Minutes of the Meeting of Dundry Parish Council

Held on Wednesday 6th February 2008


Chair:  Cllr Kevin Smith

In Attendance:  Cllrs Bee Peters, Jane Swyer, Richard Thomas, David Hurford,

                            Maggie Keast, Bee Quick, Dave Nevitt & Duncan Pittaway.

                            District Cllr Hugh Gregor, PCSO Michele Barrett and Cllr David

                            Shopland, Chair of North Somerset Council.

Clerk:                 Julie Smith


Present:  One member of the public joined the meeting for the Public Forum.


06/02/08 294 – Apologies

Cllr Mike Gleave



06/02/08 295 – Introduction of Councillor David Shopland – Chair

                         of North Somerset Council

Cllr Smith welcomed Cllr David Shopland to the meeting and invited him to speak.  Cllr Shopland accepted the invitation and proceeded to explain his role in the District Council, the significance of his chain of office and the important role of Parish Councils within the remit of Local Government.



06/02/08 296 – Crime Report for preceding month/Neighbourhood 


296.1  PCSO Barrett delivered the following crime report:

Theft of motor vehicle – found nearby and returned to owner

Theft from motor vehicle x2

Criminal damage to farmers fencing

Possession of cannibis – 3x non residents caught in Hill Road

Firearms Offences – 3 persons from Dundry arrested

Drive off from petrol station

296.2  Cllr Peters had no Neighbourhood Watch news but the Clerk

           reported that she had approached a resident in Upton Lane

           regarding assistance with delivery of the NW quarterly

           newsletter and was hopeful of a positive outcome.  Clerk will

           follow up and put Cllr Peters in touch with volunteer.

















At the request of Cllr Thomas  and with the agreement of the Council, agenda items 8 & 9 were brought forward.

06/02/08 297 – Bristol International Airport

Cllr Thomas reported on a recent meeting of the PCAA (Parish Council’s Airport Association) and GOSW (Government Office South West).  Climate change had been discussed - contradiction apparent between the Governments commitment to reduce carbon emissions and yet keen to support airport expansion.  Sustainable transport issues remain a matter for concern – GOSW to set up a working forum to look at challenges to climate change and transport in all modes and how to address. 

Concerns remain regarding the proposal to build a covered walkway at BIA.  This is a major development which will substantially increase passenger capacity helping BIA achieve its target of 7.5m passengers per annum from this year, which means the airport is expanding at a faster rate than either the Governments White Paper and BIA’s Master Plan.  The proposed development is huge – approximately the size of a two story terraced house and it is strongly felt that BIA should not be allowed to proceed with this as a general development item and that the proposal should be subject to a separate dedicated planning application.

The infrastructure remains a concern – by getting as much growth now BIA will reduce their level of contribution to infrastructure improvements.  The PCAA had queried the combined effect of BIA’s expansion and the plans for 10500 houses together with employment and related facilities on the southern fringe of Bristol.  GOSW stated that it is essential that all problems are solved and that all relevant authorities would work together to achieve sustainable development.

Cllr Shopland joined in the debate regarding the airport expansion, offering personal opinions and advice.  He advised that there is a workshop being held in London on 19th March on how to cope with airport expansion and suggested that it would be useful to send a delegate to this.  Cllr Gregor advised that he is attending but as Cllr Thomas reported that the PCAA is sending a representative, it was felt unnecessary for Dundry Parish Council to attend.



06/02/08 298 – Dundry Parish Council/North Somerset Council

                         Public Meeting on NS Core Strategy – Monday 11th 

                         February 2008

The Clerk confirmed that Michael Reep from North Somerset Council will attend the meeting at Dundry Village Hall on 11th February.  A notice had been placed in the parish magazine, and the Clerk will place notices on parish notice boards.









06/02/08 299 – Matters Arising

299.1      Road Repairs to Dundry Lane – the Clerk reported that further

            delays had occurred and North Somerset Council would not be                 

            able to undertake the work during the February school half

            term holiday.  The work will be scheduled for the Easter

            holiday in April.

299.2      Signs for Village Car Park & Hill Road Turning Circle – the

            Clerk has placed an order for signs to be made and installed.

299.3      Light in Hill Road Turning Circle – the Chair had still not

            received a written quotation regarding the installation of a              

            brighter lamp but will continue to pursue this.  Doubt was

            expressed as to whether the existing lamp is in working order

            and Cllr Nevitt volunteered to check this.

299.4      Village Car Park Tidying – the Clerk had, as instructed, sought

            and received a further quote for the tidying of the village car

            park. Three quotes have now been received and it

            was decided that it would be appropriate to form a sub-

            committee to look at these.  Cllr Hurford has a declarable

            interest in this item for discussion and will therefore be

            excluded from deliberations.  Cllrs Smith, Thomas and

            Pittaway agreed to form the said sub-committee and will

            arrange to meet before the next meeting.

299.5  ‘Slow’ Signs on Wells Road – North Somerset Council have put

            in a work order to reinstate slow signs on the Wells Road

            carriageway, as requested by parishioners.

299.6   CCTV at Dundry Village Hall – the Clerk had received a

            response from Dundry Village Hall Trust detailing that due to 

            financial constraints, they are unable to contribute towards the

            cost of CCTV.  After discussion, it was decided to bring this up

            as a formal agenda item at the next meeting of Dundry Parish

            Council with invitations being sent to Dundry Village Hall

            Trust and the Sports & Social Club in order to allow full


299.7   Notice Board for Village Hall – Cllr Quick had learned that all

            necessary materials for the reinstatement of the vandalised

            doors had been purchased and the job will be undertaken as

            soon as possible.

299.8   Sharp Deviation Chevrons for Dundry Lane - Cllr Quick

            asked for a progress report and the Clerk advised that she had

            written to the landowner requesting permission to site the

            chevrons but as direct contact with North Somerset Council

            had been suggested, a response had not been received.  Cllr

            Quick volunteered to contact the landowner.

The Chairperson expressed general concern over the lack of progress  when issues of potholes, repairs to road signs etc are reported to North Somerset Council.  Cllr Shopland  suggested introducing more rigorous procedures for monitoring and following up requests for remedial works and reminded Cllrs that the District Councillor is the next point of contact when dissatisfaction is felt.  District Cllr Gregor suggested taking photographs of problem areas and sending these to North Somerset when requesting attention.













Chair/Cllr Nevitt





Cllrs Smith, Thomas & Pittaway






















Cllr Quick

06/02/08 300 – Minutes of the Meeting held 9th January 2008

The minutes were approved and signed as a true and accurate record of proceedings.

Proposed – Cllr Pittaway          Seconded – Cllr Nevitt






06/02/08 301 – Public Forum

The attending member of the public, Chris Glover, asked the Parish Council to set a date for the annual village cricket match in order that Parishioners be given as much notice as possible.  It was agreed that Sunday 6th July should be publicised for this event.  Cllr Shopland was verbally invited to this event.  Mr Glover took the opportunity of asking Cllr Shopland what happens to materials recycled at the ‘tip’ in Backwell.  The Clerk was subsequently advised to contact Deborah Yamanaka, Chairperson of Environmental Policy for a detailed explanation.

Discussion digressed to Parish Plans and Cllr Nevitt sought Cllr Shoplands view on North Somerset Council perspective on Parish Plans.

The Chairperson took the opportunity posed by the open forum of formally thanking Chris Glover and Cllr Jane Swyer for their hard work and commitment to planting snowdrop bulbs around the parish – all agreed that the appearance of the village is greatly enhanced by the spring flowers.



06/02/08 302 – Report from District Councillor Hugh Gregor

Cllr Gregor reported that North Somerset Council are working hard to identify savings in view of the known funding shortfall for this coming financial year. He further reported on how the purchase of land for the proposed new school in Felton is unlikely to be pursued in the current location due to the landowners consistent refusal to sell.  Discussion regarding compulsory purchase was discussed and Cllr Hurford asked at this point if this would be an option taken by North Somerset Council when pursuing the development of land just south of Bristol.  It was felt that this would be considered.





06/02/08 303 – Planning

303.1  Applications Granted

           07/P/2922/F:  Rocklea, Crabtree Lane, Dundry; Erection of

           single strorey side extension & creation of first floor to include

           dormers to the front and back.

           07/P/2984/F:  Royal British Legion, 106 Dundry Lane, Dundry; 

           Erection of timber decking for an external terrace area.

303.2  Applications Received

           07/P/3240/F:  25 Dundry Lane, Dundry; Erection of a roof

           extension to main roof on east elevation over landing room,

           replace hip with gable to south elevation, alterations to

           fenestration on all elevations and install solar panels.

           Application supported by Dundry Parish Council.

          08/P/0064/F:  9 Dundry Lane, Dundry; Erection of a rear dormer

           to accommodate bedroom and bathroom in roof space.  Raising

           of ridge level.

           No objections.

           08/P/0074/F:  Alveare, Bridgwater Road, Dundry; Conversion    

           of existing outbuilding to residential annexe including raising

           the roof to accommodate a first floor level (as amendment to

           approval re 06/P/1311/F).

           Concern regarding poor quality of proposed design.    





06/02/08  304– Sports & Social Club - Signing of Agreement

Cllr Pittaway reported that a couple of anomalies had come to light with the Agreement which had caused a further delay with the signing.  A revised copy of the Agreement had been forwarded to the Sports & Social Club for their perusal prior to signing.  Cllr Pittaway needs to obtain the land title deeds in order to proceed.  The Clerk asked if it would be possible to have the Solicitors invoice for costs before the end of the financial year.








Cllr Pittaway

06/02/08  305 – Clerk’s Report/Finance

305.1    The Clerks time sheet for January was duly signed.

305.2    The Clerk reported that the Finance Committee had met in January and had set the Parish precept at £5785 – a substantial reduction on the previous year – and that this has subsequently been approved by North Somerset Council.  She distributed copies of the proposed budget figures for 2008/2009.

305.3    Approval and Signing of Cheques:

Cheque No 100193 - £316.57 Mrs J Smith January wages

                   100194 - £118.20 North Somerset Council re

                                                                       election expenses

                   100195 - £67.95 Mr Glover re snowdrop bulbs

                   100196 - £18.00 CPRE annual donation


The Clerk reported that she has received information and forms to reclaim VAT.















06/02/08  306 – Correspondence

306.1    North Somerset Council invoice for election expenses

306.2    Dundry Village Hall Trust re CCTV

306.3    HSBC Bank Statement

306.4    Invoice from Mr C Glover re bulbs

306.5    North Somerset Local Access Forum

306.6    North Somerset Council – South Area Committee Meeting  


306.7     Department for Communities & Local Government –

            consultation on orders and regulations relating to the conduct  

            of  Local Authority Members in England

306.8     NSC – confirmation of parish council precept requirement

306.9     Audit Commission – advice of appointment of external auditor

306.10 Dr Pauline Primrose – notification of Christian Aid collections

306.11 Bristol City Council – revised Statement of Community 

            Involvement – pass to Cllr Thomas

306.12 Quotation re car park tidying






There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.30pm.Copies of the full minutes of the meeting of Dundry Parish Council held on Wednesday 6th February 2008 can be found on village notice boards, on the parish website or obtained from the Clerk, Mrs Julie Smith - 0117 978 4209.