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Dundry Playground


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Dundry Playground was conceived by Dundry Playground Group in 2010. Funding was sought mainly from Community Spaces, and after a long period of community consultation about the location, design, and layout of the playground, it was built in 2011 and officially opened at the Grand Opening event in early November 2011. During 2012, further funding was provided by Community Spaces for four events to bring people to the Playground: the Winter Games Event in January, the Spring 'Dundry Day' Event in May, the Summer Pottery Workshop Event in July, and the Autumn Bench Workshop and Tree Planting Event in September. We also held a Mediaeval Fun Event, which coincided with Dundry Playground’s second birthday in November 2013.


On 3 November 2016, the five-year-old Dundry Playground was handed over to Dundry Parish Council and Dundry Playground Group, having done its job, ceased to exist. Any questions or comments relating to Dundry Playground should be directed to Dundry Parish Council.







Delivery and Installation


The equipment was delivered from Germany on 29th September 2011.


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Grand Opening


On 6th November 2011, the completion of the playground was celebrated with a big commuynity event.


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Pottery Workshop


On 8th July 2012, we held a well-attended pottery workshop to make decorative tiles for the playground fence.


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First Birthday


To mark the first birthday of the playground, we made a bench for Dundry Adventure Playground (at the far end of the playing field), planted native trees and shrubs (hornbeam, whitebeam, rowan, guelder rose, hazel, and crabtree), and admired our tiles.


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Dundry Playground was funded by:
Groundwork - Commjunity SpacesCommunity SpacesThe Quartet FoundationBig Lottery Fund