Minutes of the Meeting of Dundry Parish Council

Held on Wednesday 10th September 2008 at 7.30pm


Chair:  Cllr Kevin Smith


In Attendance:  Cllrs Maggie Keast, Jane Swyer, Bee Peters, Bee Quick, Richard  

                            Thomas, Dave Nevitt, Mike Gleave, Duncan Pittaway & David

                            Hurford.  District Cllr Hugh Gregor.

                            Graeme Stark, Enforcement Officer, North Somerset Council, Public

                            Rights of Way.


Clerk:                 Julie Smith


Five members of the public joined the meeting for the Public Forum (including representatives from Dundry Residents Action Group – ‘DRAG’)


10/09/08 369 – Apologies

           WPC Jackie McDonald, PCSO Michele Barrett



10/09/08 370 – Crime Report for Preceding Month/Neighbourhood 


370.1  WPC McDonald had provided the following crime report:

1 x theft from motor vehicle – CD stolen

Criminal damage to a hedge protector

Threats of violence to a youth by a ‘associate’ (neither live in Parish)

           There has been a lot of graffiti in Hill Road – photographs have

           been taken of  the ‘tags’ and sent to the Police graffiti unit – as

           yet they remain unidentified.         

370.2  Neighbourhood Watch – Cllr Peters had nothing to report.














10/09/08 371 – Matters Arising

371.1  Village Car Park – the Clerk had not yet completed the 

           application for a grant from Bristol International Airport.  The

           Chairperson expressed doubt that such extensive refurbishment

           is actually needed and had obtained a quotation for minor works

           which would cost just £280.  After discussion it was agreed to

           proceed with this – proposed:  Cllr Keast           

                                          seconded:  Cllr Quick

371.2  Road Repairs to Dundry Lane – the Chairperson advised that

           the latest date for closure to allow repairs to be undertaken

           outside of West Grove, is 29th September.  Road closures are

           also imminent on Winford Lane and Highridge Road.  The

           Clerk was asked to ascertain exact dates and publish on parish

           notice boards.















371.3  Removal of Village Phone Box – the Clerk reported that North

           Somerset Council had recommended the retention of the phone     

           box by the Dundry Inn, but that she had received information

           regarding an ‘adopt a kiosk’ scheme.  The Clerk will ascertain

           whether or not this is necessary.

371.4  Ham Lane Drainage – Cllr Nevitt reported that the drains had

           been cleared and surveyed that very day during which it was 

           discovered that problems are being experienced because of a 12

           inch pipe joining a 6 inch pipe halfway down the lane.  North

           Somerset Council will therefore consider the possibility of

           replacing the smaller pipe to match the larger although such

           works will prove extremely expensive.  Alan Irons, the engineer

           from North Somerset Council, will be submitting a full report to

           his superiors. 

371.5  Hill Road Turning Circle – the Chairperson introduced Graeme

           Stark, Public Rights of Way Enforcement Officer from North

           Somerset Council, who had kindly agreed to attend the meeting

           to discuss access along Hill Road.  A member of the public had

           complained to North Somerset Council of blocked access

           beyond the turning circle and as a result and in view of the on-

           going anti-social behaviour problems being experienced, a

           discussion between the Chair and Mr Stark had begun to see if a

           mutually agreeable solution could be found.  Hill Road is

           currently classed as a ‘country road’ all the way to Hill Farm

           but the gate just beyond the turning circle prevents access.  A

           proposal has therefore been put forward by North Somerset

           Council to make Hill Road the subject of a Traffic Regulation

           Order suspending vehicular access to all but residents and their

           visitors.  General traffic would be prevented from accessing Hill

           Road by way of a ‘horse gate’ which would be installed by

           North Somerset Council at some point to be decided in

           consultation with the Parish Council and residents.  There was

           some suggestion that the gate may be remotely operated.  A

           lengthy discussion followed which concluded that previous

           consultation had shown that Hill Road residents would not

           approve the installation of a gate and that anti-social behaviour

           may be prevented by revising the turning circle into a hammer-

           head style turn-around which had been previously discussed. 

           Mr Stark was therefore asked if Hill Road’s formal

           classification could be down-graded beyond the turning circle

           only and if North Somerset Council might make funds available

           to assist with this – Mr Stark agreed to put this to the

           appropriate section.

           The Chairperson again thanked Mr Stark for his attendance and

           asked if the Parish Council needed to contact the landowner

           concerned in the public access matter.  Mr Stark replied that

           North Somerset Council would be making contact but

           Councillors felt that as it had been discussed, it would be

           courteous to forewarn the landowner.  The Clerk was therefore

           asked to write.

371.6  Downs Farm Noise – The Clerk reported that she had received a

           response from the owners who had apologised for the excessive

           noise which they would attempt to reduce.  However, she had

           also received a letter from a North Somerset Council

           Enforcement Officer who would be investigating, and, as there

           has been no direct contact with the Parish Council, there is  

           some confusion as to exactly what is being investigated!  A plan

           of the licenced area of Downs Farm had also been received

           which showed an area marked ‘immune from enforcement’. 

           Cllr Thomas undertook to liaise with North Somerset Council in

           order to clarify the situation.

371.7  North Somerset Council ‘Out of Office’ Messages – the Chair  

           reported that this matter had been taken up with NSC.

371.8  Land Ownership – A38/Dundry Lane Junction – Cllr Gleave

           had confirmed that the land belonged to North Somerset  

           Council and had asked the Clerk to contact the appropriate

           section to seek agreement for the installation of a notice board. 

           This is still on-going and after discussion, Cllr Nevitt requested

           that District Cllr Gregor ask North Somerset Council to identify

           a piece of land in a suitable position on the A38 that a board

           may, with their permission, be installed upon.



























































Cllr Thomas










Cllr Gregor

10/09/08 372 – Minutes of the Meeting held 2nd July 2008

The minutes were approved and signed as a true and accurate record of proceedings – proposed; Cllr Hurford      seconded; Cllr Gleave






10/09/08 373 – Public Forum

373.1    Potholes were once again causing concern – particularly some on Dundry Lane near the British Legion.  Cllr Nevitt suggested that parishioners could take direct action by reporting potholes to North Somerset Council’s Streets & Open Spaces Section on 01934 888802, although the Parish Council will continue to lobby for repairs.

373.2    Parking on Pavements and Speeding in Crabtree Lane is causing concern and whilst the Parish Council is most sympathetic regarding these very important matters, the Chairperson pointed out that these really are law enforcement issues and should therefore be directed to the Police.  The Clerk will bring these concerns to the attention of WPC McDonald.

373.3    Hedges on Highridge Road – Clerk to contact Bristol City Council.

373.4    Dundry Residents Action Group – representatives from ‘DRAG’ sought the support of Dundry Parish Council in their work against the South West Bristol Urban Expansion and thanked Cllr Thomas for chairing their recent public meeting.  They advised that they had arranged a meeting on 19th September 2008 with Liam Fox, MP.  They also advised that they had recently attended a meeting in South Gloucestershire where a similar action group are fighting massive development in their area and receiving financial support from their Parish Council, and asked if Dundry Parish Council would fund ‘DRAG’.  ‘DRAG’ advised that they propose to hold weekly meetings and have set up a website – the Clerk was asked to have a link arranged from the Parish website. Councillors expressed their relief that at last, the wider community was taking action against the threat of the South West Bristol urban expansion as the Parish Council had been actively opposing the expansion for some considerable time.  After further public discussion, it was pointed out that due to the summer recess, the Parish Council had not yet had the opportunity to discuss their formal position in relation to ‘DRAG’ and indeed, it was an item to be discussed later in the agenda.  Councillors also expressed the need to be representative of the wider community, not all of whom oppose the planned development and further discussion was therefore suspended pending this later consideration, which Cllr Gregor advised, should be done in private.  The Clerk further advised of the need for Councillors to exercise caution in joining action groups and/or signing petitions as these actions could prejudice their later participation in planning decisions.






































10/09/08 374 – Report from District Councillor Hugh Gregor

Due to the summer recess for all Councillors, Cllr Gregor had nothing to report.





10/09/08 375 – Streets & Open Spaces Issues

375.1  East Dundry Blocked Bridleway – Cllr Swyer had spoken to

           Graeme Stark, North Somerset Council, who will investigate.

375.2  Highridge Road Closure – Bristol Water will be undertaking   

           essential maintenance and a road closure notice is therefore

           operational between Dundry Lane to 120 metres south west of   

           Oxleaze Lane from 6th October 2008 for 18 months.  The work

           is actually expected to last for 6 weeks. 

375.3  Winford Lane Resurfacing – this is currently in operation.

375.4  Plastics Re-cycling – Cllr Nevitt reported that parishioners can

           re-cycle plastics at Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons but will

           continue to investigate the possibility of more local re-cycling




10/09/08 376 – Sports & Social Club - Signing of Agreement

Councillor Pittaway was pleased to report that the necessary amendments to the Sports & Social Club Licence had been finalised and that representatives from the club had signed the document.  After perusal of the document, and the proposing by Cllr Hurford and seconding by Cllr Swyer, Cllrs Keast and Smith signed the licence on behalf of Dundry Parish Council.  Cllr Pittaway suggested that the licence be registered with the Land Registry and following Cllrs agreement, undertook to investigate costs.   The Chairperson thanked Cllr Pittaway for completing the Agreement and as a side issue, Cllr Swyer requested that thanks be sent to the Sports & Social Club for their co-operation in marking out the cricket pitch for the ‘Dundry Day’.








Cllr Pittaway






10/09/08 377 – North Somerset Council Core Strategy – South

                         Bristol Urban Expansion

A general discussion took place which encompassed a general update, the role of the Dundry Residents Action Group and Councillors position in relation to Code of Conduct issues.  Members of the public were asked to leave the meeting in order that the matters be discussed in private initially.

The Chair started by advising of a workshop meeting to be held by North Somerset Council on Friday 26th September 2008, to which three members of Dundry Parish Council were invited.  It was agreed that Cllrs Keast, Nevitt and Peters would attend.  The Clerk was requested to obtain an agenda in advance.  Cllr Keast advised that she had also been invited to and would attend a meeting in Whitchurch on 19th September.

Cllr Nevitt expressed his opinion that Dundry Parish Council had not been adequately representing Parishioners in the opposition to the proposed development and presented a document of suggestions on the way forward.  Cllr Keast objected most strongly to Cllr Nevitt’s opinion and reminded everyone of the many meetings and workshops she had attended on behalf of the Parish Council, all of which until very recently, had put the emphasis on Long Ashton and Barrow Gurney being most affected.

The Clerk reported on receiving an email from North Somerset Council regarding a planned newsletter to inform residents on progress and where to go for more information on the SW Urban Expansion.  The purpose of the email was to seek advice on how was the best and most cost effective way to distribute the newsletter.  The suggestion was that Parish Councils could be send a supply to put into shops, pubs etc.  After discussion, during which it was agreed that the distribution of a newsletter should lie entirely with North Somerset Council, the Clerk was asked to request that newsletters be sent to Parishioners through the post.

All agreed that the formulation of the Dundry Residents Action Group was a very positive event and Cllr Pittaway felt that the Parish Council should actively support and work in tandem with the group.  Cllr Thomas agreed with this sentiment and after further discussion, a vote was called for – ‘All those against the South West Urban Expansion’ – which was carried unanimously.  As a result, the Council determined to “support ‘DRAG’ in its aims in opposing the SW Urban Expansion”.  The question of financial support for ‘DRAG’ caused extensive discussion.  It was eventually proposed by Cllr Nevitt that ‘Dundry Parish Council agrees to limited financial support to be spent on items mutually agreed’.   Seconded by Cllr Pittway.  The Clerk was asked to write to ‘DRAG’ to advise of this decision.

As there was much more to discuss, the Chairperson suggested that an extraordinary meeting of the Council be convened to further discuss the SW Urban Expansion and a date was set for Monday 29th September 2008 at the home of Cllr Keast to commence at 7.30pm.  In the meantime, Cllr Thomas will draft a response to the Regional Spatial Strategy consultation, which closes on 16th October.  He was also most concerned that Cllr Ap Rees should be meeting with Dundry Parish Council and Cllr Nevitt agreed that the Parish Council’s voice was not being heard at the highest level and therefore requested that Cllr Gregor be more proactive in his support of Dundry Parish Council’s opposition to the SW Urban Expansion – Cllr Gregor will seek advice from his mentor.












































Cllr Thomas




Cllr Gregor

10/09/08 378 – Parish Plan Update

Councillor Nevitt advised that the outcome of the Parish Plan questionnaire was now published on the Parish website and was currently being prepared for printing.  Cllr Thomas suggested using the question on the SW Urban Expansion as evidence of public opinion.



10/09/08 379 – Planning

379.1  Declaration of Members Interests - none

379.2  Applications Withdrawn

     08/P/1238/F: 5 Yanleigh Close, Dundry; Erection of an annexe  

     over garage with attached work unit.

     08/P/1288/O:  52 Dundry Lane, Dundry; Outline application for 

     the demolition of existing work unit and erection of 2, B1 work

     units with the access and layout not reserved for subsequent


379.3  Enforcement Action

     Land & Building at Alveare, Bridgwater Road, Dundry: 

     Demolition of part completed building and removal of all

     materials arising from the demolition to an authorised waste

     disposal facility – compliance required by 10th December 2008.

379.4   Applications Received

      08/P/1549/F:  Stonehaven, Church Road, Dundry; Demolition

     of existing garage/carport and erection of a replacement double

     garage with guest bedroom over

      08/P/1652/F:  Dundry C of E Primary School, 110 Dundry

     Lane, Dundry; Erection of a single storey extension to create

     new toilet block

     08/P/1869/F:  Alveare, Bridgwater Road, Dundry; 

     Retrospective application for the amendment of approval

     06/P/1311/F to use different materials from those approved to

     create two bedroom detached annexe –objection pending Clerks

     enquiry to North Somerset Council














10/09/08 380 Community Cars

The insurance for the Community Car scheme is due for renewal and as the ‘joint’ scheme previously discussed has not yet been finalised, it was agreed that the Clerk should proceed with BJK Insurers.


10/09/08 381 – Clerks Report/Finance

381.1    Financial Report/Clerks Time Sheet – distributed and signed as appropriate.

381.2    Audit of Accounts 2007/2008 – the Clerk advised that the external auditors had verbally approved the accounts raising only one small issue with regard to risk assessment.  The signed audited accounts should therefore be received shortly.

381.3    Approve Cheques Paid/To be Paid

           Cheque no 100226 £11.76 – EDF Energy

                             100227 £182.00 – The Woodside Press

                             100228 £27.76 - Cllr B Peters

                             100229 £316.57 – Mrs J Smith

                             100230 £5.00 – Dundry C of E Primary School    

                             100231 £19.28 – Mr K Smith

                             100232 £130.00 – BJK Insurance Brokers Ltd














10/09/08 382 – Correspondence

382.1    Woodspring Association for Blind People – donation request


379.2        North Somerset Crime & Drugs Reduction Partnership Plan

379.3        HSBC Bank Statement (x2)

379.4   JB Pearce re Downs Farm Noise

379.5   NSC Community Governance Review (Parish Review) Part

            One – Review of  Parish Boundaries and Parish Electoral

            Arrangement (Cllrs Smith, Swyer & Hurford to peruse)

379.6      NSC Standards Committee Meeting 22/07/08

379.7      NSC South Area Committee Meeting 18/07/08

379.8      NSC South Area Committee Meeting 13/08/08

379.9      ALCA AGM Invitation (04/10/08)

379.10  North Somerset Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2026

379.11  BJK Insurance (Community Transport)

379.12  North Somerset Primary Care Trust – invitation to Annual Public Meeting, Clevedon Community Centre, Wednesday 17th September 2008 (Cllr Quick)

379.13  NSC Local Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund Grants (Cllr Quick)

379.14  NSC – Publication of Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (NS Local Development Framework)

379.15  Avon Biodiversity Review

379.16  NSC – Invitation to Chairperson to Annual Civic Service, 05/10/08 (decline)

379.17  Community Policing Awards Nomination Form 2008

379.18  ALCA Newsletter & Annual Report

379.19  North Somerset Council – Consultation on Housing in Defined Villages








Cllrs Smith, Swyer, Hurford















There being no further business, the meeting ended at 10.45pm.Copies of the full minutes of the meeting of Dundry Parish Council held on Wednesday 10th September 2008 can be found on the parish website or obtained from the Clerk, Mrs Julie Smith - 0117 978 4209.