Minutes of the Meeting of Dundry Parish Council

Held on Wednesday 4th June 2008 at 7.30pm


Chair:  Cllr Kevin Smith

In Attendance:  Cllrs Maggie Keast, Jane Swyer, Bee Quick, Bee Peters, Richard  

                            Thomas, Dave Nevitt, Mike Gleave, Duncan Pittaway (from

                            8.00pm), & David Hurford (from 8.40pm).  District Cllr Hugh

                            Gregor (from 8.40pm) & PCSO Michele Barrett.


Clerk:                 Julie Smith


Present:  One member of the public joined the meeting for the Public Forum


04/05/08 345 – Apologies

           WPC Jackie McDonald



04/05/08 346 – Crime Report for Preceding Month/Neighbourhood 


346.1    PCSO Barrett read the following crime report supplied by WPC McDonald:

“I am pleased to report that there has only been one crime reported in the Parish since the last meeting.  It was a dwelling burglary offence and the offender has been identified, arrested and remanded to prison.  He has indicated that he may be responsible for other offences and will be visited in prison in the next week.  We think that he may admit responsibility for some of the offences reported at last months meeting” 

Cllr Keast raised the issue of contacting Police for matters not deemed an emergency and questioned the use of the ‘0845’ telephone number, which is difficult to remember.  After discussion, PCSO Barrett promised to look into the possibility of having small credit style cards printed to hand out at the ‘Dundry Day’ on 13th July.  The Clerk was also asked to post notices on village notice boards advising parishioners to telephone 0845 4567000 should they need to speak to the Police in a non 999 situation. 

346.2    Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr Peters reported that two new NW signs were awaiting collection from Nailsea Police Station and will be used to replace damaged signs in the Parish.  Cllr Nevitt will try to pick the signs up from Nailsea. 

Cllr Peters also reported that she has received general information together with a request from the Crimestoppers charity for a financial donation towards their costs.  PCSO Barrett volunteered to find out further information prior to a decision being made at the next meeting.


04/06/08 347 – Matters Arising

347.1    Dog Control Order for Dundry Playing Field – the Clerk confirmed that she has contacted North Somerset Council requesting the banning of dogs from the village hall field.

347.2    Village Car Park – the Clerk has received a response to her request for a grant from Bristol International Airport’s Community Fund.  However, this was only to advise of the need to download and complete a formal application form.  The form was passed to Cllr Thomas for attention.  The Clerk advised that she has also contacted the Forest of Avon seeking their support and advice regarding the enhancement of the car park – no response to date.

347.3    Road Repairs to Dundry Lane – The Chairperson had been ‘copied in’ on emails between the landowner and North Somerset Council and was therefore up to date with the current situation.  After offering comment, and because of his interest in this matter, Cllr Pittaway was asked to withdraw from the meeting in order that remaining Councillors could undertake a full and frank discussion.  There continues to be grave concerns over the safety of the subsiding carriageway and it was proposed that the Clerk should contact North Somerset Council and request that in the event of the matter not being settled with a resulting date for the commencement of work within 28 days, then Dundry Parish Council wishes North Somerset Council to take any legal action necessary in order to gain access to the associated land and undertake carriageway repairs.  The Chair asked Councillors to vote on this proposal – unanimously agreed.

347.4    Footpath Number 30 off Dundry Lane – Cllrs Quick and Peters were fairly sure of the owner of the land and volunteered to deliver a letter requesting the installation of fencing and a style.

347.5    Land Clearance A38/Dundry Lane Junction – there seems to be some confusion over ownership of this piece of land; Bristol Water or North Somerset Council?  Cllrs Nevitt and Gleave will make further enquiries.

347.6    Litter Pickers/High Visibility Jackets – the Clerk had not proceeded with the purchase of these items due to concerns over cost and the need for clarification on the type of litter pickers required.  After discussion, it was agreed to purchase three heavy duty and three lighter weight litter pickers and six high visibility waistcoats.  Cllr Pittaway offered to supply protective gloves and road ‘caution’ signs.

347.7    Streets & Open Spaces Committee – the Chairperson raised the issue of a Streets & Open Spaces committee in order to share the constant need for liaison with North Somerset Council.  All agreed that Cllr Smith does deal with the majority of Streets & Open Spaces issues and undertook to take direct action when and if necessary.

347.8    Crabtree Close Signage – Cllr Swyer asked that North Somerset Council are again asked to erect a street sign indicating the numbering of the Crabtree Close cul-de-sac as the lack of adequate signage could cause confusion and delay in the event of emergency vehicles being called.  Clerk will deal with this.

347.9    Cllr Peters asked whose responsibility it is to maintain the grass/scrub area at the bus stop on the A38.  It was presumed to be North Somerset Council and Cllr Peters will contact them to enquire.









PCSO Barrett/












PCSO Barrett










Cllr Thomas



















Cllrs Quick & Peters/



Cllrs Nevitt & Gleave




Clerk/Cllr Pittaway











Cllr Peters

04/06/08 348 – Minutes of the Meeting held 7th May 2008

The minutes were approved and signed as a true and accurate record of proceedings – proposed; Cllr Keast      seconded; Cllr Swyer






04/06/08 349 – Public Forum

349.1    Cllr Keast reported a serious car accident at North Hill Farm in East Dundry Lane, which resulted in the car catching fire and burning out.  She asked that the ‘slow’ signs be repainted on the carriageway just prior to the bend – Clerk to contact North Somerset Council.

349.2    The attending Parishioner asked if the Parish Council were aware of when North Somerset Council will be cutting the verges.  The Clerk was asked to make enquiries. 

349.3    Many Parishioners have been asking about the closure of the Dundry Inn and whether or not this is permanent.  Cllrs agreed that the future of the pub is of public concern and the Clerk was therefore asked to write to Enterprise Inns to enquire.

349.4    Cllr Thomas has been approached regarding car parking on pavements in Crabtree Close/Lane.  Previous advise stands in as much as concerned Parishioners should report pavement parking directly to the Police – 0845 456 7000.







04/06/08 350 – Report from District Councillor Hugh Gregor

Cllr Gregor spoke of his satisfaction with the decision of North Somerset Council to force Bristol International Airport into applying for full planning permission for the building of the new passenger walkway.  Cllr Thomas thanked Cllr Gregor on behalf of Dundry Parish Council for his contribution in forcing this decision.  Thanks were, in turn, given to Cllr Thomas for his part in the objection process.




04/06/08 351 – Parish Plan

Cllr Nevitt and the Parish Plan Committee were pleased to confirm that the first version of the Parish Plan Survey results was now in print.  It is intended that the final version will be finished in time for printing and circulating to all Dundry Parish households before the end of June.  Following this, all are invited to attend the ‘Dundry Day’ at the village hall on Sunday 13th July where ten stands will represent the main action points resulting from the survey.  The ten topic points will be – communities, policing, youth, leisure, community services, landscape, roads, traffic & transport, healthcare, pensioners & long term planning.  Volunteers are needed to put together the stands and anyone interested in helping can contact the Clerk to the Council.  Cllrs Keast & Thomas offered to present the ‘long term planning’ stand.












Cllrs Keast & Thomas

04/06/08 352 – Sports & Social Club - Signing of Agreement

The Sports & Social Club had recently queried ownership of Dundry playing fields although prior to the Parish Council meeting, the land registry document had been produced to confirm that Dundry Parish Council are the legal owners.  In addition to this, the Chairperson raised the issue of responsibility of the letting of the field and there followed a lengthy discussion regarding this and the associated question of sub-letting by the Sports & Social Club if and when the agreement is eventually signed.  Cllr Pittaway is due to meet with the Sports & Social Club committee members on Friday 6th June 2008, for the purpose of gaining their signatures on the agreement but will ensure that the sub-letting issue is adequately and properly covered in the document prior to this.








Cllr Pittaway

04/06/08 353 – Feedback from Meeting with Dr Liam Fox, MP

Cllrs Smith, Thomas, Nevitt and Hurford met with Dr Fox during May in order to discuss the Bristol urban extension and Dundry Parish Councils’ objections.  Cllr Thomas gave a brief report on what all agreed was a very positive meeting, with Dr Fox being supportive of the views of the Parish Council.  Ultimately, Dr Fox could only advise that we continue to protest and use as many delay tactics as possible to slow down the development process.



04/06/08 354 – North Somerset Council Core Strategy

Cllr Thomas had composed a letter from Dundry Parish Council to North Somerset Council, in response to information given at the recent ‘Stakeholder’ event attended by Cllr Keast.  The Clerk was asked to circulate a copy to all Councillors and to contact North Somerset again if a reply is not received within the next seven days.

Cllr Thomas expressed concern that there is no ‘one voice’, such as in the case of the Parish Councils’ Airport Association, for the protesting against the Bristol urban extension.  It was therefore agreed that the Clerk should contact Long Ashton and Barrow Gurney Parish Councils and suggest that we join forces to develop a common approach in dealing with the extension.








04/06/08 355 – Planning

355.1  Application Granted

           08/P/0682/F Quarry Cottage, Downs Road, Dundry:  Erection 

           of a two storey rear extension and single storey side extension.

355.2  Application Received

    08/P/1123/PTE Mast at Dundry Down, off Downs Road, 

    Dundry:  Prior notification for installation of 1no 1.2m dish 


The Clerk raised the planning application previously passed through the Parish Council for a small extension at Dundry C of E Primary School to house dedicated infant toilets.  Regrettably, the application had had to be withdrawn in order to avoid refusal by the district Council, but the matter was being pursued internally.  Cllr Gregor apologised for misunderstanding an earlier request for a site meeting and undertook to speak again to the planning officer concerned.














Cllr Gregor

04/06/08 356 – Clerks Report/Finance

356.1  The Clerk circulated a current finance report and presented her   

           time sheet for approval and signing.

356.2  Approve cheques to be paid:

Cheque no 100216 £29.97 Cllr B Peters (printer cartridge PP)

                  100217 £316.57 Mrs J Smith (May wages)

                  100218 £50.00 PCAA subscription 08/09








04/06/08 357 – Correspondence

357.1   NSC re Standards Committee Meeting 27/05/08

357.2   NSC Circulation of Committee Papers

357.3   NSC Standards Committee 27/05/08 Additional Agenda Item

357.4   NSC South Area Committee Parish Voice Dates 2008/2009

357.5   NSC Town & Parish Council Development Control Workshop 

            – 05/06/08

357.6   Dr Liam Fox MP re meeting with PC/Bristol Urban Extension

357.7   Forest of Avon – Partnership Annual Review

357.8   Mrs J Handford, Headteacher, Dundry C of E Primary School

            re Planning Application/District Councillor Hugh Gregor

357.9   Information Commissioner – confirmation of Data Protection


357.10 Bristol International Airport re Community Fund Application

357.11 HSBC Bank Statement

357.12 Community Action re Annual Conference 26/06/08 (via email)

357.13 North Somerset Council re invitation to fill vacancy on

            Standards Committee





There being no further business, the meeting ended at 10.20pm.Copies of the full minutes of the meeting of Dundry Parish Council held on Wednesday 4th June 2008 can be found on village notice boards, on the parish website or obtained from the Clerk, Mrs Julie Smith - 0117 978 4209.