Minutes of the Meeting of Dundry Parish Council

Held on Wednesday 5th March 2008


Chair:  Cllr Kevin Smith

In Attendance:  Cllrs Bee Peters, Bee Quick, Maggie Keast, Richard Thomas, Dave

                            Nevitt, Mike Gleave & Jane Swyer (from 8.30pm).

                            PCSO Michelle Barrett & Mr Pete Mitchell, Dundry Village Hall


Clerk:                 Julie Smith


Present:  Nine members of the public joined the meeting for the Public Forum.


05/03/08 306 – Apologies

Cllr David Hurford, Cllr Hugh Gregor, WPC Jackie McDonald & Tony Mattock, Dundry Sports & Social Club



05/03/08 307 – Crime Report for preceding month/Neighbourhood 


307.1    PSCO Barrett was pleased to present a very short crime report:

Shoplifting  x1

Theft of car x1

307.2    Cllr Peters had no specific Neighbourhood Watch news 

           although she was pleased to report that a volunteer newsletter

           delivery person had been secured for Upton Lane.  Help is still

           needed on Broadoak Hill and in East Dundry.




05/03/08 308 – Matters Arising

308.1    Signs for Car Park/Hill Rd Turning Circle – now in place

308.2    Light in Hill Road Turning Circle – repaired and operational. 

308.3    Car Park Tidying – no decision although Cllr Smith has requested a quotation for the installation of an electricity supply to allow lighting to be installed.

308.4    Feedback from Dundry Public Meeting on NSC Core Strategy –

good attendance and pleasing that most parishioners were in general agreement with the points made in Dundry Parish Council’s formal response.  Suggestion from meeting taken on board and a letter has subsequently been drafted from Dundry PC to Dr Liam Fox, MP.  Councillors agreed with the draft and that this should be posted as soon as possible with a copy being sent to District Cllr Gregor –

               proposed; Cllr Nevitt           Seconded; Cllr Keast
















05/03/08 309 – Minutes of the Meeting held 6th February 2008

The minutes were approved and signed as a true and accurate record of proceedings – proposed; Cllr Thomas      seconded; Cllr Nevitt







05/03/08 310 – Public Forum

All nine members of the public attending the meeting were present to express grave concerns over the drainage situation which has led to severe problems in Ham Lane and which have been ongoing for many years.  One of the residents has been in close contact with North Somerset Council who have now advised that they wish to liaise with the Parish Council.  Cllr Smith has therefore been supplied with a detailed account of the situation together with photographs and it was agreed that Dundry Parish Council should take up this matter on behalf of the residents of Ham Lane.

Cllr Keast raised the issue of a collapsing drain in East Dundry Lane, near Cross Cottage.  The Clerk was asked to alert North Somerset Council.

Cllr Swyer had been approached regarding the need for overgrown hedging on Highridge Road to be cut back and also for the need for footpath ref LA7/45 – Strawberry Lane to Sherrin Way to be cleared of rubbish at the Bristol end.  Clerk will contact relevant authorities.












05/03/08 311 – Report from District Councillor Hugh Gregor

As Cllr Gregor was unable to attend, no report was forthcoming.




05/03/08 312 – CCTV for Dundry Village Hall

Mr Mitchell represented Dundry Village Hall Trust and reiterated previous comments as to the poor financial state of the Trust.  Whilst the Trust are in principal willing to contribute towards the cost of CCTV, at the present time it is not possible.  Fundraising will be ongoing and finances may allow a contribution in the future.  The Clerk reported that she had received a phone call from the Sports & Social Club who have found themselves in a similar situation, having recently had to fund repairs to the club house roof.  They are however, still keen to contribute to the cost of CCTV although they may have to delay this for a short while.  After discussion, the Clerk was asked to ascertain a detailed quotation for the installation of three cameras and report back to the Council.














05/03/08 313 – Parish Plan

Cllr Nevitt reported on the progress on the Parish Plan and was pleased that 242 completed questionnaires had been received, the data from which had been processed to allow analysis.  The Parish Plan Committee are therefore busy scrutinising the responses and the results will be published in a document to Parishioners and will be followed up with a public meeting.  Because of the huge amount of work involved, the original meeting planned for 18th April 2008 will not be possible.  Cllr Nevitt formally thanked the Committee – Cllrs Bee Peters, Bee Quick & Mike Gleave, Sheilah daSilva and their newest volunteer, Olga.  More volunteers are needed and welcome to help with the anticipated forty action points arising from the completed questionnaire and Cllr Nevitt asked Councillors to consider how to address the action points.  After discussion, it was generally felt that the formation of sub-committees may be the way forward, calling on volunteers from the community who may be able to offer related expertise.  The Clerk was therefore asked to put a notice in the parish magazine.  All agreed that the 6th July ‘Dundry Day’ will also provide an opportunity to recruit volunteers.






















05/03/08 314 – Recycling

As a result of recycling issues raised in some Parish Plan questionnaire responses, Cllr Nevitt had contacted North Somerset Council to look into the possibility of replacing one of the glass recycling bins situated in the Dundry Inn car park, with a plastics recycling bin.  The reply from North Somerset was generally positive and it was therefore agreed that Cllr Nevitt should try to arrange this.








Cllr Nevitt

05/03/08 315 – Drainage Issues in Ham Lane

Discussed during the public forum – Clerk to write to the Director of relevant LA department.






05/03/08 316 – Planning

Cllr Swyer took no part in discussions relating to application no:


316.1  Applications Received:

08/P/0453/F: 1 Mendip Villas, Crabtree Lane, Dundry;  Erection of 2 storey side extension.

No objections.

08/P/0483/F:  Field off West Dundry Lane, Dundry;  Erection of hay barn/machinery store and new field access.

No objections – applicant commended on his acknowledgement of parishioner objection and comments relating to previously submitted application.

316.2  Applications Granted:

           07/P/3240/F:  25 Dundry Lane, Dundry;  Erection of a roof

            extension to main roof on east elevation over landing room,

            replace hip with gable to south elevation, alterations

            to fenestration on all elevations and install solar panels.

            07/P/3191/F:  Land off Littleton Lane;  Erection of a 6.5m high

            mast with wind turbine at the top, solar panels either side,

            concrete foundations and guy anchors.





05/03/08 317 – Sports & Social Club - Signing of Agreement

The Clerk had learned that the Sports & Social Club had received a copy of the agreement and were in the process of perusing the document.  Cllr Pittaway had passed the Solicitors invoice to the Clerk but all felt that payment should not be made until the agreement had been signed.





05/03/08  318 – Clerk’s Report/Finance

318.1    The Clerks time sheet for February was duly signed and a

           financial report presented.

318.2    Approval and Signing of Cheques:

Cheque No 100198 £322.43 - Mrs J Smith- February

                                               wages/office expenses

                   100199 £476.00 – Cllr Nevitt re Parish Plan

                   100200 £16.00 – Cllr Quick re travel expenses








05/03/08  319 – Correspondence

319.1  Weston & Nrth Somerset Disability Information & Advice Line  

           – request for financial donation (Refused –Clerk to respond)

319.2  Community Action – 2008/2009 Membership (Agreed to renew

           – clerk to raise cheque payment at April meeting)

319.3  HSBC Bank Statement

319.4  North Somerset Council re application for Borough Status

           (Chair to write negative response)

319.5  Dundry Consolidated Charities & Symes Charities – Statement   

           of Account (Passed to Cllr Swyer)

319.6  North Somerset Crime & Drugs Reduction Partnership

  Questionnaire (Passed to Cllr Peters)

319.7  CPRE report to ALCA re North Somerset Core Strategy, Local  

           Development Framework and Bristol International Airport

           (Passed to Cllr Thomas)

319.8  North Somerset Council – invitation to Annual Civic Service

           27/04/08 (No representative to attend – Clerk to respond)





Cllr Peters/

Cllr Smith



There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.45pm.Copies of the full minutes of the meeting of Dundry Parish Council held on Wednesday 5th March 2008 can be found on village notice boards, on the parish website or obtained from the Clerk, Mrs Julie Smith - 0117 978 4209.