 2014 poster.pdf


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83 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:20:54

Sat 20/09/14, 12-2, Village Hall: St. Giles Fair


Fancy Dress Judging 11.30 at St.Michael's Church


Crowning of the Queen 12.00 at the Village Hall


Family Sports Tournament, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Tombola, Stalls and much more


83-St Giles Fair.PDF



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82 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:20:47

04/10/14, 11am, Village Hall: W.I. Jumble Sale


Saturday 4th October is Grand Jumble Sale Day at 11am in the village hall. Clothes, bric a brac, household goods, books, toys anything and everything. Open 2pm Fri. and 9am Sat. for donations. One of our members who does loads of "preserving" is desperate for empty jam jars with lids, so if you have any, perhaps you could donate those and we'll pass them on to her.





Lesley Hurford

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81 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:20:39

W.I. Newsletter October 2014


Please find the link to the September Newsletter below.


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80 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:20:32

Wed22/10/14, 10am-12noon, Felton Village Hall: Village Agent Roadshow


On Wednesday 22nd October from 10am - 12 noon, the Chew Valley Village Agents will be holding a roadshow as guests of Careline, who meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. The roadshows are a chance to meet up with others in your community and find out what is available locally in terms of support and services for those living in rural areas. There will be a quiz, free slipper exchange, a raffle, advice on reducing fuel bills, and lots of organisations who are able to provide advice and support. Light refreshments will be served. The event is sponsored by North Somerset Community Partnership. If you need transport contact us on 01275 333700. We look forward to seeing you.





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79 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:20:24

UK terror threat level raised to SEVERE


The threat level to the UK from international terrorism has been raised to SEVERE: an attack is highly likely.

This is related to the developments in Syria and Iraq where groups are planning an attack in the UK, not to specific communities.

UK policing has a variety of operational tactics that are regularly used to prepare and protect the public.

People can expect to see an increase in high visibility police activity around a variety of sites, sectors and communities.

Communities defeat terrorism. The public are urged to report suspicious activity. We are particularly concerned about those might be intending to, or who have returned from, fighting in Syria and Iraq.





Avon and Somerset Police

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78 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:20:17

Panto time is starting again (first meeting 10/09/14)

Hello everyone, hope everyone is well. Panto time is starting again. I am really looking forward to this year, and i hope you all are as well. Lots of fun ahead, i hope.

There will be a meeting at the Carpenters Tavern on Wednesday the 10th. The play we are doing this year will be Aladdin. There was many reasons as to why i choose this one. But we can all discuss it at the meeting. We need to arrange rehearsal days and performance days. I would like the show to be on the 6th 7th and 8th of Feb but we can always adjust if needed.

Week after we will be starting with 1 rehearsal a week, where I will be deciding on parts. After that it will move to our normal one mid week rehearsal and one Sunday evening rehearsal.


There is a few things I will need help with this year.

As well as actors I need:

- A lighting crew

- Stage crew

- Stage manager

- Lots of people to help with costumes

- People to help with painting the sets

There is many things for people to get involved in. Just remember this is a community show and we all need to get together to make it successful. I really want the show to move forward and we all need to get together to do it.

Look forward to seeing you all





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Community Notification from Avon & Somerset Police regarding the NATO summit this weekend


This weekend, a NATO summit with over 60 world leaders will take place in South Wales.


Avon & Somerset Police have issued a community notification (see full text below) advising on increased police activity in our area in order to make this a safe event.

The good news is that very little disruption is expected for travellers at Bristol International Airport.



77-Community Notification 2nd September.pdf



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Your Village Agent is here to help!


Recently the Chew Valley Village Agents Team were informed of two sources of funding which may be particularly appropriate both for those more elderly and for those in rural environments.


Firstly, SSAFA (formerly the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association), provides lifelong support to those who are serving or who have ever served in the British Army, Royal Navy, and the Royal Air Force, and their families.

Secondly, the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I ), helps people of limited means in time of financial need.


If you would like to have a chat about something that you may wish to refer to either of the above, do feel free to contact Lyndsay Newman, your Village Agent on 07552 206848 or 01275 333700. Or email me at





Lyndsay Newman (Village Agent)

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16/09/14, 1-4pm, Timsbury near Bath: Support event for people suffering from hearing or sight loss


Hearing or sight loss can be very distressing and isolating. Many people think that they will never improve their situation until they meet professions from DeafPLUS and VisonPLUS. The Village Agents would like to invite you to an event that will allow you to try out new solutions that are changing people's lives every day. No need to be isolated anymore, come along for a light lunch and a chat about your individual needs. Tuesday 16th September, from 1-4pm. The Conygre Hall, North Road, Timsbury, Bath, BA2 0JQ. Call 01275 333700 if you would like more information or require transport to this event.





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Mobile Library Timetable Updated

The mobile library visiting dates have been updated (see link below).

Please also have a look at the promotional leaflet explaining what this valuable community service can do for you.




73-Mobile library promo leaflet 2014 Final version.pdf


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Will your child be aged 4 in the coming year?


If yes, then you will soon need to apply for their school place.


To explain the application process, two meetings have been arranged in Long Ashton on 8th and 11th September 2014.


Please see poster below.


72-24779 Time to start school poster Long Ashton HR (2).pdf



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Wed, 03/09/14: Parish Council Meeting (agenda + minutes)


Please find the agenda and published minutes below




71-Notice of meeting September 2014.pdf


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Ringmaster Message: Online Security



G0684 08082014 G, F, J

Please find below details of a website that is safe and well-trusted when it comes to giving excellent advice on keeping safe on the internet and to reduce the risk of being a victim of cyber crime.

The three golden rules for us all to adopt to avoid becoming victims are:

Choose, use and protect your passwords carefully.
Ensure that your antivirus/antispyware software and firewall are always kept up to date and switched on.
Be very careful about the amount and level of personal and financial information you reveal - and to whom.

The NHW Office hope you find this information useful.


If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the website.





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Site News: Summer Break


Dear visitors and readers,

For the next few weeks, I will only have limited access to computing facilities. So please bear with me if this news blog does not get updated as regularly as usual.

I will certainly catch up with everything when I am fully back online.


Your Dundry Webmaster




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A message from a former Dundry resident

Dear Editor,

As a one time Dundry resident, I view the local news and think back to when it was a quiet wartime village.

The photo to the left shows a group of houses where I lived. If you follow the road up from the right of the photo you see two prominent houses, the right hand one was my home. I understand that they no longer exist and that a large house has been built there.


My early memory is of a huge fire on what we knew as Soldiers' Tump (I have no idea why it was called that). This was a high flat area near the caves. It was to mark some Royal Occasion, I think.

Another memory, at about eight years old, was coming out of the Church after Choir Practice and seeing strange coloured lights in the sky. The vicar and choir master told us it was the Aurora Borealis, something we had never heard of.

When we were young, Dundry Downs was our playground (quite a lot different to the last time I saw it), especially the Caves with the brave entering by candle light and the scramble for the entrance when a draft blew it out.

My own early teens were taken up by work in a garage at Ashton Gate. And at night fire watching on the veranda of Tom Clements bungalow. Ready with our long handled shovels, buckets of water and Stirrup pumps.

Our Saturday night dance in the old village hall (a wooden hall next to the Dundry Inn) plus the concerts by the local group were the highlight of the week.

Other memories are of the Dundry Pioneer bus with Steve driving and his sister as conductress but this has already been covered.

Later I joined the Home Guard and spent nights guarding the Barrow Gurney reservoirs. Then of course the call to arms. So many left the village and many, myself included, returned to jobs that took us away from Dundry and we settled elsewhere.

My last visit was about seven years ago, a gale was blowing at the time. So my son and I could not go into the church because of loose masonry on the tower.

What an active place Dundry is today!

Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Walter Plucknett



Webmaster's response:

Dear Walter, many thanks for sharing your memories with us. One of my next projects is to add some personal accounts to the history section of this site. So, if anyone would like to contribute their own recollections, please contact me at the e-mail address above.



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23-25/08/14 - Beer and Cider Festival at the Carpenter's Tavern


We are hosting a beer and cider festival for the bank holiday weekend, with a wide range of real ales and local ciders. There will be afternoon BBQ's and entertainment (TBC) throughout the weekend. The range of drinks and entertainment will be posted when confirmed!

Carpenters Tavern, Wells Road, Dundry, Bristol BS41 8NE, Tel: 01179 646 423





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07-10/08/14 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta - Activity at Bristol Airport


You may be interested to know that several aircraft displaying at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta this weekend (7 - 10 August ) will be operating in and out of Bristol Airport and flying in our airspace. These limited additional flights may attract interest from local residents due to the iconic nature of the aircraft involved. These are likely to include RAF Typhoons, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and other historic aircraft.

I am unable to confirm the flight schedule at this stage. The Airport's commercial operations will continue to operate as normal during the Fiesta.

We hope these flights will be of interest to you too. Whilst we do not anticipate any issues arising from these aircraft, residents may express any concerns they may have by using our online noise complaints service:


Mike Littleton, Community Relations Manager, Bristol Airport

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Beware of Fraudsters


Fraudsters claiming to be working on a police magazine are trying to con small business owners in Avon and Somerset.

Police have had several reports about a telephone scam in Avon and Somerset which is targeting small business owners.

The caller claims to be from an agency working on a magazine for the police and is looking for local businesses to become sponsors.

Small business owners are reporting that the caller asks for £100 for an acknowledgement or advert to be included in the magazine, which allegedly supports policing issues such as keeping young people off the street and substance misuse.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary's Corporate Communications Department have confirmed that they have not commissioned or put any support behind a magazine which requires sponsors or advertisers.

The scam is being investigated by Action Fraud.

What to do if you get a cold call

How to report a telephone scam:

Report to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online reporting form.

If you have the name of the company, report it to Trading Standards by calling the Citizens Advice consumer helpline 03454 04 05 06.

As the scam is being investigated by Action Fraud, Avon and Somerset Constabulary have no further information about the investigation at this time.

PCSO Haley Bromley
Thornbury Police Post
0117 945 5904





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Ringmaster Message: Anti Social Behaviour Drop In Sessions



J0583 31072014 J District

The following Anti Social Behaviour Drop In sessions are now up and running in North Somerset, attended by North Somerset Council, Avon and Somerset Police, Victim Support and phone support from SARI:

1st Monday of each calendar month: The Barn, Children's Centre in Clevedon 10-11am

2nd Tuesday of each calendar month: WSM Town Hall, 11-12midday

2nd Friday of each calendar month: Healthy Living Centre, Bournville 2-3pm

3rd Tuesday of each calendar month: Nailsea Library, Somerset Square 10-11am

3rd Thursday of each calendar month: Worle library 11-12midday

4th Thursday of each calendar month: Portishead library 11-12midday


If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see


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Senior Siren Magazine - Edition 20

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the very latest edition of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, the free, bi-monthly magazine of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (Charity No: 1148383).

In edition 20, you will find all the usual articles on cookery, gardening, games, puzzles and an interesting Senior Spotlight interview with Trevor Colman MEP, a retired senior detective and international Politian.

Also within the pages of the Siren, you will find a host of safety advice for older adults and the wider community.

Please follow the link below to access the SCLT Web site and download the latest edition.


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Local Government Boundary Commission - Final Recommendations Report


Over the past year, the Local Government Boundary Commission has been looking at re-organising North Somerset ward boundaries in order to ensure electoral fairness and efficiency in our district.


With regards to our immediate local area, two alternative recommendations had been drawn up and published for consultation (please see news item 33).


Our current local councillor Hugh Gregor, Dundry Parish Council and many local residents strongly objected to the idea of Dundry and Winford being grouped together with Long Ashton and we are now pleased to report that the Commission has listened to our submissions and has reverted back to Map A (Winford, Dundry, Barrow Gurney and Flax Bourton as a single member ward).

Well done to everyone who took an interest in the matter and made their voices heard.


Your Dundry Parish Council

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North Somerset Children's Centres Summer Activities



You may be interested in Events organised by Children Centres during the summer holidays.

These events are aimed at families with children from 0-5 years of age. (please see poster below)

Just turn up for the Sensory Stay and Play at Clevedon Childrens Centre on Wednesday 23rd July, and no need to book for the Stay and Play held in the Garden at Yeo Valley Childrens Centre, Congresbury on Thursday 24th July 2014.

For those going on the Strawberry Line Walk, meet us at Yatton Railway Station and the walk will finish at Yatton Childrens Centre.

Any queries phone 01934 426440 for Clevedon Childrens Centre, 01934426633 for Yatton Childrens Centre, 01934426643 for Yeo Valley Childrens Centre, Congresbury.




61-Summer Activity 2014 poster.pdf



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St. Michael's Church Tower - Opening Hours and Safety Advice

Going up our church tower is a spectacular experience, especially in this lovely weather.

But you need to observe a few simple rules to make your visit safe.

Please find the latest Opening Hours and Health and Safety Advice below.







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Thu, 21/08/14, 7pm: 50/50 Clothes Sale at Dundry Church

Bring your nearly new - adults or children's clothes into church either Wednesday 20th or Thursday 21st between 6.00-7.00pm for labelling & collect your cash at the end of Thursday evening!! 50% for your purse & 50% to Church.

Refreshments available
A glass of cider & crisps







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58 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:17:23

Sun, 07/09/14, 3pm: Sponsored Teddy Bear Parachute


Bring the "grown ups" for a cream tea.

Prizes for best parachute and slowest descent from the tower.







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55 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:15:39

Activities for young people: Free Summer Holiday Drama Sessions

School is out soon and the summer is here.

Foward Activities is offering free drama sessions for young people during July and August.

See what it takes to be a star on stage (Who knows? One day you might be one!).







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Your Parish Council's official response to the planned water reservoir


Plans for a new water reservoir in the centre of the village have led to heated discussions among residents and many individual objections were submitted in response to the planning application by Bristol Water plc.


Dundry Parish Council has been listening to your views and decided to send the following strong submission to North Somerset Planners:



54-DPC comments on 14.P.1049.F.pdf



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Great Western Air Ambulance - appeal for help


The Great Western Air Ambulance Charity is appealing for our help and donations for their invaluable emergency service.

Our hilltop location means that anyone living here might have to rely on an air ambulance to take them to hospital in case of an emergency and they have indeed come to the rescue several times in the past.

The letter below is addressed to Dundry Parish Council but unfortunately we are not allowed to make donations from our budget as this would effectively come out of your council tax.

This is why we are passing the appeal on to you and ask for your generous support. The clothes container mentioned in the letter is most likely to be placed near the village hall for you to use.




53-Great Western Air Ambulance.PDF



Dundry Parish Council

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Traffic disruption expected as major A370 maintenance scheme begins on 11th August


As you may have read in the latest edition of "North Somerset Life", major repair work is about to commence on the A370 Yanley Viaduct on 11th August 2014.

The road will be reduced to one lane, allowing one-way traffic into Bristol in the morning until 11.30 and out of Bristol afterwards. Alternative routes are suggested via Belmont Hill, through Long Ashton and on the A38.

Especially this last option will have an impact on our traffic situation in the parish. It is expected that the number of vehicles using the A38 will increase, making it even more difficult to navigate the junction with Dundry Lane. We might also see more passing traffic through Highridge Road and Broadoak Hill (still not repaired by then!).

Our local district councillor Hugh Gregor is lobbying for temporary traffic lights to be installed at the bottom of Dundry Lane, but we have no firm commitment yet.

The repair works on the A370 are expected to take until April 2015, possibly closely followed by the start of construction work for the South Bristol Link Road, then causing further inconvenience.

For more info, please see the link below:


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Ringmaster Message: Advice on how to protect your home over the holiday season



G0515 03072014 (attchment)

With the main holiday season nearly upon us, police would like to remind all members of the following:

(attached is a list of crime reduction items available through the office that includes items such as timers for lights/radio)


If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the website.







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50 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:16:32

Wed 16/07/14, Nailsea: Police offers free bike marking event


On Wednesday 16th July Nailsea beat team and British Transport Police are holding a bike marking day at Nailsea & Yatton police station between 7.30 - 10.00am.

The product being used is bike register. The product will be offered for free on this day only.

Feel free to come along and get your bike marked. Further information can be found at &





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49 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:16:25

Volunteers Needed for Additional Tower Opening Dates


With the popularity of our tower open days we are hoping to add some additional days to the diary. These would be the 4th Sunday of every month between 2-4pm.


However, before we can do this we need some additional volunteers willing to help out with the supervision of visitors.


If you are able to assist then please speak to a churchwarden (Jane Lyons - 0117 964 1338 , James Le Grys - 0117 964 5730) and let us know which dates you can do.



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48 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:16:16

NEW DATE: Tue 30/09/14, 4-6pm, Village Hall: WEEE amnesty event to get rid of your old electrical equipment


As part of its Don't waste it! campaign, North Somerset Council is urging all residents to recycle their old electronic equipment at local amnesty events.

The council has teamed up with town and parish councils to hold WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) amnesty events across the district, where you can drop off old or unwanted kettles, toasters, TVs, computers and hairdryers etc.

Waste electrical equipment is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK and last year only 33% of this type of waste was recycled.

The local events aim to provide a convenient way for you to recycle these items if you can't get to your recycling centre, keeping them out of landfill.


Following last year's successful event in Dundry, it is held this year at:

Dundry Parish Hall, Crabtree Lane, Dundry, BS41 8LN on Tuesday 30th September at 4-6pm.

IMPORTANT: The previously advertised date was incorrect.


For full details of all events visit!.aspx


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47 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:16:09

Recycling food waste just got easier!

You can now use plastic bags to line your food waste caddy following a successful trial by North Somerset Council.

Previously, only newspaper or compostable bags could be used as liners, but the council wants to make it easier and cheaper for people to use the weekly kerbside food waste collection service.

It costs £1.2m to treat and dispose of North Somerset's food waste, and only half of the 14,500 tonnes of food waste generated by residents each year is recycled. By composting your kitchen waste at home or using the kerbside collections scheme, you could help to drastically reduce that bill.


All food waste collected at the kerbside is sent to a new anaerobic digestion plant in Weston-super-Mare, that generates enough electricity to power up to 1,000 homes. For more information visit


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46 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:16:01

Every Wednesday 7.30-9pm: Football training with Dundry AFC at the playing fields

Dundry AFC pre season training starts from this Wednesday the 2nd of July at Dundry playing fields, 7.30-9pm, we will be training every Wednesday at the playing fields until the light forces us to change destination to the imperial ground where we train on the 3G pitches under flood light.

Everybody is welcome to try out. You will need to be 16 & older to be able to sign on but all ages are welcome to train.

We currently play in the Somerset 1st Division. So why not try out for your local team?

If you have any questions please contact me on 07974765627

Geoff Baker, Manager





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45 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:15:53

Wed, 02/07/14: Parish Council Meeting (agenda + minutes)


Please find the agenda and published minutes below:






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44 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:04:16

Sat, 09/08/14, 3.30pm, Village Hall: Dundry W.I. and Village Produce Show


Admission 50p, children 10p (over 3)

Please find the competition rules below.







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42 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:14:53

Roadworks on Broadoak Hill


Broadoak Hill has been reduced to one lane since January this year following subsidence and part-collapse of the road. The repair work is estimated to cost half a million Pounds and has been delayed due to insurance matters.


The road will now be closed completely from 14 to 18 July for further investigations before the actual repairs can begin.


We will keep you updated.



Dundry Parish Council

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41 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:14:45

Safari Supper cancelled


Unfortunately, this year's Safari Supper had to be cancelled as there was not enough interest. Please bear it in mind for next year (end of June 2015) as it is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbours.





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40 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:14:37

Having a good time at the Barn Dance


On Saturday 7June, Dundry Village Hall was transformed with bunting, gingham tablecloths, flower filled jam jars and a decorated milk churn in readiness for a Country & Western Barn Dance.

The Saloon Bar was fully stocked and the Chuck Wagon provided suitably themed refreshments including an array of desserts such as Apple and Cherry Pies, American Cheesecake and Chocolate Brownies.

Everyone enjoyed the traditional dancing lead by Jill Elliott accompanied by a group of talented musicians, called Hot Punch.


The night concluded with a raffle of fabulous prizes and a presentation of goody bags was awarded to the winners of the quiz.

The sum of approximately £600 was raised for the upkeep of Dundry Village Hall. A BIG thank you to everyone who supported the event.

We are always looking for volunteers to join the Committee, who work so hard to keep your Village Hall in such fantastic condition.

For enquiries and booking please contact Debs on 07966 529819 (9am-7pm)




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39 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:14:28

Sports & Social Club Fun Day


Hi everybody,

Sports & Social committee would like to thank everybody who came & enjoyed Dundry FC fun day on Saturday the 7th of June, we were extremely lucky with the weather & had a great day.

Hope to see you all at our next event.






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38 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:14:21

What's On in Dundry


Our village event guide has just been updated. Please find the latest version here:


Ann Bell

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37 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:14:12

We need a new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Co-ordinator

Our Neighbourhood Watch scheme needs a new co-ordinator. To give you an idea what is involved and for further reading suggestions, please try the link below.

The Parish Council can get you in touch with our previous co-ordinator. You can also contact Lindsey Stone (, Tel. 01823-363348) at the Avon and Somerset Police Watch Scheme Office for more information or speak to our local beat officers when you meet them in the street.


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36 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:14:05

Campaigning for general practice funding


You will doubtless be aware from the media that there is a major campaign under way to highlight the pressures faced by general practice and to encourage the government to spend a greater proportion of the NHS budget on GP-led services. Both the British Medical Association GP Committee and the Royal College of GPs have sent us posters to display, and the RCGP have lots more information about their campaign on their website (please see below).


Please do have a look at this web page and support the campaign in any way you can. Your GPs at Chew care very much about the quality of services that they deliver to their patients, and there is a serious risk of that quality being eroded as the workload faced by GPs increases faster than the money to pay for it. More and more work is being passed back to GPs from hospitals, and at the same time the needs of our ageing population are growing. Newly qualified doctors are thinking very hard before committing to a career as a GP, and many young GPs are preferring to work as locums, so that they do not have to cope with the stresses of "belonging" at a practice. This is making recruitment of permanent GPs incredibly difficult.


Kate Davenport
Chew Medical Practice Manager

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35 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:13:56

Parish Magazine June 2014 available for download


You should have received your latest Parish Magazine through the letterbox. But in case you mislaid it, you can download it here:


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34 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:13:48

Wed 4th June 2014: Parish Council Meeting (agenda + minutes)


Please find the agenda and published minutes below.


You may find the question and answer session with representatives from Bristol Water plc of particular interest. (Please see item 29 about the proposed new water reservoir earlier in this blog.)



34-Notice of meeting June 4th 2014.pdf


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33 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:13:34

Re-organisation of local election ward boundaries


Earlier this year, we were asked to take part in a public consultation on the re-organisation of local election ward boundaries. To summarise the situation: We are currently in a single member ward together with Winford, Felton and Regil and are represented at North Somerset Council by independent Cllr. Hugh Gregor from Winford.

In their review, the Boundary Commission concluded that our ward was too small compared with other wards, i.e. that Cllr. Gregor was representing too few electors. In a first recommendation (Map A), they suggested that Barrow Gurney and Flax Burton should join us. But this, together with further boundary changes, prompted complaints from other communities in the north of the district.

A revised recommendation (Map B) was drawn up, this time showing Dundry and Winford as part of a Long Ashton ward. Dundry Parish Council (and some parishioners) responded that this was not an ideal solution as Long Ashton is too far away and has different interests from our communities. We need a local councillor familiar with our area so that he or she can make our voice heard in Weston-super-Mare efficiently.


Please find below a link with the recommended maps and all the responses to the Boundary Commission. We will keep you informed about further developments.


Dundry Parish Council

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32 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:13:10

News about the 672 bus service


It is now official that CT Coaches will hand over the operation of the 672 service to Bugler (who have been running the 6.10pm journey from Bristol for some time) at the end of August this year. The good news is that the timetable and fares will stay the same for the time being.


In the meantime, residents of Blagdon have formed an action group to lobby North Somerset Council for better local transport links to isolated villages. Their first meeting was held in early May (please see minutes attached).


If you feel strongly about the issue and would like to get involved, please contact Renée Bolton ( and also keep our parish clerk Judith Hoskin ( informed, if you do.





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31 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:13:02

Site Update: Dundry Newsletter now open to subscriptions


Dear Visitor,


Over the past few weeks, you may have seen this News Blog fill up with all sorts of useful and entertaining information.


In order not to miss anything in the future, there is now another great way to stay informed. Just sign up to our new newsletter (see link below) and you will receive all the latest news in one weekly e-mail straight to your inbox. It will be delivered every Friday around 6pm, right in time to plan your weekend.


Holger (Webmaster)

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30 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:11:37

Mon, 30/06/14, 7.30pm, Village Hall, Free Heartstart Training

There have been some discussions lately whether it would be a good idea to have a defibrillator in Dundry (a device that can potentially save your life in case of a cardiac arrest, you may have seen the green boxes in other places such as Winford or Chew Magna.) However, this requires a considerable financial investment and continuous commitment from volunteers.

As an interim solution, Dundry Parish Council decided it would be a good idea to raise general awareness for a variety of emergency life support skills. If you know what to do in an emergency, half the battle is won - with or without supporting technology.


This is why we will have a free Heartstart Training session on Monday, 30th June 2014 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, lasting for about 2 hours. Anyone is welcome to attend, but please let Judith Hoskin (, 0117-9642804) know so that the instructors from the British Heart Foundatiion know how many people to expect.



30-Free Heartstart Training - poster.pdf



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29 last modified on 2016-05-07 17:12:50

Major Planning Project: New Bristol Water Reservoir on Dundry Hill


Many Dundry residents have recently received a letter from Bristol Water plc detailing plans for a new water reservoir to be built on the hill. Initially, it was supposed to go in the corner field between Downs Road and Winford Lane, but further investigations found the site to be unsuitable. They are now looking at the centre field, behind the properties on the northern side of Crabtree Lane.


A planning application has been submitted to North Somerset Council (see link below) and Dundry Parish Council has invited a representative from Bristol Water to their next meeting on 4th June 2014, 7.30pm in the Village Hall, to explain the plans in more detail and answer questions. Any member of the public interested or concerned by the issue is very welcome to join the session.


Please find a further, detailed drawing for download below.

Update: We had a lively discussion at the Parish Council meeting with many residents voicing their concerns. Minutes will be published shortly. In the meantime, please do leave your comments at the planning Web site below and/or let your Parish Council know before it takes a decision on its official response to the application at its next meeting on 2nd June 2014.

Don't forget to submit your comments. Every voice counts!


29-32369 1 E Proposed Layout Final_1.0.pdf;jsessionid=D0E1C79D8BCB7AE1C3F553F806375C98?action=show&appType=Planning&appNumber=14/P/1049/F


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17 May 2014: Church held open day, showing plans for the future


On Saturday 17 May, St Michael's Church, Dundry held an open day to show the re-ordering plans that the Parochial Church Council would like to implement, these are -
  • Update the heating system, electrics, level the flooring and, hopefully sort out the damp
  • Retain the pews either side of the central aisle but reduce the number and re-space the remainder
  • Remove the pews from the south aisle (next to the road) and re-site them around the wall
  • Move the font to the space created by the above action
  • Remove the pews in the north aisle, re-site them around the wall and create a hospitality zone in this area
  • Re-create the doorway where the Memorial Plaque is at present and build an extension which would house a toilet and storage area for chairs.
  • Create a disabled access within this extension
  • Re-site the electric organ within the existing organ casing
  • Re-position the piano
  • Re-position the pulpit to allow everyone to see the Vicar!


To enable these plans to be carried out the PCC and the Church Working Group will seek grants from various funds.

The open day also gave the PCC/Church Working Group an opportunity to inform people what the running costs were and how much they rely on the village to support their fundraising events and welcome their donations.


The Tower was open and many brave people climbed the numerous steps to see the splendid views across the city and beyond.

Our grateful thanks to the W I members who kindly donated their help and delicious cakes.

The day raised a magnificent sum of £400 towards the running costs of the Church. Thank you.



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Site Update: News Blog can now contain photo galleries


Good news: This News Blog can now contain photo galleries.

Just try and click on the photo next to this text.


But before you start sending me all your wonderful photos, please bear a few things in mind:


Looking forward to hearing from you.



Holger (Webmaster)

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Ringmaster Crime Report




J0365 10052014 JN320


Crime report:


Between the 8 - 9 May entry has been gained to an insecure garage at a property in High Street, Winford. A drill and surfboard has been stolen from within.




If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see


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Neighbourhood Policing Awards


Nominate your local police officers PC 3494 Peter Rooke, PCSO 7510 Laura Wheeler and PCSO 7278 Pen Gatenby at


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Singing For the Brain


Join us at one of our fun, stimulating Singing for the Brain sessions for people in the early to moderate stages of dementia and their carers.


Enjoy a chat over coffee and meet new friends. Your local group meets every Wednesday from 10.00am to 12.00pm At The Wellsway, Harptree Hill, West Harptree, BS40 6EJ


Contact Paula Smith (Alzheimers Society ) on 07795 344936 Or Lyndsay Newman 07552206848 (Village Agent) on 07552206848 for information.



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Wed 7th May 2014: Parish Council Meeting (agenda + minutes)


Please find the agenda and published minutes below.






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Site Update: New Photos of the Churchyard Project available



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Saturday 7th June 2014, 7.30pm: Barn Dance in aid of the Village Hall

Country & Western Barn Dance, Music by "Hot Punch", a 7 piece band.

Tickets £10, incl. supper.

Call Annette (07743978655) or Ann (0117 9643995) to book yours.







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Thursday 22nd May 2014: Don't forget to vote in the European Elections


Our polling station is at Dundry Village Hall between 7am and 10pm. More information about the elections and list of candidates can be found here:






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Sunday 1st June 2014: The Dundry Big Lunch

You may have seen the national press communicating a UK wide "Big Lunch".... The aim is to get as many people as possible across the whole of the UK to have lunch with their neighbours annually on the first Sunday in June in a simple act of community.... Last year 3.65 million people got together!






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Saturday 17 May 2014 from 12 Noon: Dundry Church Looks To The Future

St. Michael's Church

For centuries St Michael's Church, Dundry, has not only been a place of worship for the local community, but a beacon, landmark and place of historic interest for the citizens of Bristol, Somerset and beyond.

The Parochial Church Council has decided to bring the church up to date by making sure it is warm and welcoming. We are planning to install modern facilities - a toilet, disabled access, small servery and a new heating system - so that we can make more use of the building, both for services and social activities.

Because we want you to have the opportunity to see the plans and to have any questions you may have answered,


there will be an open day on Saturday 17th May. The church will be open from 12 midday onwards, with members of the clergy, PCC and Working Group there to talk to you.

At 4pm there will be a more formal presentation, with refreshments. You can find us at BS41 8LH, OS Grid Ref ST 55752 66859

Please RSVP to We would like to know how many hope to arrive so that we have enough cake!

We also plan to open the Tower to visitors. Please see the attached.






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Please support your Village Hall


A Treasurer is urgently needed to support the ongoing running of the Dundry Village Hall.


Please ring Dave on 0117 964 2112 for details


Update: A new treasurer has now been found. Many thanks for coming forward and welcome to the Village Hall Committee.



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Toddler Group in Danger of Closing Down


Baby & Toddler Group runs in the Village Hall on Tuesday afternoons, 1.30 until 3pm. They are in desparate need of someone willing to spare 2 hours per week. No qualifications necessary, but it is a voluntary role. Please contact Emily on 07767 815973.


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Site Update: Welcome to the Dundry News Blog

Dear Visitors,

As part of my ongoing efforts to update and improve this Web site, I am proud to announce the launch of the Dundry News Blog, intended to be the central place for all those snippets of information you want your community to know.

At the moment, I am still ironing out some teething problems. Further additions are already planned such as:

  • automatic listing of latest news headlines on the front page (done)
  • automatic generation of news entries when certain other parts of the site have been updated
  • photo galleries (at the moment, I only have space for one photo per entry)
  • e-mail subscription to a weekly news digest


So please come back often to see what's new, let me know what's going on and - most importantly - spread the word about our useful Web site.


See you soon,




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