Minutes of the Meeting of Dundry Parish Council

Held on Wednesday 2nd 2008 at 9.30pm


Chair:  Cllr Kevin Smith

In Attendance:  Cllrs Maggie Keast, Jane Swyer, Bee Peters, Richard 

                            Thomas, David Hurford. Dave Nevitt, Bee Quick & Duncan

                            Pittaway.   District Cllr Hugh Gregor.


Clerk:                 Julie Smith


Present:  Three members of the public joined the meeting for the Public Forum.


02/04/08 320 – Apologies

Cllr Mike Gleave, WPC Jackie McDonald & PCSO Michele Barrett



02/04/08 321 – Crime Report for preceding month/Neighbourhood 


No reports submitted




02/04/08 322 – Matters Arising

322.1    Village Car Park - Several quotes had now been gathered with a range of styles and prices.  The Chair is keen to keep the area as natural as possible and therefore favours wooden posting.  Cllr Pittaway suggested using cut telegraph poles which all liked the idea of and after discussion, the Clerk was asked to seek additional quotes for wooden barriers and posts.  Cllr Thomas suggested applying for a grant of up to £3000 from Bristol International Airports Community Fund – the Clerk will undertake this task.

           The Chair advised that he had received a verbal quotation for          

           the installation of electricity to the car park, but being in the     

           region of £11000, this idea was ruled out.

           The Chair also advised that the light at the Hill Road turning

           circle was operational and that after some initial vandalism, the

           new sign remained in place.

322.2    North Somerset Council Core Strategy - Dundry Parish Council had been invited to send a representative to the four day Stakeholder event and Cllr Keast had volunteered to attend.  Due to the importance of this issue, the Clerk was asked to ensure that this is a constant agenda item in the future.  Cllr Thomas reported that a very positive response had been received from Dr Liam Fox, MP and the Chairperson was able to advise Councillors that Dr Fox had approached him in order to set up a meeting with the Parish Council during the morning of 10th May.  Due to village hall bookings, the Clerk was asked to seek the use of the primary school.

           Cllr Thomas expressed disquiet that North Somerset Council   

           has not responded to the Parish Councils comments on the Core

          Strategy and asked Cllr Gregor to investigate this matter.

322.3    Ham Lane Drainage Issues – the Clerk reported that she had

           written to North Somerset Council enclosing the photographs

           and other documentation supplied by Ham Lane residents.  No

           reply had been received to date.

322.4    Hedges on Highridge Road – North Somerset Council had been

           asked to attend to trimming, although Cllr Swyer advised that

           this was also bad within Bristol City Council’s boundary.  The    

           Clerk will contact Bristol.

322.5 Footpath ref LA7/45 Clearance – the Clerk has written to Bristol

          City Council regarding this.

322.4 CCTV for Dundry Village Hall – the Clerk had requested a more

          detailed quotation – not received to date.





























Cllr Gregor










02/04/08 323 – Minutes of the Meeting held 5th March 2008

The minutes were approved and signed as a true and accurate record of proceedings – proposed; Cllr Thomas      seconded; Cllr Nevitt






02/04/08 324 – Public Forum

The potholes on West Dundry Lane are causing concern although the Clerk reported that she has already requested repairs by North Somerset Council.  Cllr Nevitt asked Cllr Gregor to seek a copy of North Somerset Councils service level agreement in order that Councillors are made aware of the District Councils responsibilities.

Cllr Swyer had been approached by Steve Tucker requesting a litter picker.  It was suggested that the Clerk approach North Somerset Council for a supply of these.

Cllr Swyer had also been asked to arrange for the drains outside of the Baptist Church to be cleared again – Clerk to deal.

Cllr Peters requested that the ‘for sale’ sign on Bristol Water land on the Dundry Lane/A38 junction be removed and the land tidied – Cllr Nevitt has a contact in Bristol Water and volunteered to enquire.






Cllr Gregor






Cllr Nevitt

02/04/08 325 – Report from District Councillor Hugh Gregor

None forthcoming in view of report submitted in Annual Parish Meeting held immediately prior to this meeting.




02/04/08 326 – Parish Plan

Cllr Nevitt presented a summary of possible actions as a result of the analysed data from the Parish Plan questionnaires.  Interestingly, the population of the parish of Dundry is 160 persons less than 20 years ago – possibly due to children growing up and leaving the parish.  It was agreed that the Parish Plan summary needed to be allocated a greater amount of time than was possible at this meeting, and the Clerk was asked to put this on the agenda for the next meeting of Dundry Parish Council.











02/04/08 327 – Planning

327.1  Applications Received

            08/P/0625/F:  Elton Farm, Wells Road, Dundry:  Consultation  

           only –  planning application submitted to B&NES Council for

           siting of a temporary agricultural dwelling.

           08//00690/FUL: Mobile Home opposite Graylands, Upton

           Lane, Chew Magna:  Consultation only – erection of a log

           mobile home.

           08/P/0690/F:  110 Dundry Lane, Dundry:  Erection of single

           storey extension.

           08/P/0682/F:  Quarry Cottage, Downs Road, Dundry:  Erection

           of a two storey rear extension and single storey side extension.

327.2  Applications Granted

           08/P/0064/F:  9 Dundry Lane, Dundry:  Erection of a rear

           dormer to accommodate bedroom and bathroom in roof space. 

           Raising of roof level.

327.3  Applications Refused

08/P/0074/F:  Alveare, Bridgwater Road, Dundry:  Conversion of existing outbuilding to residential annexe including raising the roof to accommodate a first floor level (as amendment to approval ref 06/P/1311/F





02/04/08 328 – Sports & Social Club - Signing of Agreement

The Sports & Social Club had negotiated one slight amendment to the agreement with Cllr Pittaway – the lease time would now be 25 years instead of 20.  This improves the clubs chances of securing grants from the Football Association.  A query was raised regarding the use of the field by other organisations and clubs – this will be brought forward at the next meeting of Dundry Parish Council.  In the absence of any restricting queries, the agreement was signed by Cllrs Smith and Keast on behalf of Dundry Parish Council.  Cllr Pittaway will now gain signatures from representatives of the Sports & Social Club.







Clerk &

Cllr Pittaway

02/04/08 329 – Clerk Report/Finance

329.1    The clerk had circulated financial reports at the APM but

           submitted her time sheet for approval and signing.

329.2    Approve cheques paid/ to be paid:

Cheque no 100201 -£8.93 Cllr B Peters training travel expenses

                  100202 -£354.10 Signet Signs

                  100203 -£316.57 Mrs J Smith March wages

                  100204 -£20.00 Community Action membership

                  100205 -£180.73 ALCA membership

                  100206 -£1762.50 Beachcroft LLP legal costs

                  100207 -£49.15 Dundry Village Hall Trust

                  100208 -£24.50 Cllr B Quick travel expenses








02/04/08 330 – Correspondence

330.1      North Somerset Council – South Area Committee Meeting –   


330.2   ALCA – notification of 2008/2009 subscription (£180.73)

330.3   CPRE – Calor Village of the Year Competition

330.4   Community Action – One Day Conference – 26/06/08

            Sustainable Communities

330.5   Voluntary Action –‘The Trumpet Voluntary’ Spring Newsletter

330.5   North Somerset Life Magazine

330.6   North Somerset Council – Invitation to ‘Planning Together

            Workshops’ for South West Urban Extension

330.7      North Somerset Partnership – ‘Improving our Communities

            Together’ Annual Event – 22/04/08

330.8      Dr Liam Fox, MP – response to Dundry PC letter re NS Core


330.9      Dr Liam Fox, MP – copy of letter to Mr M Lewis, Failand, re

            housing development policy

330.10  North Somerset Council – response to Dundry PC letter re NS

            Core Strategy/underestimation of total number of dwellings in

            South West

330.11 Wicksteed Playscapes Catalogue

330.12 HSBC Bank Statement






There being no further business, the meeting ended at 10.45pm.Copies of the full minutes of the meeting of Dundry Parish Council held on Wednesday 5th March 2008 can be found on village notice boards, on the parish website or obtained from the Clerk, Mrs Julie Smith - 0117 978 4209.