Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Dundry Parish Council

Held on Wednesday 7th May 2008



Chair:  Cllr Kevin Smith


In Attendance:  Cllrs Maggie Keast, Jane Swyer, Bee Quick, Richard Thomas, David 

                            Hurford & Dave Nevitt.  District Cllr Hugh Gregor (from 10pm)


Clerk:                 Julie Smith


Present:  Two members of the public joined the meeting for the Public Forum (one of

                whom is a member of the Parish Plan Committee)

                Two members of South Bristol Youth Football Team joined the meeting at

                approximately 9.15pm


07/05/08 331 – Apologies  WPC Jackie McDonald 



07/05/08 332 – Election of Officers 2008/2009


332.1  Chairperson – Cllr Kevin Smith – proposed Cllr Thomas

                                                                  seconded Cllr Nevitt


332.2  Vice Chair – Cllr David Nevitt – proposed Cllr Keast

                                                                Seconded Cllr Hurford


332.3  Planning Committee – Cllr Maggie Keast

                                                Cllr David Hurford

                                                Cllr Thomas

                                                                   proposed Cllr Swyer

                                                                   seconded Cllr Quick


332.4  Financial Sub-Committee – Cllr Maggie Keast

                                                        Cllr Mike Gleave

                                                        Cllr David Hurford

                                                        Cllr Kevin Smith

                                                                   proposed Cllr Nevitt

                                                                   seconded Cllr Thomas


332.5  Playing Field Committee -   Cllr David Nevitt

                                                         Cllr Duncan Pittaway

                                                                    proposed  Cllr Thomas

                                                                    seconded Cllr Swyer


332.6  Parish Council Representative of Consolodated Charities Trustees

   Cllr Jane Swyer

               proposed Cllr Keast

               seconded Cllr Smith



332.7  Parish Councils Airport Association Representatives -

      Cllr Richard Thomas

      Cllr Maggie Keast

      Cllr Kevin Smith

               proposed Cllr Hurford

               seconded Cllr Swyer


332.8  Parish Plan Committee        -  Cllr David Nevitt

                                                           Cllr Mike Gleave

                                                           Cllr Bee Quick

                                                           Cllr Bee Peters

                                                           Cllr David Hurford

                                                                     proposed Cllr Smith

                                                                     seconded Cllr Thomas



07/05/08 333 – Crime Report for April 2008/Neighbourhood  


333.1  WPC McDonald forwarded the following crime report –

1 x criminal damage

2 x bilkings from petrol station

3 x theft from motor vehicles

1 x house burglary

We have seen 4 offences committed in the Parish in the past week.  We can make things more difficult for the criminal by not leaving valuable items in cars, whether overnight or a few minutes.  If you see anything suspicious, please call the Police.

333.2  Cllr Peters, though not present, had informed the Chairperson that

           there was no NW news to report.















07/05/08 334 – Matters Arising


334.1    CCTV for Dundry Village Hall

A further quotation had been received for CCTV to include the Sports & Social Club.  After much discussion, it was agreed not to progress with the installation of CCTV until the completion of the Parish Plan, when it is anticipated that a grant will be applied for for the installation of play equipment.  Security for the play area will be built into the grant application.

334.2  Village Car Park

           Again, further quotations had been received for the tidying of the

           car park boundary.  As a response to Dundry Parish Council’s

           application for a grant from Bristol International Airports                 

           Community Fund has not been received, it was decided to delay any


334.3  Hedges on Highridge Road

Trimming has been requested.


334.4  Footpaths Clearance

The Clerk had received a response regarding footpath number 30 off Dundry Lane from North Somerset Council.  The erection of a fence and stile is the responsibility of the landowner although as a goodwill gesture, NSC will contribute 25% of the cost of furniture (stile).  The owner of the land therefore needs to be ascertained in order that the Clerk can make contact.

334.5  Potholes (NSC Service Level Agreement)

           Not discussed as Cllr Gregor not present at this point.

334.6  Gully – Dundry Baptist Church

  North Somerset Council had been asked to undertake clearing.

334.7  Bristol Water Land Clearing – A38 Junction

  The ‘for sale’ sign had been removed without action on the part of

  Dundry Parish Council, and Cllr Nevitt had been unable to speak to

  his contact within Bristol Water re tidying the land, but will do so

  as soon as possible.

334.8  Meeting with Dr Liam Fox, MP

  This has been confirmed for Saturday 10th May 2008 at 10am at  

  Dundry C of E Primary School.  The Chairperson encouraged as

  many Cllrs as possible to attend.  Cllr Gregor hoped to attend.

334.9  Litter Pickers

  The Clerk had been informed that North Somerset Council cannot  

  supply litter pickers although they can be loaned along with high

  visability jackets.  After some discussion, the Clerk was asked to

  purchase 6 litter pickers and jackets –

                              Proposed Cllr Keast

                              Seconded Cllr Swyer

The Chairperson reported that with help from Cllr Swyer, the Clerk and two members of the Parish, he had cleared the rubbish from the Hill Road turning circle.  Several mornings had been spent retrieving illegally dumped items from the steep bank and North Somerset Council had arranged collection and disposal.  Cllr Smith thanked his helpers for their hard work.  The Clerk reported that she has emailed the Environment Agency seeking advice on the problem of fly tipping in Hill Road – no response to date.



































Cllr Nevitt









07/05/08 335 – Minutes of the Meeting held 2nd April 2008


The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd April 2008 were signed as a true and accurate record.

                                           Proposed Cllr Thomas

                                           Seconded  Cllr Hurford






07/05/08 336 – Minutes of the Annual Meeting held 2nd April 2008


The minutes of the annual meeting held on 2nd April 2008 were signed as a true and accurate record.

                                           Proposed Cllr Swyer

                                           Seconded Cllr Hurford


07/05/08 337 – Public Forum


337.1    Cllr Hurford had been approached regarding the dangers faced by motorists at the Downs Road/Winford Lane junction and had been asked if it would be possible to erect a mirror on a post opposite Downs Road. After discussion, it was agreed that this is not a viable suggestion and Cllrs regret therefore that this request will not be pursued. 




07/05/08 338 – Parish Plan


Cllr Nevitt distributed further copies of the summary of the outcomes of the Parish Plan Questionnaires and the possible action points which will be suitably grouped.  Cllr Nevitt will be seeking volunteers from amongst the Parish Council and beyond, to take on action points and host a stand at the forthcoming Dundry Day on Sunday 13th July. 

Once again, the Chairperson expressed thanks to the Parish Plan Committee for their continued work.



07/05/08 339 – Sports & Social Club – Signing of Agreement


Cllr Pittaway was unavailable to report on progress although the Chair was disappointed to advise of a delay in the signing of the agreement by members of the Sports & Social Club.



07/05/08 340 – Request for Use of Sports Pitches


The Chairperson has received a written request for the use of a football pitch on Sunday afternoons by a South Bristol youth team for the 2008/2009 season.  After discussion, it was agreed that Dundry Parish Council has no objection in principle, but concerns were expressed over the lack of finalisation of the Sports & Social Club Agreement and how this might affect the proposition.  In view of the fact that the grounds are maintained by them, it was also agreed that the ultimate decision would lie with the Sports & Social Club and the Clerk was asked to contact them with details of the team’s requirements and pledging support for their application.  The Clerk will send a copy to the youth football team and invite them to make direct contact with the Sports & Social Club.

                             Proposed Cllr Hurford

                             Seconded Cllr Swyer














07/05/08 341 – North Somerset Core Strategy


Cllr Keast reported on her attendance at a four day Stakeholder Event – ‘Planning Together’, regarding the Core Strategy and in particular, the planned south Bristol development.  She expressed grave concerns over the possible final outcome which could see the development stretching all the way to Barrow tanks and up onto the slopes of Dundry from the A38.  A heated discussion followed with strong views being expressed by Councillors on the apparent lack of foresight with regards to adequate public transport, traffic congestion and hospital provision.   As a result of her concerns, Cllr Keast will, with the assistance of Cllr Thomas, draft a suitable letter to North Somerset Council questioning the development.  She expressed a personal and profound lack of confidence in North Somerset Planning Officers but committed to reserve judgement until she has read the conclusions of the Stakeholder Event.  Dundry Parish Councillors were most concerned that District Cllr Gregor be sure of their huge misgivings over the proposed development and of their frustration over their lack of power to alter events.  Cllr Gregor assured Councillors that North Somerset’s Planning Officers are determined that the mistakes of the developments in North Bristol will not be repeated and gave his word that he will represent Dundry Parish Councils views on this issue.

The Chairperson thanked Cllr Keast for giving up her time to attend the Stakeholder Event.



07/05/08 342 - Planning


342.1  Application Granted

           08/P/0453/F:  1 Mendip Villas, Crabtree Lane, Dundry – Erection of 2

                  Storey Side Extension.

342.1  The Clerk raised a previous planning application (no 08/P/0690/F: 

           110 Dundry Lane, Dundry:  Erection of single storey extension).  This

           application for an extension to house a dedicated infant toilet area at

           Dundry C of E Primary School will be refused if it is not withdrawn. 

           Planners are unhappy with the reduction in size of one set of windows,

           although no objections have been received, the building is not listed

           and light within the building is not an issue.  The Clerk requested

           support from Dundry Parish Council and from District Cllr Gregor,

           who agreed to look into this matter and request a site meeting and/or

           take the application to Committee.












Cllr Gregor

07/05/08 343 – Finance


The Clerk’s time sheet was signed and an updated financial report circulated.

Cllr Thomas requested information on the anticipated carry forward at the end of the current financial year and Cllr Nevitt requested that the report be amended to show the two Parish Plan grants separately.

 The following cheques were approved and duly signed:

Cheque no: 100209 £37.50: Avon & Somerset Constabulary re NW signs

                   100210 £11.06: EDF Energy

                   100211 333.51: J Smith re April wages/office expenses

                   100212 £13.50: NALC re LCR subscription

                   100213 £200.00: Dundry PCC re Parish Magazine/floodlight

                   100214 £35.00: Information Commissioner re data protection

                   100215 £326.23:  Allianz Cornhill re insurance








07/05/08 345 – Correspondence


345.1   NSC –copy of response to B&NES Planning Application 

            08/P/0625/F: Elton Farm, Wells Road, Dundry

345.2   Bristol City Council re Strawberry Lane

345.3   NSC South Area Committee Meeting – 16/04/08

345.4   NSC Review of Members’Allowances Scheme

345.5   NSC Revised Model Code of Conduct DVD Available for loan to


345.6   NSC South Area Committee Supplementary Dispatch

345.7   Mrs S Bridgstock – apologies re APM

345.8   NSC Energy Efficiency & Policy GDP/3 of the NS Replacement 

            Local Plan

345.9   NSC Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) – Planning  

     Application Validation

345.10  NSC re Dog Control Measures Councillors agreed to join the North

             Somerset Dog Control Measures Scheme and apply for the banning

             of dogs from Dundry Playing Field.

345.11  CPRE Newsletter & AGM Invitation Cllrs Keast & Hurford to attend

345.12  CCTV Quotation

345.13  HSBC Bank Statement

345.14  Hilary Brock re Hester Brock Memorial Fund Passed to Cllr Swyer




There being no further business, the meeting ended at 11.00pm.

Copies of the minutes of the meeting of Dundry Parish Council held on Wednesday 7th May 2008 can be found on village notice boards, on the parish website or obtained from the Clerk, Mrs Julie Smith - 0117 978 4209.