Minutes of the Meeting of Dundry Parish Council

Held on Wednesday 9th January 2008


Chair:  Cllr Dave Nevitt

In Attendance:  Cllrs Bee Peters, Jane Swyer, Richard Thomas & Duncan Pittaway.

                            District Cllr Hugh Gregor, WPC Jackie McDonald & PC Adam 



Clerk:                 Julie Smith


Present:  Three members of the public joined the meeting for the Public Forum.


09/01/08 283 – Apologies

Cllrs Mike Gleave, Kevin Smith, David Hurford, Maggie Keast & Bee Quick.                                           


09/01/08 284 – Crime Report for preceding month/Neighbourhood 


284.1    WPC Jackie McDonald was pleased to report a very quiet Christmas and New Year, with just three reported incidents:

1 x attempted theft of a motor bike

1 x theft of a car

1 x theft of a garden bench

284.2  Neighbourhood Watch – Cllr Peters had no specific news

           except to say that newsletters were currently being distributed 

           and that volunteer deliverers are still needed to assist in  

           Crabtree Close and Upton Lane.  Cllr Nevitt suggested putting

           notes to this effect through the doors of parishioners living in  

           these two areas – Cllr Peters will attend to this if necessary,

           making it known that this is just a quarterly task.  The Clerk

           also volunteered to approach someone directly who she thought

           might consider helping.













Cllr Peters/


09/01/08 285 – Matters Arising

285.1    Road repairs to Dundry Lane – proposed date:  The Clerk was

           pleased to report that North Somerset Council have applied for 

           a road closure on Dundry Lane to enable repair works to take

           place outside of West Grove.  The intended date for the

           commencement of work is 18th February which is the start of

           the school half term.  This will minimise disruption to the

           school transport service.  Cllr Pittaway was able to substantiate

           this intention.

285.2    Signs for car park/Hill Road turning circle:  the Clerk has this in hand.

285.3    Hill Road Light:  The Chair has requested the repair of the light

           at the turning circle.  He had also asked for a brighter lamp to

           be installed – this will cost in the region of £350.00.  Council

           agreed to go ahead with this on the grounds of increased

           security for this area.

285.4  Village Car Park Improvements:  Cllr Hurford  supplied

           a written quotation for the tidying and reinstallation of railings

           etc.  In keeping with the Council’s Standing Orders, the Clerk

           was asked to seek a third quote.

285.5  Damaged Wall on Broadoak Hill:  the Clerk had learned that

           the damaged wall does belong to North Somerset Council but

           that they are seeking compensation from the owner of the

           vehicle which collided with the wall.

285.6  Public Meeting re NSC Core Strategy:  the Clerk was asked to

           pursue this request.

285.7  CCTV at Dundry Village Hall – the Clerk had spoken to the

           Sports and Social Club who, in principle, agreed to contribute

           towards the cost of CCTV at the hall/club.  As members of

           Dundry Village Hall Trust were in attendance, these were also

           asked to consider contributing.  This will be put to members at

           their meeting due on 10th January.

285.8  Deviation Sign on Dundry Lane – North Somerset Council had

           agreed to erect a deviation sign on the downward bend on

           Dundry Lane.  The Clerk had been asked to ascertain the owner

           of the property of the proposed siting.  Cllr Quick had already

           been approached by Cllr Smith regarding this, and Cllr Peters

           agreed to assist.


























09/01/08 286 – Minutes of the Meeting held 5th December 2007

The minutes were approved with the exception of item no 05/12/07 279 – Planning application 07/P/2893/F:  Cllr Thomas requested the removal of ‘no objection’.  The Clerk duly made the amendment and the reprinted minutes were signed as a true and accurate record of proceedings.





09/01/08 287 – Public Forum

Two members of Dundry Village Hall Committee reported to the Council that several members of the Committee were wishing to retire from office.  Serious concerns were raised over the lack of volunteers to take their places – particular concern being over the role of Secretary and Treasurer.  They also reported on the financial situation of the hall, and reported on the constant need to fundraise for the general upkeep of the hall.  Several ideas were put forward to try to address the situation:

Advertising for volunteer committee members in the Parish magazine and on the Parish website;

Having a stand at the proposed Parish Plan Action Plan launch day in April, thus raising the profile of the hall committee;

Drawing up a ‘wish list’ of Parish Hall needs in general – these may be able to be addressed by the Parish Plan;

Approaching ‘Awards for All’ to seek available grants.


Cllr Swyer requested that a sum of £65.00 be allocated for the purchase of snowdrop bulbs that would be planted around the village during early Spring – agreed.




09/01/08 288 – Report from District Councillor Hugh Gregor

Cllr Gregor reported that he had recently attended a full meeting of North Somerset Council during which the Council Tax for the next financial year had been discussed.  He was pleased that the preliminary expectation is that the rise in Council Tax will be just 1.9% on the previous year.  Discussions had taken place with regard to reducing costs and North Somerset Council may introduce an initiative to turn off street lights for some hours.  Cllr Thomas suggested that money could be saved by reducing the amount of ‘glossy’ documents that are produced – District Cllr Gregor will take this point back to North Somerset Council.  District Cllr Gregor also reported on the lack of proper procedures followed during a recent development application on the site of the old Barrow Gurney Hospital.

Cllr Thomas raised concerns with District Cllr Gregor over the apparent lack of response by Bristol International Airport to North Somerset’s queries on its Master Plan.  Cllr Gregor sought to assure Cllr Thomas that the appropriate scrutiny panel would ensure that all issues were addressed.

Cllr Thomas also raised the issue of the Strategic Land Availability document which lists all the sites where housing development could take place.  He felt most strongly that this made a mockery of the recent consultation on the NSC Core Strategy.  Following extensive discussion, District Cllr Gregor recommended speaking to Tom Collinson, an independent Councillor who has a particular interest in this field and undertook to supply the telephone number.
























DCllr Gregor

09/01/08 289 – Parish Plan Update

Cllr Nevitt reported that the questionnaire answers were being entered into computer software ready for analysis and reminded Councillors that the Action Plan launch date was set for 18th April 2008, to be followed by a celebration party.




09/01/08 290 – Planning

290.1    Applications Received

07/P/3191 /F:  Land off Littleton Lane.  Installation of noise monitoring equipment for Bristol International Airport.  Cllr Thomas/planning committee to consider.

290.2    Applications Approved

07/P/2494/F:  5 Dundry Lane; Demolition of existing property and creation of 1x no 4 bedroom detached dwelling.

07/P/2733/F:  Colliters House, Bridgwater Road;  Erection of garage with family annexe. 

           07/P/2787/F:  St Bernards Mount, Broadoak Hill;  Erection of a 

           single storey side extension.

290.3    Application Refused

           07/P/2858/O:  Land off Dundry Lane, Dundry; Outline

           application for erection of new dwelling and detached garage      

           with the appearance, layout, scale and access not reserved for

            subsequent approval.




Cllr Thomas

09/01/08 291 – Sports & Social Club - Signing of Agreement

Cllr Pittaway reported that this had not taken place as hoped but that he was meeting with the Sports and Social Club on Saturday 12th January.  The opportunity was taken to give a copy of the agreement to the two members of Dundry Village Hall Committee present.  The legal fees for the drawing up of the agreement have been confirmed at £1500 plus VAT.  The Clerk was asked to take the signing of the agreement forward to the next meeting of Dundry Parish Council.




Cllr Pittaway




09/01/08  292 – Clerk’s Report/Finance

The Clerks time sheet for December was duly signed and a financial report presented.

The Clerk reported that the Parish Council’s precept application has to be with North Somerset Council before 31st January 2008 and requested that a Finance Committee meeting be held prior to this date.  As Cllr Gleave is ill, Cllr Thomas agreed to temporarily sit on the Finance Committee and the Clerk agreed to contact the remaining members, none of whom were present, to try to arrange a meeting for 17th January.

292.1    Approval and Signing of Cheques:

Cheque No 100189 £316.57 - Mrs J Smith-December wages

                   100190 £19.97 – Mr C Glover-bulbs

                   100191 £61.66 – DVHT re hall hire/telephone bill

                   100192 £11.06 – EDF Energy

The Clerk was asked to ensure that the Parish Council is registered and able to reclaim VAT.


















09/01/08  293 – Correspondence

293.1   Bristol Water – ‘Water in the Future’ – 25 year vision – pass to

            Cllr Hurford

293.2   NSC Plastic recycling briefing –Clerk asked to publicise on

            notice boards and website

293.3   NSC Precept Application

293.4   NSC List of Parish/Town Council Chairman & Clerks – copy

            requested by Cllr Peters

293.5   NSC South Area Committee meeting 19th December 2007

293.6   NSC Corporate Training late availability

293.7   NSC Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

293.8   NSC re new planning application forms

293.9   HSBC Bank Statement

293.10 Dundry Village Hall Trust invoice for q/e 31.12.07






There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.50pm.Copies of the full minutes of the meeting of Dundry Parish Council held on Wednesday 9th January 2008 can be found on village notice boards, on the parish website or obtained from the Clerk, Mrs Julie Smith - 0117 978 4209.