Minutes of the Meeting of Dundry Parish Council

Held on Wednesday 2nd July 2008 at 7.30pm


Chair:  Cllr Kevin Smith


In Attendance:  Cllrs Maggie Keast, Jane Swyer, Bee Peters, Richard  

                            Thomas, Dave Nevitt, Mike Gleave & David Hurford.  

                            WPC Jackie McDonald, Parish Liaison Officer, Claire Hawkins & 

                            District Cllr Hugh Gregor (from 8.20pm).


Clerk:                 Julie Smith


No members of the public joined the meeting for the Public Forum


02/07/08 357 – Apologies

           Cllr Bee Quick



02/07/08 358 – Crime Report for Preceding Month/Neighbourhood 


358.1    WPC McDonald gave the following crime report:

2 x theft from motor cars, 1 being left unlocked overnight.

2 x assaults on police.  This was following a crime in Bristol and a pursuit that ended with the police helicopter locating the offender in Dundry Lane – whilst being arrested, he spat at the police officers.

1 x theft of a wallet that had been left on counter in a business premise.

2 x bilkings but a suspect is to be arrested.


           The Chairperson raised the issue of the Hill Road turning circle

           and the continuing problems of youths gathering.  WPC

           McDonald reported that the police check the turning circle

           during each eight hour shift but rarely see anyone causing a real

           problem.  She advised that if anyone suffers any abuse in this

           area, the police should be contacted on 0845 456 7000 or if

           threatened, call 999.  The Chair suggested changing the turning

           circle into a hammerhead style turning space which would help

           prevent parking and all agreed this might be worth a trial.

           Cllr Thomas reported an incident of threatening behaviour from     

           a door to door salesmen recently.  He praised the police for

           taking prompt action.

358.2    Cllr Peters reported that it had been a quiet month for Neighbourhood Watch.  The new Neighbourhood Watch signs had been collected and were being distributed where necessary.  Newsletters were currently being distributed.  A neighbourhood watch contact person is needed for Crabtree Close – Cllr Swyer will try to address this.             

02/07/08 359 – Matters Arising

           With the agreement of all members, the Chairperson re-

           arranged the order of the agenda.

359.1    Closure of Dundry Inn – the Clerk had received a response from Enterprise Inns which was superseded by the attendance at the meeting by the new landlady and landlord who introduced themselves and announced the re-opening of the pub on 1st August.  Councillors were pleased to hear this news and extended a warm welcome to Dundry to Jane and Nigel.

359.2    Village Car Park- application for grant from BIA – Cllr Thomas had worked on the application form for a grant from Bristol International Airport which he shared with members before passing to the Clerk for finalization (to include photographs) and submission.  The Chairperson thanked Cllr Thomas for his work on this.

359.3    Road Repairs to Dundry Lane – still outstanding and correspondence still on-going between North Somerset Council and landowner.  The Clerk reported that she had not received a response to the letter she was instructed to write at the last meeting, and after discussion, the Clerk was asked to write to Mr Graham Turner demanding the immediate instigation of carriageway repairs.  Cllr Gregor was also asked for assistance and was given a copy of the last letter submitted to NSC.

359.4    Footpath No 30 – the Clerk passed a letter to the landowner regarding the installation of a stile etc, to Cllr Peters for delivery.

359.5    Land Clearance A38/Dundry Lane Junction – no news to date.

359.6    Litter Pickers/High Visibility Jackets – these had been purchased and will marked and be brought to the Dundry Day for distribution as necessary.

359.7    Ham Lane Drainage – the Chair reported that he and Cllr Nevitt had had a very successful meeting with Alan Irons from North Somerset Council during which they had walked around the area identifying the source(s) of the Ham Lane drainage problem.  Mr Irons had emailed a summary of the solutions being suggested which include installing two new chambers in strategic areas and re-siting/re-levelling drains.  A detailed survey with jetters and cameras will be undertaken prior to a final work order being submitted.  Mr Irons recognized the deep concerns over property flooding and was hopeful for a fairly rapid response.  The Clerk was asked to write to the Ham Lane resident who originally supplied the Parish Council with written and photographic evidence of the problem to advise of progress.

359.8    North Somerset Council Service Level Agreements – Cllr Nevitt had received a copy of the SLA’s from North Somerset and had distributed copies to Councillors.  He ran through the complaints procedure and suggested better logging of communications to aid any necessary pursuing. Cllr Nevitt felt very strongly that North Somerset Council’s procedures should be followed implicitly if we are to be successful in achieving our aims.

359.9    Removal of BT Payphone outside of Dundry Inn – the Clerk had submitted the strong objections to BT and North Somerset Council.  The consultation period has been extended until the end of July and the Clerk had been informed by BT that any objections should be directed to North Somerset Council Planning Department. 




























Cllr Swyer


















Cllr Gregor



Cllr Peters














02/07/08 360 – Minutes of the Meeting held 4th June 2008

The minutes were approved and signed as a true and accurate record of proceedings – proposed; Cllr Keast      seconded; Cllr Nevitt






02/07/08 361 – Public Forum

361.1    Cllr Keast had been approached by East Dundry residents regarding planes flying outside the agreed flight path over East Dundry.  She had contacted Bristol International Airport and received a most unsatisfactory response which basically said that the pilots could choose to approach the airport as they saw fit, which is not the case.  As a result, Cllr Keast had sought support from Cllr Thomas and Hilary Burn from the Parish Council’s Airport Association.  Cllr Thomas will write to Bristol International Airport.

361.2    Cllr Thomas had been approached by several parishioners regarding excessive noise coming from J.B Pearce and Sons Scrapyard.  The noise is being heard on evenings and weekends as well as expected business hours and is becoming a nuisance.  Councillors discussed possible solutions after which it was suggested that the Clerk contact Mr Pearce to seek his co-operation in restricting the use of the crusher to business hours.









Cllr Thomas








02/07/08 362 – Report from District Councillor Hugh Gregor

Cllr Gregor reported that North Somerset Council had sent a deputation to meet with Government Minister, Ben Bradshaw, to the effect that North Somerset is under funded in comparison with similar Local Authorities.  Once again, North Somerset Council is facing a funding gap for 2009/2010 and savings will have to be identified if additional Government funding is not forthcoming.

Cllr Gregor made Parish Councillors aware of strike action by some North Somerset support staff on 16th & 17th July – all are working hard to minimise the effect on services.

He reported that a taskforce meeting is taking place shortly to investigate the feasibility of a new building behind the existing Winford Primary School to enable the amalgamation of that school with St Katharines, Felton.

Cllr Thomas asked Cllr Gregor of his knowledge of North Somerset Council’s Climate Change Action Plan which isn’t open to consultation and which doesn’t consider Bristol International Airport.  He asked that Cllr Gregor seek to have this included.




















Cllr Gregor

02/07/08 363 – Parish Plan

Cllr Nevitt was pleased to report that the summary findings of the Parish Plan Questionnaire is in the process of being distributed to Parishioners.  The analysis document will form the basis of the actual Parish Plan.

363.1    Dundry Day – two of the ten ‘action’ stands are still not ‘manned’.  Otherwise, all is going to plan with the cricket, teas and barbecue all organised.  All agreed that refreshments should be charged at cost price as the day is not intended to make a profit.  No alcohol will be on sale but Parishioners are welcome to bring their own.  Cllr Nevitt praised the work of the Parish Plan Committee and particular thanks were extended to Holgar, Bee & Bee and to Pat & Francis Gillett who helped enormously with distribution of the summary documents.

363.2    Handover of Parish Plan Action Points to Parish Council – it was agreed to discuss this in depth at a later date.









02/07/08 364 – Sports & Social Club - Signing of Agreement

As Councillor Pittaway was not present it was not possible to move forward with the agreement.  The Chair had been advised by Cllr Pittaway that the licence agreement had been slightly amended to cover sub-letting but beyond this, he was not aware of any further developments.  Cllrs expressed disappointment and concern that this remains outstanding and in view of the fact that there will not be a meeting until September, the Clerk was asked to write to Cllr Pittaway to ascertain the latest position.









02/07/08 365 – North Somerset Council Core Strategy

Cllr Keast had attended a meeting recently re the draft Regional Spatial Strategy.  Increasingly she feels that our voice is not being listened to and that North Somerset Council are purely going through the motions of consultation.  The response to Dundry Parish Councils letter to North Somerset Council re the Bristol Urban Extension was most unsatisfactory and all agreed that we should continue to insist on a meeting with the planning policy officers.  Cllr Thomas will draft a letter to Elfan Ap Rees, Deputy Leader of North Somerset Council.  Cllr Keast advised that she has a copy of a letter written by the South West Bristol Advisory Group opposing the development and Cllr Thomas volunteered to make contact with this group.  Cllr Gregor was asked to convey to North Somerset Council, Dundry Parish Council’s strong opposition to the development and dissatisfaction at the lack of recognition of this opposition.









Cllr Thomas


Cllr Gregor

02/07/08 366 – Planning

366.1  Application Withdrawn

           08/P/0690/F:  110 Dundry Lane, Dundry; Erection of single 

           storey extension

366.2  Application Granted

           08/P/0483/F: Field off West Dundry Lane, Dundry; Erection of

           hay barn/machinery store and new field access

366.3  Applications Received

           08/P/1238/F:  5 Yanleigh Close, Dundry; Erection of annexe

           over garage with attached work unit – no objection

           08/P/1374/F (information only): Yanley Landfill Site,

           Bridgwater Road, Long Ashton; Variations of conditions 2, 3 &

           4 of planning permission 01/P/1562/F2 to permit an additional

          12 months of landfilling to enable approved final ground levels

           to be achieved

           08/P/1288/O: 52 Dundry Lane, Dundry; Outline planning

           permission for the demolition of existing work unit and erection

           of 2, B1 work units with the access and layout not reserved for

           subsequent approval – objection submitted














02/07/08 366 Community Cars

366.1    The Clerk reported that the insurance for the Community Car

           scheme is due for renewal in September and that Cllr Quick is

           currently investigating a joint scheme.

366.2    Cllr Quick had informed Cllrs prior to the meeting that the mileage rate for volunteer drivers had been increased to 46p per mile.



02/07/08 367 – Clerks Report/Finance

367.1  The Clerk circulated a current finance report and presented her   

           time sheet for approval and signing.

367.2    Approval of Accounts 2007/2008 – the Clerk reported that the

           internal audit of the 07/08 accounts had been completed and if

           Cllrs approved, the accounts would be submitted to the external

           auditor.  She also reported that the notification of electors rights

           in viewing the accounts had been posted on the three village

           notice boards.  Accounts were approved for processing to

           external auditor – proposed Cllr Gleave

                                        seconded Cllr Swyer

368.3    Approve cheques paid/to be paid:

Cheque no 100219 £17.00  APC Workwear re High visibility 


                  100220 £77.31   Glasdon re Litta Pikkas

                  100221 £657.08 Mrs J Smith re June/July wages +

                                             B&Q Litter Pickers

                  100222 £75.00   Cllr Nevitt re Parish Plan expenses

                  100223 £450.00 Vision ICT re Parish Plan

                                             questionnaire analysis website

                  100224 £53.46   Dundry Village Hall Trust re hall

                                             hire/telephone grant

                             100225 £13.20   Cllr Keast re Dundry Day

                                                        presentation expenses










02/07/08 368 – Correspondence

368.1  North Somerset Council – response re Bristol Urban Extension

368.2  Enterprise Inns Ltd re Dundry Inn

368.3  Grove Farm Caterers re marquee booking on playing field

368.4  Parishioner re planning application objection

368.5  HSBC Bank statement

368.6  (email) Chew Magna GPs Surgery – summary of patient group  

           meeting March 08 plus invitation to St Chads (Midsomer  

           Norton) Patient Group meeting 18/07/08 re polyclinics and

           their effects

368.7  NSC re ‘Ringing in the Olympics’ in the South West

368.8  North Somerset PCT invitation to Stakeholder event 30/06/08

368.9  North Somerset Council Replacement Local Plan Adopted 2008






There being no further business, the meeting ended at 10.30pm.Copies of the full minutes of the meeting of Dundry Parish Council held on Wednesday 2nd July 2008 can be found on village notice boards, on the parish website or obtained from the Clerk, Mrs Julie Smith - 0117 978 4209.

Please note that due to the summer recess, the next meeting of Dundry Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 3rd September 2008.